What a fun and much needed therapy session for travelers everywhere. Special thanks are in order this week to our special guests @CoupleofSports for previewing this week’s questions with us on Road Trip Radio!

Q1. What’s YOUR favorite mode of travel transportation?  #NUTS
@amandaelsewhere  If I could sail the seas and sleep to the gentle rocking of the ocean every night, forever and ever, I’d be a happy girl.
@ilivetotravel  A sled but it wasn’t practical when you lived on an island. So a plane
@SilentThunder_ Car, bike and my legs not to forget that winged thingy which flies you over the ocean 🙂
@KelseyIvey  Bicycle….love riding my bicycle
@ianandwendy Camel or elephant. Hard 2 choose.
@kelleyferro  Or donkey like in Santorini!
@akaSwedishChef A Triumph Sprint ~ aka #crotchrocket!
@PortholeCruise Cruising, of course! It’s the best way to travel.
@beasharifFav mode of transportation – hands down ‘trains’. I love train stations, what a grt place to people watch
Q2. Funniest get up/outfit you’ve seen or worn while traveling  #NUTS
@jbranigan I have some slightly amusing coyote socks that I wear on airplanes
@JesusWife  “Hairy Christians, or whatever they call themselves.” –my hubby
@scoutfinch1 + 6 inch heels on a hiking tour through gravel land
@BespokeTravels Plastic bags tied around feet for shoes
@tracycopy  Daisy duke shorts, bright yellow tube top, HUGE hair w/ sparkly flower & sky high heels. Was 2 pounds of bologna in a 1 pound bag!
@lisajanPA  Funniest outfit? That’s got to be gown I walked on the plane with straight from an awards ceremony -had to change in the plane WC
@KyleHepp My friend’s friend came out of security in the airport in a chicken suit.
@AnotherTraveler three words – South Beach #Floridanuff said, tons of wack jobs wearing hideous outfits
Q3. Best meal “on the go” #NUTS
@CoupleofSports Sandwiches are the original and ultimate portable food
@allaboutmexico Can’t beat those French baguette Cheese sandwiches all over Europe…or any kind of street food.
@HithaPalepu. Vegetable soup and a hollowed-out bagel with cream cheese
@happy_rambler Greek tiropiita. The biggest, fattest pinwheel of heavenly cheese and pastry you can imagine
@BestLovedHotels: Peanut butter & jelly (jam) or caviar!
@CaptainandClark. Mission style burritos, obviously! 😉 Just unwrap and go. Delicious too!
@brewstercanada Anything you can wrap in a bun!
@JesusWife  Prunes. Wait–that IS what you meant, right?

Q4. Oddest thing you’ve ever seen at an airport/train station/bus stop #NUTS
@HithaPalepu  Someone fainting in the security line. Felt so bad!
@theramirezexp  A person capable of expressing joy.
@NewYorkHabitat Too many things to list on the daily commute via the subway in New York
@SilentThunder_ Train station Budapest, train moving, people climbing in through the windows to get in without a ticket
@deeboochi Probably my own reflection after a 24 hour flight. Odd indeed.
@scoutfinch1 Smiling customer care & information desk people…they are a rarity!
@CheddarYeti Ron Jeremy sitting on the floor at my gate!
@@TrafalgarCanada: A man passed out between vending machines at the Vegas airport {may be pretty standard

Q5. Favorite travel TV show or movie Why?#NUTS
@myekulis  As far as travel shows, if it’s based around food and the host isn’t too annoying, I’ll watch it!
@BestLovedHotels  It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (an old one!)
@MalloryOnTravel  Midnight Express
@SandiMcKenna  Love National lampoon’s Family Vacation. I feel like I’ve lived it!
@DitchCity Roman Holiday always makes me want to eat#gelato on the Spanish Steps. Gregory Peck isn’t bad either#NUTS #travel
@El3naLiv  An italian movie called “Marrakech Express”
@guygirltravel A eurotrip, forget Paris, no reservations (tv), it’s a mad mad mad mad world…the original!
@windsorarms  Chole – because it showcases #Toronto
@StayAdventurous  cannon ball run made me want to drive cross country in costume.

Q6. What are your travel ‘superstitions’?  #NUTS
@jbranigan  #NUTS I never get on a plane with George Kennedy, he was in all the 70’s Airplane disaster movies
@SaraRoderickLA  I’m too superstitious to tell!
@RickGriffin  Check in on Foursquare when you leave vs. when you arrive:)
@deeboochi. Not so much superstitions- more routine. After my pat-down I like to get a drink. Who doesn’t?
@RockTique Never EVER fly w/my father (who survived 3 plane crashes)
@adventurousness. Whenever I fly, I always rub my grandmother’s necklace (that I wear) during takeoff and landing.
@guygirltravel touch the plane before boarding
@GeneralTours I try to avoid airplanes that are carrying either William Shatner or gremlins on the wings.

Q7. You’re given a ticket to anywhere you want to go. Where is it? #NUTS
@SaraRoderickLA  I’m thinking @FSFlorence @FShualalai@FSPuntaMita…the list goes on!
@SITANAM I’m thinking Bora Bora in a glass-bottomed hut
@robertpatterson Tough call. I would have to say New Zealand.
@ailsapm The World
@analopezct Greenland
@JeanetteJoy I want to go to Bali first class so I can sleep all the way.
@StayAdventurous Mongolia. because I hear it is #nuts on horseback

Q8. My weirdest travel destination/experience wish is…#NUTS
@deniselao  A trip to the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island
@santafetraveler Easter Island to see the heads
@MagellanPR Hmm – re-live around the world in 80 days – always fancied that!
@mygo2it Antarctica and slide down snow hills with the penguins
@guygirltravel not so weird but I want to be there when baby sea turtles hatch and help them make it to the water. total bucket list
@GPdogma Want to camp out at “Eataly” in New York & eat and drink everything they sell!
@BespokeTravels The Mariana trench would be weirdly fascinating
@HennArtOnline: To live in a South Pacific jungle for a year! – There wouldn’t be any foursquare check-ins there 🙂

Q9. One place you’ve gotta go before you kick the bucket? #NUTS
@ilivetotravel A Bhutan
@CoupleofSports Australia (a John Locke style walkabout to be exact…minus ending up on a Lost island)
@MiraCristine Romania & Germany
@Mindless00 Or I should say the moon or Venus… cause I’m planning to live till my 120th birthday 🙂
@GPdogma Italy!!!!!
@branigan I want to go to Morocco and have a big spa-lke bathroom with marvelous tiles, I’ll ride a camel too
@Kt_Go Tokyo

Q10. Most unique travel “potty stop” experience… #NUTS
@allaboutmexico A toilet seat at the bottom of Grand Canyon with the majestic canyon as your walls. Unforgettable
@MiraCristine Elvis restaurant in Israel
@latinAbroad My #potty adventures in the Middle East taught me some lessons… http://t.co/jDOEdGvq
@mygo2it Texas. The rest stops were filled with bugs from every specie!
@DeAnnSmithkc I never knew about paying to pee until I hit Germany No travel book warned me
@HennArtOnline Penis shaped faucets somewhere!
@MalloryOnTravel: Well apart from that weird one in Lausanne, taking a pee at high altitude is interesting
@GeneralTours Open air bathrooms… that’s just gross!
@TasteOfSlow Waking up after Festival au Desert, toilets down, people everywhere, not a bush in sight in the desert
@ZipSetRachel What happens in El Salvador, stays in El Salvador

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