Q1. Person or Thing you think of when you think of the south #NUTS

@adendyut: @MomsofAmerica #Nuts Jimmy Carter?

@ orangetorpedo: Cottonwood Trees #nuts

@ MagellanPR: A1 – A Southern senator once fed us grits and gravy for breakfast – its an acquired taste – sorry!

@ WriterChick47: @McMedia telling me a story about a gator on her front porch. That’s what I think of. #NUTS

@ Velcro108: 1. Comfort food and easy going, friendly people #nuts

@ RickGriffin: A1. College Football! http://bit.ly/dNoCZB

@ momsofamerica: A1. #NUTS Colonel Sanders

@ terraincognita: A1. Other than my mom I think of moss hanging from the live oaks, grits, gumbo, shrimp boats, gators and gospel music #nuts

@ Banff_Squirrel: A1: Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil shaped my (very good) impressions of the South #NUTS

@MiraCristine @MidlifeRoadTrip Q1 Scarlett O’hara #nuts

@ rkowalik: Re Southern Food, this major gripe: True banana pudding made with VANILLA pudding and sliced bananas–NOT banana-flavored pudding!! #NUTS

Q2. Favorite vacation spot in the south #NUTS

@ aseper: 2. New Orleans. Any other answer is simply wrong. 😉 #NUTS

@ hiptraveler: #NUTS Q2.) Favorite vacation spot in the south? New Orleans, Miami, visiting my hometown of Dallas, Texas!

@ teamcocktail: A2. Key West is super fun and Siesta Key has the most gorgeous beach in the US

@ Banff_Squirrel: A2: Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the South #NUTS

@MyCampMate: #NUTS south padre island:)

@RickGriffin Highlands, NC is the most amazing city and absolutely gorgeous. years ago nobody knew about it!!! Now everybody does. #nuts

@ McMedia: A2: I Love the Carolinas .. Waiting for @Paula_Deen to invite me to suppah #BucketList #NUTS

@ Bikewriter: A2: Oh god, Kir Royals at the Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar in the N.O. French Quarter #NUTS

@ momsofamerica: A2. Favorite vacation spot in the south- Where the #NUTS are! : )) cc: @McMedia @WriterChick47 @RickGriffin

@ cupboards:  A2: The best vacation spots are hidden away- local food and flora are what make the South so nice. #nuts

Q3. Best Festival that takes place in the south #NUTS.

@ nicoleploehn: a3: the ruskin seafood festival — hahahha 🙂 insert plug for upcoming event here. #nuts

@Only398: A3 I bet it’s the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Watch…#NUTS

@ RickGriffin: A3. Memphis in May International BBQ Festival and New Orleans Jazz Festival #NUTS

@ McMedia: A3: LOVE the Plant City Strawberry Festival #GoodEats #NUTS

@ teamcocktail: A3. Been to the Beer Bourboun & BBQ Festival! Lots of fun! All the beer & bourbon you can drink! Cheers! #NUTS

@divacafemoms:  bike week // #Nuts

@ AnjaniLadki: A3. Balloon Festival in New Mexico! #NUTS

@ MidlifeRoadTrip: We’re hoping to make it to New Orleans next month. Who has a place where we can crash? 🙂 #NUTS

@ RickGriffin:  I hear the peanut festival in Dothan, AL is awesome!#nuts

VegasBill: Have you heard of the garlic festival in Gilroy, California? They even have garlic ice cream. #NUTS

@ RickGriffin: RT @TheSuss: @MidlifeRoadTrip A3. Mardi Gras count as a festival in the south? #NUTS << In New Orleans, it counts as a church service:)

@ IEtravel: That would be SEC Football every Saturday from August-November! Roll Tide. Q3) Best festival that takes place in the South? #nuts

Q4. Favorite southern food / dessert / beverage #NUTS

@ dlpruitt:  I think of great food – like tamales in the Mississippi Delta. #NUTS

@ nicoleploehn:  LOVE chicken and dumplings!!!!#nuts

@ RickGriffin: A4. Nothing better than Shrimp-n-Grits http://bit.ly/gOWcAM (expand)#NUTS

@ Banff_Squirrel: A4: I wouldn’t say no to a tasty Mint Julep. Or two. #NUTS

@ MalloryOnTravel:  yes love cajun food and crawfish is a great choice too 🙂 #NUTS

@ Thesuss: @MidlifeRoadTrip A4. Coconut cake! #NUTS

@ JimODonnell2: A4: Pecan pie for desert. #NUTS A4. Collard greens…mmmmm…  “Texas caviar” is good too

@ jwshockley: Q4. Favorite southern food / dessert / beverage #NUTS A: Hush Puppies.

@ McMedia: A4: I Love collards, peanut butter pie … (Not at the same time) #NUTS

@ hiptraveler: #NUTS Q4.) Favorite southern food? TX BBQ, Tex Mex, country fried steak, biscuits ‘n gravy, cornbread, fruit cobbler, sweet potato/pecan pie

Q5. Worst thing about the south #NUTS

@ momsofamerica: A5. Worst thing about the south #NUTS /// The mosquito and humidity!

@ MalloryOnTravel: A5. it is too far south of here! #NUTS It’s cool! http://bit.ly/e0IoYs

@ merrila: @RickGriffin: Big, big bugs! Q5. Worst thing about the south #NUTS

@ nicoleploehn: a5: the drivers — no questions asked. undisputabley. #nuts

@ MalloryOnTravel: A5. it is too far south of here! #NUTS

@ ShannonOliviero: @McMedia – Q5 Worst thing about the south. The summer egg fryin’ heat. Pass the mint julep! #NUTS

@ Velcro108: 5. The entire state of Alabama. #nuts

@ reneedobbs: A5. For Georgia it is that you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday. #NUTS

@ ShannonOliviero: @MomsofAmerica @sylviaswann – worst thing about the south? the bad hairdays!! #amen #NUTS

@ Banff_Squirrel: A5: Limited ski opportunities and ice cream melts too fast. Other than that, love the South! #NUTS

@ McMedia: LOL RT @mmWine: Two speeds, slow, and stop.

@ RickGriffin: A5. Heat , Humidity, and know-it-all Yankees:) #NUTS

Q6. Favorite southern city – why? #NUTS

@ jwshockley: Q2. Favorite vacation spot in the South? #NUTS A: Madison, GA

@ nicoleploehn: A6: I don’t want to choose. But I’m going with Franklin/Andrews, NC because it’s got that true southern hometown feel. #nuts

@ WeekendInParis: @hopandjaunt Krewe of Iris for Mardi Gras New Orleans! Woo hoo! #NUTS

@ momsofamerica: A6. Favorite southern city – why? #NUTS }} Williamsburg VA..why? read my blog…. : ) Oasis in time

@ Only398: A6 Cancun only because I haven’t been to Brazil or anywhere further South yet. #NUTS #NUTS

@ kerrinsheldon: A6. Charlotte! Cleanest, friendliest, and trendiest city in the South. Good museums, music, and not far from mountains or sea. #NUTS

@ McMedia: A6: So many favorites .. Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans #NUTS

@ reneedobbs: A6. My favorite southern city is Atlanta because it is filled with diversity of culture and food. #NUTS

@ TheChaseNight: RT @backpackforever: A6. Austin–the perfect combination of parks, breakfast tacos, trailer food, and weirdos. #NUTS

hiptraveler: #NUTS Q6.) Favorite southern city? I’m proud to be a Texan, family still lives in Dallas. New Orleans, Miami, Austin, Nashville are good too

Q7. Favorite entertainer/author/etc. who hails from the south #NUTS

@ kerrinsheldon: A7: The Avett Brothers from NC http://bit.ly/O9Bg (expand) #NUTS

@ jwshockley: @MidlifeRoadTrip: Q7. Favorite entertainer/author/etc. who hails from the south #NUTS A: Charles Portis, Flannery O’Connor, Carson McCullers

@ RickGriffin: A7. Love John Grisham, Harper Lee, Lewis Grizzard, Jeff Foxworthy#NUTS

@ Banff_Squirrel: A7: My fave Southern gentlemen: REM #NUTS

@ momsofamerica: A7. Favorite entertainer/author/etc. who hails from the south#NUTs }} Thomas Jefferson

@ WriterChick47: A7 . Brett Butler (Remember “Grace Under Fire”? #Nuts

@ McMedia: @ShannonOliviero LOVE Reese/Sweet Home Alabama!! #NUTS

@ ShannonOliviero: @McMedia – Q8. Favorite fictional southern character. Rhett Butler of course. “Please, don’t go! You can’t leave me!” #swoon #NUTS .

@ WeekendInParis: A7 Elvis! #NUTS

@ familyfoodie: RT @charlesmccool: A7. Jimmy Buffett Q7. Favorite entertainer/author/etc. who hails from the south #NUTS

@ hiptraveler: #NUTS Q7.) Favorite entertainer/author who hails from the south? Paula Deen (cook) & Harper Lee (author) “To Kill A Mockingbird”

Q8. Favorite fictional southern character #NUTS

@ Velcro108: 8. Droopy Dog “@momsofamerica: A8. Favorite fictional southern character #NUTS }} Bret Butler”

@ IEtravel: RT @familyfoodie: RT @cookiesommelier: A8: Forest Gump … Love him t pieces #NUTS ^FF

@WriterChick47: A8. A.“Susan Sugarbaker”-“Designing Women”. She could put anyone in their place & do it with class & style. #Nuts

@ MalloryOnTravel: A7. Woody Woodpecker!

MagellanPR: Rhett Butler naturally RT @MidlifeRoadTrip: Q8. Favorite fictional southern character #NUTS

Q9. Favorite southern expression #NUTS

@ Josepf: A9. “you’ll always be my baby cause ya just got one tooth…” Q.9@momsofamerica #NUTS

@WriterChick47: A9 “Busier than a one-legged man in an a** kickin contest.”

@ jwshockley: Q9. Favorite southern expression #NUTS A: Great day in the mornin’!

@ MalloryOnTravel: A9. more moonshine! #nuts

@ IEtravel: “Well bless your heart” Q9. Favorite southern expression #nuts

@ Screenscapes: Sodapop? @la_loquita laughed when i said it last week! RT@MomsofAmerica: @ScreenscapeS That is one i forgot! #NUTS

@ RickGriffin: A9. Kiss my grits, #Nuts

@ Banff_Squirrel: A8: “uh huh” instead of “you’re welcome” Feels real down-homey#NUTS

@ WeekendInParis: A9 Dang-It! #NUTS

@ kerrinsheldon: A9: “that’s about as useful as a trap door on a canoe” #NUTS

@ ShannonOliviero: @McMedia – Q9. Favorite southern expression. Ya’ll. Hot Damn! Suga. Time for suppa. #NUTS .

@angelashelley “I haven’t left the house without Lycra on these thighs since I was 14” #nuts

@ familyfoodie: A9. You look about as happy as a tick on a fat dog. #NUTS

@ momsofamerica: A9. Favorite southern expression #NUTS }} Plural All Y’all

@ EmilyHarleyReid: RT @WeekendInParis: A9 “Dance with the girl/guy that brung ya.”#NUTS

@ Only398: A9 “Don’t you piss on my leg and tell me it’s rainin’!” #NUTS

@ jbranigan: A9 2nd favorite: Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! #NUTS

Q10. Best/Worst experience traveling in the south #NUTS
@ momsofamerica: A10. Best/Worst experience traveling in the south #NUTS || Traveling n the summer w a friend who did not have ac In the car.

@McMedia: A10 okefenokee swamp ’nuff said #NUTS

@WeekendInParis: A10 Cops pulled us over outside New Orleans, they broke our headlight, made us pay $ fine, took our beer. It was #NUTS!

@earthxplorer: RT @RickGriffin: Q10. Best/Worst experience traveling in the south#NUTS ~~~ Best: Food ~ Worst: mosquito’s

@CharlesMcCool: A10. best=living there (well, does Miami count?), least=not living there #NUTS

@RickGriffin: A10. Got 2 speeding tickets from the same cop – one on the way to visit relatives in NC and again on the trip back home #embarrassing #nuts

@jwshockley: Q10. Best/Worst experience traveling in the south #NUTS A. Worst: Crossing the old Cooper River Bridge. So scary!

@LucieD_inthesky: @WriterChick47 A10 Evacuating for any hurricane #NUTS


@ McMedia: Thank you EVERYONE who participated in today’s #NUTS Play nice, follow each other!

@nicoleploehn: Nobody likes you. 🙂 RT @malloryontravel: is it just me or has everybodys twitter stream come to a dead stop? #nuts #TTOT

@familyfoodie: Good times! Favorite #NUTS @charlesmccool @kerrinsheldon@VegasBiLL @MomsofAmerica @MalloryOnTravel @nicoleploehn

@@earthxplorer: Did #TTOT break Twitter? actually it was #nutsthat broke it.

@@MalloryOnTravel: The best #nuts @nicoleploehn @RickGriffin@WriterChick47 @familyfoodie @MomsofAmerica @kerrinsheldon @Only398@CharlesMcCool always fun!

@@reneedobbs: @McMedia I popped in#NUTS chat for a few minutes. Enjoyed it. Will try to join in again.

@Velcro108: Now following thanks to #nuts and #ttot @zipsetrachel@emilyharleyreid @momsofamerica @mcmedia @deafknee @rickgriffin@megellanPR

@ZipSetRachel: Bummed I missed #NUTS. Someone needs to set an alarm for me!

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