Special thanks to @SonomaWineGuy, @Banff_Squirrel, and @ThitiaOfficial for being Guests Therapists for the Fastest Hour on Twitter!

NUTS Session 28 – Meets, Greets and Eats

Q1. The Twitter/Facebook friends you’d  most like to travel with. Why? #nuts

@justinhamlin: Definitely @beforeiam35 @teamcocktail @elleswim &@HeckticTravels – Just so we could all drink together
@VitraSin: @abfury & @thurayia — we are the 3 bachelorettes!
@robinwsmith: @TravelDesigned – she knows all of the good places in Mexico and I have not been there yet #NUTS
@utravelwithus: i would like to travel with @beforeiam35 and @hjortur because they live in places i want to go. i just might drop in on the haha
@IGottaGuide: I’d wanna travel with everyone…it’d be #NUTS
@PortaPocketGal: @Heather_Poole for her knowledge & humor@TraveliciousDee for her spirit & @EverywhereTrip as he’s been, well, EVERYWHERE! #nuts

Q2. Which Travel Show would you most/least like to go on? Why #nuts

@Banff_Squirrel: Most:> Pole to Pole; Least:> Locked Up Abroad #NUTS
@roniweiss: Pole to Pole sounds like it’s about two guys having a heart-to-heart in Warsaw
@travelerkate: Could never be on Bizarre Foods. Just…couldn’t. Now, Man vs Food, that I think I could do
@ThitiaOfficial: Would love to be on @MidlifeRoadTrip because it is real and close to people
@LauraAllenTvl:Amazing Race, of course! or No Reservations. FOOD!
@HomeStarsOttawa: Um – does time travel count? Super Sizers Go Regency…
@sonomawineguy: I would love to do anything with Bear Grylls because I love eating pine needles and splinting my own leg
@VitraSin: Passport to <insert region here> w/Samantha Brown–love her!

Q3. Who’s your favorite Television chef? #nuts

@KelseyIvey: The Iron Chefs!
@Route195:Has to be Gordon Ramsay. Guy is gonna have a coronary one of these days.
@beforeiam35: Nigella
@vagablonde515: Rick Bayless is great but I guess my #1 is Ina Garten..she is as nice as you would hope..and recipes are truly top notch
@ThitiaOfficial Éamonn Ó Catháin is my favorite TV chef. He likes to use fresh Irish ingredients. I’ve discovered Blue Potatoes through him!
@jbranigan: I like Bobby Flay’s throwdowns, but I REALLY liked the little pie ladies who beat him! They need a show
@AnjaniLadki: #bobbyflay #rachelray & #giada
@marcygordon:No one comes close to the old-school stylings of Julia Child . MORE BUTTER!

Q4. You’re asked to create the perfect dessert. What are the ingredients? #nuts

@TheTrvlPrincess:  Does a man and a can of whipped cream count?
@CoyoteSings: fudge brownie, vanilla ice cream, Irish Creme Chocolate Ganache
@kerrinsheldon: Fudge, Chocolate, Oreos, Cookies ‘N Cream, Brownie, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Vanilla Frosting, Chips Ahoy
@Xplore724: The perfect dessert has been created for me: @Ben&Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream
@LauraAllenTvl: Caramel and Amarula! mmm
@MalloryOnTravel Baileys Haagen Daz ice cream and tiramasu puuuuuurfect but not #NUTS

Q5. Your favorite beverage  is..? #nuts

@HostelsandTours: Chilean red wine CARMENERE!
@LovelyLu: #coffee followed by seltzer, champagne & dirty martinis
@allaboutmexico: A robust cabernet sauvignon with a hint of #nuts
@Route195: A Stella Artois in a nice cold frosty mug! Delicious!
@MalloryOnTravel: Coffee: Followed by red wine, mojitos and a good cognac, perfect evening, might even manage some food in there somehow
@Hennartonline: Water with crispy bacon chase!
@LandLopers: There is nothing better than a cool mango lassi in a hot, sweltering climate

Q6. The best place(s) to get together with friends? #nuts

@lapearce: VEGAS!!!
@RickGriffin: On Twitter… on Tuesdays!
@FlyingPhotog: Pubs and hiking trails
@Only398: #TastingRoom in #Houston. It’s in the #Galleria area by #UptownPark! They serve wine, food, etc.
@beforeiam35: in a cafe, enjoying a typical swedish “fika
@innalameda: In your own patio or beach shack or treehouse or nest …wherever you feel most relaxed, usually somewhere at home!
@vagablonde515:We love having friends and family over. We cook the atmosphere is relaxed and the green egg is fired up
@gmfriedrich: Tailgate party!
@kerrinsheldon: The Neighborhood Grill… Otherwise known as @Applebees

Q7. If you were going to invent the perfect vehicle for travel, what would it include? #nuts

@kymri: wings to fly and fins to surf
@marcygordon: Convertible top & a permanent Designated Driver
@MalloryOnTravel: An engine that worked off tweets I would be able to go anywhere!
@MagellanPR: A chauffeur, butler and chef with full kitchen/bar
@Hennartonline: An automatic wine spicket!
@VitraSin:built in massage 4 all passengers…full body
@ehalvey:  It’s been invented: a super fast train with a beverage cart and bed
@Chimeratravel: I kind of like the teleportation option
@Xplore724: It would not leave a carbon footprint
@staceylcronin: My perfect vehicle would include a driver, preferably a good looking man or squirrel

Q8. What was your most memorable first meeting/introduction? #nuts

@adventurousness: Meeting @Banff_Squirrel in person, of course!
@robinwsmith:when the doctor slapped me on the ass and I met the world!!!
@AmateursAfrica: It’s a Tie. I’ve thrown up on two separate first date
@RunawayBrit: Meeting my boyfriend on a beach in Cambodia
@Xplore724: The introduction to the United States after immigrating here from Portugal. I was 8 years old & went #NUTS for pancakes!
@AnjaniLadki: gonna be sentimental about this one, it was when i “met” my baby brother’s arrival the night b4 my 10th birthday. forever special
@sonomawineguy: 3 naked dominatrix at Burning Man last year. We shared jello shot recipes
@ThitiaOfficial: Martin Scorsese and Sidney Pollack.Was absolutely honoured to meet them along my career
@akonthego: When my son introduced me to his teacher as “mumble-mumble.
@DougFressh: my gf (at the time) introducing me to her sister at a clothing optional beach

Q9. Name one person from history, past or present, you’d love to meet #nuts

@akonthego: John Muir
@MagellanPR: Queen Elizabeth the First
@TheTrvlPrincess: Martin Luther King, Jr. Hands down.
@Only398: My grandparents. Never got the chance to meet them! They lived too short and died too young
@fenicerising: Nietzsche. And anyone he’d want to introduce me to
@sonomawineguy: 16 year old me. There is so much I need to warn him about.
@VitraSin: ryan.reynolds….maybe the queen, definitely mandela
@ThitiaOfficial: Would be delighted to meet Donald Trump as I think he is a great and inspiring businessman
@kymri: my grandmother who traveled the world by steamship and died before I was born
@@tourist2townie: Frank Sinatra
@robinschroffel: Keith Richards, for the past 20 years!

Q10. Strangest thing you ever saw while traveling. #nuts

@innalameda: A motorcyle stuck in a masonry wall about 4 feet up with the back wheel still spinning…and he survived!
@utravelwithus: That would have to be this sign #NUTS http://t.co/LWh5v7q
@sonomawineguy: An Air Supply 8-track sitting on the Dalai Lama’s desk.
@ehalvey: A Mennonite horse and buggy parked at a gas station
@akonthego: A crew of turkey hunters in South Carolina. Deliverance, anyone? Ran for my life.
@TheTrvlPrincess: Had to be the gay nude beach my parents brought us
to when i was a child. they didnt know until it was tooooo late.
@RunawayBrit: I once saw a fully veiled woman buying teeny-tiny, lacy, red underwear in a sexy lingerie shop. Somewhat surprising!

After party

@lapearce: one thing I love about #nuts is it always proves that there are much nuttier things out there I have yet to see/experience
@AmateursAfrica: Thanks for #NUTS – no idea what it is and I’ve never seen it before but I like it. Nice Q’s!
@utravelwithus: Thanks everyone for a great #NUTS session. the other voices in my head have subsided for the time being
@akonthego: Thanks mucho #NUTS friends. You always put my life back in order. Now, if only I could do as @MalloryOnTravel and have a beer…
@CovetedEscapes: Thanks, everyone, for a great #NUTS session!

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