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Q1. What I remember most about high school is…?   #NUTS
@Banff_Squirrel:  What I remember most about high school is… really enjoying grade 9. The best 3 years of my life.
@MamaRitaMary:  I’m catching up…I went to an all girls H.S. so I remember the uniforms!
@DonaldBond I have no recollection…
@RickGriffin Throwing toilet paper in trees
@MamaRitaMary  Rick, I was in on that too…tp’d Grant Park in Chicago from the Conrad Hilton across the street.
Rachel Greer Sneaking out for lunch and bringing back something for the cop patrolling the grounds for letting me go.
Kerry Stessel I forget the best parts.
@SharonCreelman: Parents made us take Science, Math, History, Geography & HomeEc, Auto & Typing. “Who knew” that typing would be so important 2 us?!

Q2. Favorite children’s book. Why? #NUTS
@MamaRitaMary: I read the Bobbie Twins, Nancy Drew series
@Rick Griffin Green Eggs and Ham
Rachel Greer As an adult – The Giving Tree – Shel Silverstein – How could it NOT be my favorite?!?! As a child – The Pokey Little Puppy
Cindy Saculla The Black Stallion – about a horse…hahaha Why else?
Mary Zuniga Whiteman Charlotts Web I loved wilbur the pig
@Hennartonline: The Giving Tree!  Alice in Wonderland – cause im still looking for that door!
@JasonHoeppner: Where the Wild Things Are

Q3. Favorite TV series growing up #NUTS
@@lisajanPA Loved LOST IN SPACE and their cardboard sets :-
@Banff_Squirrel: Littlest Hobo. He was Lassie with more street cred.
@ACarlton: Reminds of me of The Torkelsons and Growing Pains
@i_on_food_drink: TinTin – he is great and I love Snowy. 🙂
@thecitizeNY:  I always watched reruns of The Three Stooges
@DonaldBond Chips
LaDonna Jones Mabe Growing Pains
@Hennartonline: Partridge Family

Q4. Name one fashion you hope NEVER comes back #NUTS
@akonthego: Shoulder pads and big-weave cotton sweaters down to your knees.
@TheTrvlPrincess: parachute pants LOL
@gmfriedrich: Acid washed denim.
@la_loquita: orange corduroys
@jbranigan: those ugly ugly go-go boots made everyone’s legs look fat
@PhotosbyHank The Polyester Leisure Suit
@ehalvey: I would say the mullet, but I live in Tennessee which hasn’t quite recieved the memo that it left
@TheBakingBiker: Acid wash and huge shoulder pads and big hair!
@allaboutmexico: Hated clogs back then, still do now!
@KatrinaMauro: Platform boots for men.
@RickGriffin: Perms for men’s hair

Q5. Share or describe your most embarrassing picture  #NUTS
@TravelProducer: Read my lips: Not gonna happen, not gonna happen.
@TheTrvlPrincess: Most embarassing BUT my favorite. Me in a pink metallic polkadot ruffle dress. I mean really how AWESOME is that?
@1Dad1Kid:  Not sure anyone who had that embarrassing of a pic of me survived.
@KatrinaMauro:  There’s one of me dancing where my hand is just right to look like I’m picking my nose
@beforeiam35:  security camera picture in ABSOLUTELY the wrong place/wrong time (nope, not telling more)
@MalloryOnTravel:  Said it before no embarrassing pics all buried under the patio along with the friends that took them
@TrvlScapeS:  9yrs old in a romper before rompers were “cool” lol
@RickGriffin:  Singing Karaoke with @earthXplorer and @theplanetd
@roniweiss: My old website has a whole page of pix from childhood:
@DreamFog: In most of my high school pictures, my hair could have stopped a bus, it had so much hairspray
@PhotosbyHank:  Pink t-shirt, Don Johnson”like” jacket, white parachute pants, mullet w/extra long rat tail (pic has been destroyed)
@gr8ful4dmb: Cousin &I showing up to Christmas Dinner in exact same outfits; Crushed Green Velour Hot Pant Suits. I mean really

Q6. Favorite black & white movie #NUTS
@travelblggr:  Casablanca. Here’s lookin at you kid
@momsofamerica: Wizard of oz, Dracula, It takes a thief, Wolfman…too many to name!
@beforeiam35: La haine!
@innalameda:  Back to Robin Hood! Errol Flynn duels it our with basil, in those skimpy tights
@PhotosbyHank:  King Kong . . yes youngins it was made in black and white first, waaaaaay back
@McMedia: LOVED the old Charlie Chan movies
@tucsoncallahan: The Thin Man
@ACarlton:  Some Like it Hot. Such a brilliant movie!!
@RickGriffin: Young Frankenstein
@TravelProducer: Shop Around the Corner with James Stewart! They later remade it as You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks
@Ult_Mantrip: its a wonderful life
@MiraCristine: Wizard of Oz

Q7. Favorite music performer who is now deceased  #NUTS
@TheTrvlPrincess:  Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Billie Holliday
@PhotosbyHank:  Elvis Aaron Presley
@DreamFog:  Jim Morrison
@akonthego:  John Lennon.
@WriterChick47:  Stevie Ray Vaughn. No question about it.
@TheBakingBiker: Kurt Cobain
@momsofamerica:  Jimi Hendrix
@RickGriffin:  Mick Jagger… OK he’s not dead but he looks like he’s been embalmed
@mygo2it: Michael Jackson, Tupac, Mr Roger
@gr8ful4dmb: Jerry Garcia
@KatrinaMauro:  Nina Simone all the way.
@TravelProducer:  Karen Carpenter – Tragic!
@eurapart:  Joe Strummer. He spat on me once.
@PhotosbyHank:  Ronnie James DIO
@Banff_Squirrel:  Alvin from the Chipmunks. Seriously, he’s dead. He was barefoot on the last album cover
@ArynCorley:  Freddie Mercury. I would loved to have seen the original line-up of Queen in concert

Q8.  Best dance craze #NUTS
@MiraCristine: the macarena & the chicken dance
@1Dad1Kid: Break dancing & popping during the 80s!
@RBS360: The robot!!
@akonthego:  Best Dance Craze? Safety Dance!
@innalameda:  The Love Train line on Soul Train!
@ecuadorguide: Those that start to appearing after numerous bottles of wine in the living room!
@ACarlton: Slide to the left…Slide to the right…Now criss-cross…everybody clap your hands ::clap clap clap clap
@RickGriffin: The Hokey Pokey – it’s the only dance I can do
@ehalvey:  Hahaha, the Tootsie Roll!
@mygo2it: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk
@Roopunzel: Gotta be the Running man
@traveldesigned: the pony #dont judge
@beforeiam35: that seriously overly weird “smash your butt into the guys face” dance from brazil is the best though
@@Banff_Squirrel: Elaine’s “Thumb Dance” from Seinfeld:
@LibbysLibrary: The Chicken Dance – I’m a dweeb
@McMedia: Disco #DontJudge
@jeanettejoy: The twist…good exercise.
@RickGriffin: I would say the YCMA, but I’m lysdexic and can’t do it

Q9. Your favorite snack/food/candy growing up, that’s now hard to find #NUTS
@nicoleploehn: candy cigarettes 🙂
@MagellanPR: Sherbert fountains & fireman’s hoses!
@momsofamerica: LaffyTaffy
@1Dad1Kid: In-N-Out burgers & Boo Berry & Apple Jacks cereal! They don’t taste like they used to!
@PhotosbyHank: A Sixlettes, sort of an M&M rip off
@RickGriffin:  I always liked the Bottle Tops candy
@beforeiam35:  Swedish soda called Merry. coca cola came in and killed it
@MalloryOnTravel:  Huge gobstoppers
@Velcro108:  Smurfberry Crunch cereal
@traveldesigned:  sweet tarts and giant pixie stick
@LorraineTravels:  Chunky
@jkheaton: Jiffypop popcorn before watching Donny & Marie on a Friday nt w/sister ROFL
@McMedia: Egg Creams at the luncheonette

Q10. Fad you wish would return #NUTS
Rachel Greer Big hair! (I am from NJ you know!)
@SweetSoaps: 99 cents a gallon gas
@RickGriffin:Lava Lamps, shag carpet and Party Rings!
@travelblggr: 1930’s and 1940’s. Classy fashion. Great music
@1Dad1Kid: Miami Vice outfits.
@ecuadorguide: Writing personal letters (that’s ‘write’ … with a pen and paper) for one
@McMedia: The Drive In movie theater .. I really miss that… great memories
@akonthego: Walkmans and big boom boxes. Kidding
@ehalvey: 3 martini lunches.
@innalameda: Wouldn’t wish for a fad…would like the return of simple, common courtesy
@PhotosbyHank: The whole 80s music scene, big hair, @duranduran , New Order , Go Gos , glam rock, Poison, RATT, Warrant etc etc
@ACarlton: Pogs, Gigapets, Girl Power, Chat Rooms, Yo-Yos, etc
@Velcro108:  Fad you wish would return: underground raves. Don’t hate.
@Banff_Squirrel:  Journalism
@ecuadorguide: Talking to people in person (as opposed to text messages)
@TravelSweeps: Not a fad. Cashiers or anyone for that matter (#hotel clerks!) saying, “You’re welcome” instead of “No problem.

After Party
@TheTrvlPrincess: I think ill go home, put my hair in a side ponytail, throw on my metallicpinkpolkadotruffledress and watch the goonies.
@PhotosbyHank: I really thin #nuts needs to have 15 questions, lol
@redhunttravel: Whew, happy I caught the end of #NUTS – always a good stress relief!
@PhotosbyHank: Thanks again for a great #NUTS seesion! Starting the timer till the next one 🙂
@McMedia: The official, unofficial #NUTS Mascot ~~> @Banff_Squirrel
@ecuadorguide: 1st time here at #NUTS & was great!
@McMedia: #NUTS Voted “Twitter’s Funniest Conversation” #MadeThatUp
@isajanPA: True – so much fun! RT @writerchick47: You all are the best part of my Tuesdays! #Justsayin

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