Q1. Most interesting/unusual person you’ve met on Twitter #NUTS
@FlyingPhotog  I’ve met @Banff_Squirrel! Don’t be jealous.

@roniweiss  No one immediately pops to mind… I’ve enjoyed meeting up with everyone IRL that I’ve met from Twitter
@SportsShuffle  Way too many to list here. Seriously. Nice to know I’m not the only crazy person out there.
@MamaRitaMary:  I love my #NUTS twitter friends! I do have a special place for @RickGriffin @McMedia &@VickyAkins though…my sailing buddies!
@jenn_seeley ooh.. probably @BronxZoosCobra !!
@RickGriffin  The guy with the Jesus avatar that’s always wanting me to play online poker
@McMedia  I have a secret twitter crush on @Banff_Squirrel

Q2. Most memorable tweet you’ve tweeted or read #NUTS
@osodemadre  someone said they would take my picture pro boner
@BoomerangHotels: I think that would be combination with any tweet consisting of: Bacon, Cheese, Chocolate, Wine, and Beer
@tracycopy  A Phoenix woman @DiyaMarketing found a kidney donor for her mom @fabulousone via twitter!
@katyabroad   When @LonelyPlanet gave me an RT. That was pretty memorable!
@lisajanPA  the ones where my “friends’ warn me people are trash talking on their blogs about me
@Luvmygarden2   Come to the dark side we have cookies
@MalloryOnTravel:   I think every single tweet I have ever sent is totally memorable …… just can’t recall any right now

Q3. What do you like most about social media? #NUTS
@allaboutmexico   The spontaneity.
@RWsocial   I love the idea of “brands becoming people and people becoming brands”.
@eatsleeplaugh   meeting so many interesting people and the great conversations and relationships that develop
@roniweiss:   Twitter has allowed me to develop relationships that I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to have in a pre-SM world.
@wanderplex   Meeting like-minded peeps and of course chats like #NUTS
@bjohnsonCTA. The ability to connect with people all over the world
@tracycopy The people I have met & the fact that it has made me a more concise communicator. You know, 140 characters & all, well.
@_kimrandall Hands down have to say I love that Social Media has allowed me to be creative & become an entrepreneur in my own Social Media biz.

Q4. Best advice for someone new to social media #NUTS
@ZipSetRachel Find brands/people you admire and take their lead.

@BroomsRUs   DON’T follow me
@Chimeratravel  Interact! That’s why it’s social!
@despjour  Don’t worry about your fans and followers. Their number will increase gradually
@harkx:  Don’t be shy but do try to be wise (social = public)
@amandaelsewhere  I don’t need to know when you have to go to the bathroom or anything about any bodily fluid for that matter
@kelaussie29  Participate in the hashtags. Communicate your thoughts on travel and tweet with an open mind
@kitwhelan: Same advice as mom gave before kindergarten: just start talking to people & make friends

Q5. How has social media changed how you interact with people? #NUTS
@2trucks1week  easier to find people to interact with around the globe
@VickyAkins  I’ve learned that no matter where you go, if you bring or talk about food or wine, everyone will hang out with you.
@NewYorkHabitat  Unfortunately we now condense our thoughts to 140 characters at a time
 I’m more open. I’m generally a shy creature, but I’ve met nearly 10
ppl in person from Twitter & act more myself than ever before!
@McMedia  Now I have an excuse to ignore my husband
@JesusWife  Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
@WillingFoot  Easier to plan events with friends as well as share interesting stories/articles etc. Great for helping start a new business 2
@kymri  twitter has helped to improve my text life

Q6. Favorite/Must-Attend social media conference #NUTS
@DubeTravel  this doesnt count? 🙂
@foodieintl  Haven’t attended any, but I’ll be at #TBUMBR because it’s down the road from me
@RWsocial   I have found all of the @businessinsider events to be wonderful
@MamaRitaMary:  I’m registered for #TBEX anyone else?
@RickGriffin  The #NUTS Bacon, Wine and Cheese Social Media Conference
@Elischa34   I enjoy chatting w/ fellow foodies#Foodiechat @steveGOgreen
@TravelMaestro  Want to go to SXSW – maybe this year?
@theantijared  It is that conference where you have an iPhone and no pants. Forgot the name

Q7. Best/Worst experience on Twitter/Facebook #NUTS
@lapearce   Twitter: constant @ spam, Facebook– strangers starting fights on mutual friends’ statuses
@dancinggirlie   best when you get back in touch with old friend you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. worst when people delete you
@TravelProducer   Worst – a few tweeters/FBers don’t understand TMI
@Thomtastic   being tracked down on Facebook by weirdos from my past… You know who you are!!
@jkheaton   Seeing personal cat fights and name calling on twitter. #sadbuttrue
@50PLUS   Best: discovering tweet chats. Worst: scam and spam.
 Best experience in FB: finding out what happened to ppl I havent heard
of in >20 yrs. Worst? Keeping them all as friends in FB.
@familyonbikes  Probably when were stranded in Bogota and Twitter came to our rescue. YAY Twitter!

Q8. What changes would you make to improve Facebook/Twitter? #NUTS
@NewYorkHabitat  Extend characters to 250
@allaboutmexico  Stop changing things on Facebook
@gracenote   Facebook improvement – set a characted limit on FB status. It’s not a journal entry, people.
@SaraRoderickLA   No.More.Changes. lol
@exceptionalfood  FB: less frequency of changes; Facebook has become too complicated. Twitter has it right
@akonthego  FB needs to make up its mind on layout. I mean, really. Stop messing with me.
@roniweiss  Why is Twitter not better able to contain the#eggpeople spammers? Seems like a pretty easy fix. What am I missing?
@amycampr Better/easier management of friends/subscrip lists!
@RickGriffin:  I think a Scratch-n-Sniff feature for the food chats would ROCK!

Q9. Best use of social media by a brand. Why? #NUTS
@NewYorkHabitat   Wholefoods makes create use of twitter. Problems are resolved almost immediately. Plus it’s run by great people
@jkheaton  I think @WindstarCruises does an excellent job. Interactive & informative.
@lapearce: @banff_squirrel 100% he’s cute, funny and informative.
@TravelBlggr   Love @FourSeasons Twitter presence and individual accts for hotels. Feels more personal than just using the corporate acct.
@DubeTravel   I like @southwest @WindstarCruises@GreystoneEstate all do a great job
@jbranigan  I just LOVED the Old Spice guy!
@Inga_Ros  The @RShotel has also done great!
@50PLUS   Some of the book companies we follow – love to hear about new books plus social media connections to authors

Q10. Social media has piqued my interest in visiting what city? Why?#NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel   Seattle …… because being social this much always keeps me ‘sleepless’ anyway
@akonthego   UK, South Africa, Idaho, Santa Fe. Um, and, oh yes, Banff.
@CoupleofSports  Grand Forks, North Dakota! Lots of awesome people on Twitter that made us excited to visit! @visitgrandforks @undsid
@NewYorkHabitat   Foursquare for a foodie in NYC is like a never ending buffet of great food
@stimpressions  Vancouver, it is so beautiful that looks fake!
@StaffaRoadTrip  All, i did Two 48 state road trips & used SM
@quipidity:   Chicago (among many) because it always comes up in #foodiechat as having really good sounding food!
@FSLosAngeles   Excited to visit some of our @fourseasons sister properties throughout the world – from @FSNewYork to @FSLondon & more 

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