“Not-so Usual Therapy Session”
Holiday Parties

Thanks to all who participated in today’s Thanksgiving themed “Not-so Usual Therapy Session” (#NUTS). We had so much fun and made so many new friends!

Q1. It isn’t considered a holiday party without __________

@MamaRitaMary:  fatty dips and lots of drinks!

@AFarrell09:  Good Friends, Good Food and lots of Holiday Spirits. 🙂

@theigirl: Champagne to ring in the new year

Q2. What is your favorite holiday party appetizer/beverage ?

@alisonmccue: Eggnog!!! Add plenty of rum! 😉

@janewmeade: Cheese Crisps. Just cheese melted on a Tortilla Warmer and cut into “pizza” like slices. Dipped in organic Sour Cream!

@CateTV:  My father’s blue cheese dip followed by Mozzarella Sticks … #NUTS … family secret recipe!

@dave_link:  Frangelico on the rocks. Perfect holiday drink

@tjrum I’ll take some of those egg nog/peanut butter balls!

Q3. What is the most memorable White Elephant gift you’ve ever given/received?

@janewmeade: Oh, there was that bad Mexican Embroidered Shirt that was passed around and around by friends in the 80’s. Christmas after Christmas!

@Jeanettejoy Given: Silk sweater Received: Exercise clothes

@RickGriffin: A4. Once received a pair of size 72 panties – blue and white stripes

@anewmeade: Dare I mention FruitCake as the ultimate “White Elephant?”

@cruisebuzz: Most memorable White Elephant gift was a used candle that had a terrible candy cane smell.

Q4. Worst office party faux pas

@WriterChick47:  Sitting on Santa’s lap and talking away…then finding out it WASN’T our designated Santa

@JeanetteJoy Telling the wrong mother I was sorry about her daughter’s passing.

@AFarrell09:  Decking the Halls with anyone other than who you arrived with… 🙁

@BethLovesTravel: One too many! But fortunately I work from a home office!

Q5. Where is the best place to have a holiday party?

@BethLovesTravel:  OK, mayB a little corny but anywhere U cn get everybody tgthr.

@familyfoodie: I still love parties at home w/ family & Great friends

@travelerkate: My fiance’s office party last year was in this great bar downtown- all the drinks you can imagine on the company card

@soul_whispers: I like home parties #NUTS

@argentinatours: I wouldn’t mind a holiday party here, too!!! http://www.qualia.com.au/ #NUTS

@la_loquita: @RickGriffin i’ve only been to 2 holiday parties in my whole life #TRUTH #NUTS @DEPRIVED <– Somebody invite Corey NOW!

Q6. What do you eat/drink at a holiday party that you wouldn’t eat/drink anywhere else?

@FijiCollin: Egnogg!  #NUTS

@GreenApron: This made me pause…RT @rickgriffin: A6. sausage balls #NUTS

@MedicalNotice: hot apple cider  #NUTS

@CaryMac: Cheese ball. Mmmm! #NUTS

Q7. Best holiday party game? Best party music/dance tunes?

@rickgriffin Best holiday game is “Hide the Pickle”http://bit.ly/ia6bJR #NUTS

@soloandsocial: It’s not a holiday party until somebody breaks out the Boney M! 😉 #NUTS

@travelerkate: : Drinking themed Jenga. Trust me- it’s awesome #NUTS

@anewmeade: Best Holiday Music? Manheim Steamroller….then when the kids leave:  #nuts

@cruisebuzz: Remember that drinking game called “quarters?” I like that to get the holiday fun started at my parties #NUTS

@janewmeade: Best Holiday Party Game? That one where you have to decide whether to take a new “unknown” gift or take a “known” gift from another. #nuts

Q8. Most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced/witnessed at a holiday party

@janewmeade: Most embarrassing moment at Holiday Parties? When the otherwise sane start to slur, bobble and weave. Sad to see. Not fun.

@RickGriffin: A8. Most emparassing moment – having to ask the hostest if she had a plunger #NUTS

@McMedia: watching  @rickgriffin playing “Hide the Pickle”

Q9. Best advice for someone attending a party with you for the first time

WriterChick47:  Leave your humility at home (& booze is unnecessary) I can act perfectly ridiculous WITHOUT the benefit of alcohol! #NUTS

BridalTravelGuy:  Let me apologize now so I don’t have to tomorrow #nuts

@MamaRitaMary: A9. Just make sure I can walk out the door with dignity..and not on my knees! #NUTS

travelerkate: A9: I promise I’m not always like this…. #NUTS

Q10. Best holiday party hostess gift

BethLovesTravel: Bottle of Veuve.

AFarrell09: . A homemade yummy or special tree ornament. Well… or a car. 🙂 #nuts

mmWine: Wine.

travelerkate:  Bring a bottle of his/her favorite beverage, help kick out the strangers who had to join in the awesomeness, offer to clean up #NUTS

alisonmccue: Cleaning crew for day after!

ZenRabbit: Gratitude Cookies #NUTS

BONUS Question: Best/Worst holiday party you’ve ever attended

VegasBill: RT @familyfoodie: BONUS Question: Best/Worst holiday party you’ve ever attended #NUTS – Delivery of food via white gloved butler!

@familyfoodie: A. Bonus: Best Parties are always the ones centered around great people and great food! #nothingfancy #nuts

janewmeade: Q. Worst Party? Any party where the Host and Hostess are not getting along. So obvious! Fake it till you make it folks! 😉 #nuts

RickGriffin: BONUS: Worst party – wife and were the only ones who showed up at a friends party. Got a call from babysitter had to leave. felt bad #NUTS

The After Party …

EpsteinTravels: From dentist chair, I sold 3 nights at English Celebrated Hotel, played with #NUTS crew & talked Falcons football #multitasking

MamaRitaMary: Loved going #NUTS with you all! My 2 yr old granddaughter is here so my fun will continue but in a different way! bye!

@JaneWMeade I just partied on twitter with a bunch of #Nuts Thanks @MidLifeRoadTrip for hosting!

MidlifeRoadTrip: Special Thanks to this weeks “Guest Therapists” @afarrell09 @jeanettejoy @familyfoodie #NUTS

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