Q1. What’s the last thing you’ve checked off your Bucket List?
@TravelProducer  Hot Air Ballooning (in New Mexico and California). Here are some photos: http://t.co/rLFGH0tk
@LFroment  Learning how to curl! #BucketListCheck
@jonk  visit japan! (last november) my list is here: https://t.co/u4tG81Cp
@latoyadenise  Visiting Africa!
@TheSuss  Jump into a frozen lake! Did it on Saturday! http://t.co/gAalEL3K
@CruiseOneHughes  A river cruise through Provence
@TasteTheWorld:  visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Fabulous
@CruzTravelLady  Learn how to play the piano
@wordnomad Buying a corset and doing burlesqueQ2. If you could only visit one destination on your Bucket List, where would it be & why?
@clareappleyard  Antartica. Land of snow and ice and 1% rock outcrop. Stunning scenery and wonderful wildlife. Need I say more
@TravelMaestro  I have to choose only 1? I guess I’d narrow it down to ballooning over Cappadoccia or an Arctic polar bear trek!
@KelseyIvey   I’d go to Peru and hike the Inca Trail
@Quipidity:  Just one? Florence, no Iceland, no Galapagos, ……… can’t pick just one.
@UKTravelatAbout   The Maldives – because in ten years it will be gone, totally underwater.
@JeanetteJoy   I want to go take a canal cruise in Denmark to see my grandmother’s country.
@HTinspires   the caves in Cappodocia Turkey, or Bora Bora, or Japan to shop,or…
@chris2x  Great Wall of China

Q3. What are the benefits of having a Bucket List?
@LauraAllenTvl   You always have something to look forward to/aspire to/hope for!
@LolaDiMarco   So that perhaps you can plan for some big goals!!
@RickGriffin:  A Bucket List is your roadmap for a successful life lived on your terms
@TheSuss    If you have a bucket list, you know you haven’t kicked it yet! Underrated benefit, IMHO!
@kitwhelan  I guess it helps to make you go ahead and plan that next trip! Though I don’t really keep one (except the going to space thing!)
@anne_elizabeth  bucket lists keep the daydreaming alive!
@akonthego   It’s nice to have a goal. Or two or three or ten.
@FathomWaytoGo:   Isn’t a “bucket list” just a “to-do list” with a better publicist?

Q4. What’s the most extreme or adventurous thing on your Bucket List
@MalloryOnTravel  Really want to try BASE Jumping though think I’ll have to do a few ‘familarisation’ sky dives again first
@CaptainandClark  Either trekking across Mongolia on a horse or swimming with whale sharks
@ilivetotravel could be crossing Siberia by train
@zongrik  walking on red mars ~ standing on mons olympus ~ gazing back at earth
@tracycopy  Does eating Italian food & drinking Chianti until you have to unbutton your pants count as adventurous? LOL!
@DitchCity   Extreme drinking, probably. All of London’s best cocktail bars, in 24 hours. The sharks can do their own thing…
@santafetraveler   If extreme be the challenge, then I suppose filming a wildlife documentary in uncharted Africa would suffice
@KirkCole: … #Amazon Cruise and hiking through the rainforest. Would be so gorgeous.

Q5. What do you think should be on every one’s Bucket List?
@MiddleSeatView   a trip where you make a difference – build a house, build a school, share your knowledge with locals, learn
@ZipSetRachel  Making a difference in the life of a child
@ehalvey  Getting out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. And having a proper pint of Guinness
@NewYorkHabitat   Everyone should experience free falling
@_genevieve  Become a reverse VC/Angel Investor. Even more difficult to achieve: get a piano lesson with Tori Amos. -3:56 PM Jan 24th, 2012
@FSLosAngeles   A long & leisurely stay at a @FourSeasons hotel, of course
@BespokeTravels  to keep adding more to the list, always keep it half full!
@foodieintl   In my experience: an Indian wedding, volunteering abroad & spaghetti carbonara at Rome’s Maccheroni.

Q6. What’s the right age to begin working on a Bucket List?
@MusicandMarkets  When you’re old enough to understand what it is!
@kitwhelan  I suppose when you realize your mortality… so sometime after college?
@HTinspires   Never too young and never too old to start
@tracycopy   When you are still young enough to do everything on said list!
@familyonbikes My sons had theirs at age 10!
@LolaDiMarco  Immediately or as soon as you can! That would be my advice! Start living your dreams right NOW!
@KelseyIvey  As soon as your can write
@peoplefw  as soon as you think of it. right now! start that list- put #NewZealand at the top. got great place to stay in Welly

Q7. Which celebrities would you most want to meet?
@_genevieve  Mark Cuban, or anyone else I could talk to about successful
@JordiCasinos  I’m sorry to say that as good old #INTJ I don’t value celebritydoom, but knowledge and achievement. No celebs needed
@BridalTravelGuy  Tom Brady so I can punch him in the mouth
@VegasBiLL  Steven Tyler #was fun http://t.co/N9D0ibxd
@TravelBlggr:  Betty White!!!
@thedailybasics: Better    Hurry!
@LocoGringoCom:  Johnny Depp
@CaptainandClark:. Anthony Bourdain, Anderson Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Queen Elizabeth (so she could knight me).

Q8. What’s the one thing you’d most like to check off your Bucket List this year?
@analopezct: . Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet!!
@anne_elizabeth scuba dive the great barrier reef! hug a koala! do something extreme in NZ! #nuts (planning aus/nz this year)
@KAKIK0 R  Gonna hit the Mayan world (Guatemala) in the months preceding 12/12/2012
@_genevieve  Visit every state east of the Mississippi; launch my business.
@NewYorkHabitat:  Once again, hugging a lion. Feel like this needs to get done soon
@khegre   Iceland. Or Galapagos. Or South Africa.
@kristiemacris  lifting a proper cup of tea to my lips with my right arm!
@Inga_Ros  That being said, there are many places I´d want to go this year (I dream big). Some new and some to revisit, like #Croatia

Q9. What’s the most unusual thing on your Bucket List? #Nuts
@MiraCristine  earning how to play a Irish tin whistle
@LAredCARPETtour  Swimming with sharks
@JordiCasinos   Own a game lodge in #Africa where friends and I can reunite once a year
@LolaDiMarco   Doing a James bond location shoot tour w/Daniel Craig
@santafetraveler   Not sure it’s that unusual, but Easter Island. Want to see those heads.
@BridalTravelGuy  . Getting a #NUTS knuckle tattoo on my mouse clicking hand
@LocoGringoCom  Travel through the Straits of Magellan on a small ship
@GreystoneEstate   Have Kate & William stay with us!

Q10. If time travel were possible, what would you add to your Bucket List? #Nuts
@MalloryOnTravel Being able to truly ‘Walk with Dinosaurs’ and not just watch it on tv has top any list
@claudiabia  Go to a dance ball at Louis XV time
@kelaussie29    I would want to travel to the future, to see if we actually ‘learned’ from all the bad stuff we have done to the world
@AuthenticCoast   To be in Prince Henry Sinclair’s boat when he landed on the shores of Nova Scotia’s Chedabucto Bay in 1398.
@tracycopy   Speak to my mother again during a time BEFORE she had Alzheimers
@DitchCity  Witness the cave paintings in Lascaux, France (and maybe help the guy with shading).
@peoplefw  i’d love to go back and see both my grandfathers as young men immigrating via Ellis Island. just a glimpse would be cool
@VegasBiLL Hogwarts Castle

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