Q1. What’s your favorite decadent dessert? #NUTS
@eatsleeplaugh  Banoffee Pie
@BrownPalace Anything with chocolate works!
@santafetraveler Death by Chocolate Cupcakes. (but in a pinch- almost anything w/ dark chocolate.
@HithaPalepu Cheesecake creme brûlée (Redeye Grill, NYC)
@lucy_c_b  if it’s covered in custard I’m happy
@LandingStanding  Can’t pick just one! Ice cream, chocolate brownies, torte, anything with peanut butter!
@LoisMarketing Speaking of #nuts how about Chocolate Pecan Pie? With ice cream?
@cuponismoVolcano chocolate pie – the kind that’s baked and served hot, with melting chocolate and homemade vanilla ice creamQ2. Best thing about Mardi Gras / Carnival? #NUTS@SuzeMars  Stuffing my face with pancakes and King Cake and saying its required
@justinhamlin  BOOBS
@HennArtOnline Wearing just beads while drunk & dancing!
@thecitizeNY Cafe du Monde, beignets, Hurricanes.
@allaboutmexico  The floats
@reikoallen   Seeing all of the bright colored costumes
@_kimrandall   The memories from past Mardi Gras celebrations! Good friends, food, beer and beads!
@amandaelsewhere The drums. Sometimes I can still feel the drumming inside my chest cavity, the imminent excitement, the colors. Oh BrasilQ3. The one indulgent amenity a hotel MUST have is… #NUTS

@ShannonRenee I have to have body lotion
@edgyjunecleaver  super plush bathrobes
@jbranigan  I’ve heard of some that have a handsome man to preheat your bed. That’s a nice idea.
@1step2theleft  Massage in the room. Girl or guy silently leaving when I’m asleep
@wanderplex   Decent coffee and wifi! I can’t function without either
@ilivetotravel   Free wine!
@kirkcole:  turn-down service with chocolate and champagne!
@thetripchicks  Soundproof windows nice #hotelfeature.Q4. The drink I MUST have on a night out with friends is… #NUTS

BroomsRUs  Tequila!
@Roopunzel  Jack’s my man for a night out on the town
@McMedia   Good Wine #iDontDrinkFromABox
@Viakeywest  Any drink as long as I’m w my friends
@TravelDesigned  a good cosmo
@Chimeratravel Beer. I’m a simple girl. But it has to be a good beer
@kelaussie29  A caiparina or two followed by some bubbles, couple of beers but the night usually ends with a nice malt as the closing bell chimes
@amydostaffordDirrrrrty Martini.~tink~Q5. What is your favorite bad habit? #NUTS

@TravelProducer  Eating Chocolate Ice Cream for Breakfast
@innalameda Coffee first thing when I get up, then more coffee….and later, more coffee…is it REALLY bad?
@edgyjunecleaver fav bad habit is snacking while standing in front of the open frig
@NationalPro Late night snacking. Why else is there a light in the refridgerator?
@GPdogma: Tweeting intead of working (don’t tell on me!)
@redhunttravel Procrastinating.
@jettingaroundCoffee in the evenings. Helpless when faced w/ good cafe.Q6. The best meal I ever ate was… #NUTS

@LandingStanding A feast at Veritable Quandary in Portland, OR http://t.co/GMVW4XWU
@ilivetotravel The pasta in truffle sauce at La Porta in a small town in Tuscany. I cant believe my fav dish was actually meatless/baconless!
@familyonbikes Long story, but best meal ever was tamales on the side of the road in Baja. Best. Meal. Ever. Incredible.
@AgingBackwards Best meal I EVER ate was Trout Almondine @ a New Orleans restaurant called Christian’s over 30 ys ago! That’s how good it was!
@tracycopy Home made gnocchi w/ a spicy slow-cooked marinara & shaved pecorino romano cheese
@santafetraveler Surf (lobster) and turf (foie gras) it was decadent- prepared by now celebrity chef Rahm Fama
@AustinKVS  coconut-encrusted pork chops, julienned vegetables knotted with green onion, and rolls at the base of Lake Zug
@Roopunzelfor me, salmon cucumber and cream cheese, or Tuna, red onion and peppers but yeah, everyone has their fave :Q7. Wildest non-halloween outfit I ever wore in public was… #NUTS

@roniweiss  Why hello. http://t.co/YDOffItm
@azurelaroux  Full Renascence Faire get up complete with pouch and cloak. We go to Chili’s twice a year with boobs on the 1/2 shell
@SuzeMars  My GodSpell costume to high school to win a bet. Blue petticoat, lisa frank style rainbow meadow scenic top. floral wreath on head
@moosetravel  Moose antlers, of course. They’re ‘wild’!
@latinAbroad   Guns N Roses concert, wasn’t Halloween day yet, but I still dressed like Shakira..–>http://t.co/oeUsQ7pP
@HIEHamilton  I once went to a fancy dress party as one of the Beatles, and unknown to me my father turned up as same! Good times
@hobonora  I dressed as a road. Carried a sign: “Slippery When Wet”. When guys got fresh, I had another road sign: “Stop”
@CruiseBuzzMy bday suit during a swim at the beach. But someone took my clothes. Mortified.Q8. Best city for gaining weight? Why? #NUTS

@justinhamlin  A cruise ship.
@RickGriffin  New Orleans, Charleston, Las Vegas, Portland, NYC …. dang it – I gain weight everywhere
@BroomsRUs  New Jersey…have you seen the size of Snooki’s Ass?
@NewYorkHabitat    Again Paris, they use a lot of butter and cream in their cooking. Very hard to stop eating because it’s so good!
@Daynali_ Florence. So. Much. Pasta! And bread. Mmm
@MalloryOnTravel  Vienna just too many coffee shops selling too many fantastic cakes
@thetripchicks Munich during Oktoberfest’d be high on list. Pregnancy rate soars 9 mos later.
@TripStyler The town of Gruyere, Switzerland #cheeseQ9. Bad habit I’d most want my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to give up #NUTS

@tracycopy  My husband ALWAYS thinking he is right… When, of course, I AM! LOL!
@thetripchicks  Def procrastination
@HennArtOnline Not drinking enough wine
@scoutfinch1  Stop cutting the vegetables so perfectly! Makes my set of cut vegetables look like geometric patterns!
@RickGriffin The phrase “Not tonight…
@CaptainandClark Chris always says things like “60-30 percent chance”.. or we’re expecting 7 to 3 people. It’s backwards & confusing
@fenicerising  I wish the people in my life would pick up more bad habits. If bad habits weren’t so fun, we wouldn’t be talking about them
@MalloryOnTravel RT @Inga_Ros:  Procrastination << I’ll give that up too, possibly tomorrow or the day afterQ10. You are hereby granted one guilt free indulgence. Whatcha gonna do? #NUTS

@fundraisinisfun  Friendly’s 5 scoop Reese’s Pieces Sundae…every day for breakfast!
@CaptainandClark A room full of birthday cake, rum, and bacon. Give me 2 hours
@uTour  Italy. With an open schedule and open budget
@AustinKVS I’m gonna say… Ryan Reynolds. Oh, wait. Lenny Kravitz. OK, so I’m totally dreaming
@reneedobbs Open & drink that really good bottle of expensive wine.
@TheTrvlPrincess. Mimosas & breakfast in bed every day for the rest of my life
@wanderplex  Eat dessert for breakfast.
@JesusWife  Play #NUTS again next week

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