Q1. You’re granted three wishes.  What do you wish for? …and no, you can’t ask for more wishes
@KelseyIvey   Good Health . Free flights for the rest of my life. endless wine cellar
@ViewOnTravel  Unlimited funds, friends in every city and my scuba certification
@SuzanneWillett  Serenity, SO to stay cancer-free, $50K.
@MyIslandArtJeff  A 42′ Sailboat, Good Health, and fair winds
@TheTrvlPrincess  World Peace, 0 calories in chocolate and good health for the rest of my life
@allaboutmexico:  Wish that I had enough money to build schools for all the poor children so they get an education
@RickGriffin  2nd helpings contain no calories, opportunity to meet my #Nuts friends IRL, and an estate in Sonoma county
@Banff_Squirrel: Rhythm. Accordian. Tin cup
Q2. A vehicle is being designed to your specifications. Describe it for us #NUTS
@KirkCole  Fast, great sound system, and can blow up cars during a traffic jam
@Alouise_D – Remember the car Homer Simpson designed? It’s that, but it can also fly and travel back in time.
@MalloryOnTravel:  Deep sea submersible, espresso machine, cocktail bar, hammock, Halle Berry as my chauffeur video camera (for wildlife!!!)
@silvermaneman : Vehicle compensates for my accident proneness, runs on water, looks like a ferrari
@CaptainandClark . Runs off of sarcasm, massage seats, full bar, and chauffer that comes at the push of a button
@ilivetotravel  It auto-negates any bumps/turbulence so I dont feel a thing
@Libithina  Magic carpet any pattern will do
@EverywhereTrip:  A purple covertable Cadillac with steer horns as a hood ornament and a horn that played Dixie

Q3. You’ve invented a new techie gadget. What does it do? #NUTS
@deannatroupe -It magically updates all of my other gadgets so I never have to buy another update
@MiraCristine  lets you eat anything you want without gaining weight
@TravelProducer  Turns back time AND erases wrinkles without plastic surgery
@SportsShuffle . Portable volume control device. Raise, lower or mute all sounds around you
@ilivetotravel  Mutes people I don’t want to hear. A human remote of sorts.
@FearfulGirl : 4WD camper capable of any terrain. War vehicle on the outside, Crate & Barrel on the inside
@BroomsRUs  New Techie Gadget: Hot Flash Detector App.
@_NatStar #nuts : a bullsh!t detector. With a really loud obnoxious siren

Q4. You’re allowed to fix one mistake from your past. Tell us about it #NUTS
@ehalvey: . I don’t make mistakes. I make creative choices
@MauiBlen  Selling my 68 cougar I really miss that car
@JFCPR  Can’t pick one mistake to correct from my past. It might alter who I am today
@heHostelLife . Forgot to brush my teeth this morning… Wish i could take that back
@awakeningaimee . Loved more sooner. Let go of the past
@CAMillsap  That whole too-much-bourbon-and-steamed-clams disaster in Newport, RI when I was 25
@1step2theleft  A single-repeated-mistake… Buying a return flight ticket!
@Rockin_Mama : Dropping out of college.

Q5. You’re suddenly wildly wealthy! Now what? #NUTS
@larzkicksu   bye bye student loans, that’s what
@MashOnEarth  Now I finally can give back to everyone who supported me and those in need. If anything is left – will buy a chicken farm.
@CAMillsap   I’m suddenly popular.
. Buy a house finish my 2nd masters become a professor and travel even
more than I do now..after going on a huge shopping spree!
@TravelerKate:  Become a travel writer, go anywhere and everywhere and share my love of travel with anyone who will listen
@roniweiss:  I think if I was wildly wealthy, I’d have a comfortable place in NYC, LA and the Puget Sound
@StaffaRoadTrip  I would no longer be homeless, Buy my house back & help others
@LovelyLu  Be philanthropic………. Share more, do only what I am passionate about

Q6. You may time travel anywhere, but only stay for ten minutes. Where are you going? #NUTS
@FlyingPhotog  I’d watch the Wright Brothers’ first flight
@TheTrvlPrincess . I’m gonna spend 10 minutes with my great-grand mother when she was my age 🙂 I think it would be fun!
@Chimeratravel : to meet Tibet to Meet the Dali Lama. I’d be too nervous to stay for more than 10 minutes! And too talkative
@travel_version . Time Squares 5 minutes before New Years
@redhunttravel:  Would visit Nagasaki or Hiroshima during WWII for 10 mins, just before the bombs dropped
@HennArtOnline  Heaven 2hang w/my parents!
@ibeatcancrtwice  Back in time to a family reunion in 1800’s and ask them so many questions
@ HCPDishes  To some time during the American Revolution, most likely
@Block m_candy  England to meet Prince Williams + the Duchess

Q7. You can bring back one product from the past. What is it? Why? #NUTS
@teamcocktail . Slap Bracelets! Oh wait…they’re back and better than ever!
@traveLovetweets . Old school soda fountains..I really would have loved to live in the fifties
@larzkicksu  would bring back Skip-It, there’s no better incentive to jump then getting your ankle bashed in
@GeneralTours  The ORIGINAL Coca-Cola formula
@MashOnEarth : deer stuffed with swan stuffed with rabbit stuffed with quail. Why? Because I am not sure such dish really existed
@2Travelaholics  Original Polaroid cameras
@BespokeTravels . Prices from the 1950s, so everything would cost less
@tor0706  Stretch Arm Strong! Heck with those stress balls!

Q8. You get to go shopping in any store for an hour and keep whatever you grab. What store is it? #NUTS
@seemytravels Somewhere with lots of gold.
@lele647  The Container Store
@MomsofAmerica: Harrods (London) !
@RainyDayTravelr  B&H Photo in NYC
@BamaGretch Tiffanys!
@Shrimp13  Rainbow Guitars!
@amydostafford  hook me up with some Nordstroms! I could go #NUTS in the store!
@IrishTodd1  Rolls Royce!

Q9.  You’re International now. Where is your second home located? Why? #NUTS
@MiraCristine Ireland or Tahiti
@latinAbroad . New Zealand or Australia. Something tells me I would fit right in (and absolutely love it)
@reneedobbs Germany. Family
@Xplore724  Needs 2 b near a coral reef where I can go snorkeling a lot!
@bjohnsonCTA . Necker Island. Richard Branson is my idol. International? How about intergalactic status haha
@ilivetotravel  Hard one.. Paris, Chilean Patagonia, isles by Stockholm or Cape Town
@mmWine:  Paris. Cause French Maids bring French Wine!
@missmelisss although… a yacht in the South of France sounds pretty good too and I’d be mobile

Q10. A movie about your life is being filmed. Who’s in it and What’s it titled? #NUTS
@McMedia  I’d call it … MidLife Road Trip
@roniweiss   The Official Roni Weiss Movie, starring Seth Rogen
@Banff_Squirrel  “Fast & Furriest” starring William Shatner’s hairpiece
@GeneralTours – The title would probably be “Holy $#!+, what is that guy thinking???” and no self-respecting actor would take the role!
@GQtrippin . Either Jackie Chan or Jet Li will play me in my movie. Why? Because we all look alike?
@ilivetotravel  “And Then There Was Wine” – I’d play my character
@akonthego: : “I Can See Russia From My House: The REAL Alaska Story
@awakeningaimee:  Seriously. I Love You
@WhereisAnita : They already filmed it. Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”

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