Q1. What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day drink? #NUTS
@jbranigan  Bailey’s Irish Cream, it’s not just for breakfast , er, St. Patricks Day
@allaboutmexico  Irish Coffee w/ a huge dollop of mint creme
@CoupleofSports   Irish Car Bombs. We’ve been thinking aboutmaking an “Irish RV Bomb” this year. Thoughts on ingredients?
@TheTrvlPrincess   Guinness of course!
@KatrinaMauro   My mom used to make me green dinner for St Pattys Day, including glass of green milk
@JasonPromotesU   Appletini
@myekulis  I’m debating maybe white wine with green food coloring this year. Would this be a bad decision?!
@GayleWriter: Margaritas, on the rocks.Q2. What’s your favorite Irish song? #NUTS
@PrimlaniKitchen  Any song of U2, Bono.
@HennArtOnline   Whiskey in the Jar!
@RockTique   Lucky Charms commercial jingle! Obviously
@Roopunzel  Anything by The Levellers but if I had to go for one then ‘What a Beautiful Day’
@kaitlindaly  Mick McGuire by Clancy Brothers. Reminds me of family singalongs when I was young
@CruiseBuzz . Finnegan’s Wake (Dropkick Murphys)
@TravelApprentce  Raglan Road
@cubatravelnet   he Cranberries! Also love U2

Q3. If you were a leprechaun, what would your leprechaun name be?#NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel  Charllie Sheen
@chacha2787  Shorty McShorterson
@akonthego “Mommy McCrazy”
@GeneralTours  Apparently, Sneaky O’Donaghue according to the Leprechaun Name Generator!
@katyabroad . Maccanabsa Green
@SimplyLuxTravel   Weebit McNugget
@JFCPR    McForte Cuomo. Sounds like a new kind of Kia
@RecipeTaster  Leprah’n Salmi

Q4. What’s your favorite green food? #NUTS
@VacationChoices  Definitely Avocados!
@MagellanPR   spinach – like Popeye!
@TammySigond    lima beans from the cracker barrel
@WeekendInParis  Sour apple laffy taffy!
@scoutfinch1   Fresh Green Chillies!
@amydostafford   Wasabi peas – favorite spicy snack!
@FSLosAngeles  Love the mista salad at @CulinaLA!http://t.co/vBWN3k1B
@GJAtlUSA  Pistachios

Q5. Favorite Irish saying? #NUTS
@ilivetotravel  Clean as a whistle
@Banff_Squirrel  “It’s easy to halve the potato where there’s love.”
@TravelProducer  May you have hindsight to know where you’ve been, foresight to know where you’re going & insight to know when you’re going too far.
@peoplefw   “put a sock in it” — uh, oh is that an Irish saying?? LOL
@santafetraveler  May you be in heaven an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead
@heliyes  ‘May the road rise to meet you’ hangs in ours!
@NewYorkHabitat  “Good laugh and long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book” True also
@BridalTravelGuy  “A true Irishman considers anyone who won’t come around to his point of view to be hopelessly stubborn.”

Q6. Who would you most like to pinch/get pinched by for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day? #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel  Any number of twitter hotties on here but I’d be #nuts to spill the beans
@thetravelfool   The girls at the Playboy Mansion
@katyabroad  Gerard Butler would do nicely
@nikeshashar   Going with Jessica Alba for either answer.
@NYCityMama  By whomever has softest pinch of course!
@deeboochi:  I’ll take a good pinch from some raging hot guy with a brogue
@scoutfinch1  Sir Hotness who has just shifted into the apartment opposite my window. Forget Green. They believe in the buff color!!
@shannonartsdiva  Pierce Brosnan

Q7. Best/worst St. Patrick’s Day memory… #NUTS
@heliyes  A guest in a hotel pee’d on the floor on the other side of the desk from me.
@TravelMaestro  Expect best St. Pat memory 2 B this year – going to Taste of the Beach (Restaurant Week) at #OBX. Gonna eat my weight in oysters!
@ZufallAdventure: One St. Patty’s Day I drank 7 Shamrock Shakes. Not so lucky ‘7
@NoraWhalen   Best: Spending the weekend with my mom’s best friend in Florida. Too much fun!
@KatrinaMauro  what memory? The bruises are all I had leftover.
@Viakeywest  How many responses are “can’t remember, drank too much”
@allaboutmexico  All I remember is saying “another Irish coffee, please.” Can’t remember… much
@2trucks1week   seeing drop kick Murphys in Boston
@NYCityMama Courting my then BF by cooking Irish meal realized that meat is boiled. My Latina head exploded

Q8. What’s your favorite good luck charm? #NUTS
@GeneralTours   No good luck charm. I only have the OTHER kind of luck… you can just call me Murphy, if you want
@robinwsmith   Anything with the number 13 on it
@jkheaton: A pendant from my Dad, metal from his cycling in England 1st place
@BroomsRUs   Four leaf clovers!
@Banff_Squirrel  I’m glad I puked on your shoe…  @RickGriffin: my Lucky squirrel’s foot from Banff:) (don’t tell @Banff_Squirrel)
@KelseyIvey   Lucky purple & white stripped leg warmers.
@thecitizeNY  Every time I hear song “Horse With No Name” something good happens. Need to play it more
@McMedia  ME! I’m always Lucky!

Q9. Best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? #NUTS
@JesusWife  Charter boat on a choppy ocean. Everybody’s green
@JFCPR  local parades on main street, USA. Long Island has some good ones!
@WeekendInParis  I spent many a St. Paddy’s Day in Boston & the best day in the year is March 17th!
@KatrinaMauro  In the house where it’s safe from all the parade crazys and high school kids.
@FSLosAngeles  I’m thinking @FSLosAngeles  http://t.co/jaxr7RMi
@CaptainBirdie  My cage. Bring a six pack of Guinness and a four leaf clover, and someone is going to get lucky.
@Runenfly  ummmm….Ireland!!!!
@TheBeerWench  in an Irish Pub with my parents. They always drink me under the table

Q10. What’s in the pot at the end of YOUR rainbow? #NUTS
@TravelBlggr  Chocolate. Or coffee. Or $1,000,000,000. I’ll take all three
@Mindless00  Healthy rich life w/ love & friends & family
@JeanetteJoy  Peace and Joy!
@AuthenticCoast   O’Lobster!
@poshbrood  Michael Fassbender dipped in chocolate. Or a role in @DowntonAbbey
@jbranigan  Good health, wealth, happiness and Wheaten Terriers.
@kookabar   Love…and World Peace.
@Travel_WithKids  An unlimited travel ticket – fully paid!

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