NUTS – Session Recaps

Check out the recaps from previous sessions to see how much fun therapy can be!

Air Heads

Travel Therapy

Escape Routes

Funny Bone

Meeting Madness

All Things Irish

Meeting Madness

Bad Habits

Memorable Music

Feel the Love


Bucket Lists

Social Media Therapy

Shaping Up


Last Minute Madness

Festive Foods and Holiday Therapy

Say Cheese

Talkin’ Turkey

Water Cooler Talk

All About You

Fearful Fun

Rise and Shine

The Best Medicine

Wishy Washy

Fall Follies

Boob Tube Buffs

Dude! Where’s My Pants?

Turning Over a New Leaf

Back to School

Getting to Know You

Special Days

Think Green

Animal Magnetism

Beat the Heat

On Que



Meets, Greets, and Eats

It’s Raining Men

Going Coastal

Road Trippin’

California Dreamin’

Up in the Air


On the Go

Royal Pain

Blast from the Past

Allergic Reactions

Imagine That

Funny Bone

Magic Moments

All Things Irish

Phat Tuesday

Under Cover

Spring Break

All Things Southern

Valentine’s Edition

Sporting Life

Bucket Lists

Social Media

Snow Days

Shaping Up

New Year’s Resolutions

Last Minute Madness

Festive Foods and Holidays

Seasonal Shopping

Holiday Parties

Thanksgiving Therapy


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  1. I keep wanting to come to one of these parties, but I always seem to miss it. I’m going to try today, but dangit…3pm to 7pm is just hectic, lol. If I could figure out how to tweet from my phone….

  2. We’d love to help out with a #NUTS home reno edition. Could be madness – renos are high stress.

  3. Richie says:

    For a travel question i suggest Whats the most ridiculous travel related question you have heard?

  4. grammakaye says:

    “dotty” wandering around the internet grammakaye seeking this week’s #NUTS update…..have link, she will travel (wink)