What  a fun session with over 15 million impressions reaching an audience of over 800,000!Q1. A situation you wish you could have escaped from… #NUTS
@JesusWife  The years 2001-2008
@scoutfinch1  17 years of school
@gogirlonline the super awkward “guy trying to pick you up” situation, especially when you’re sitting next to your parents
@McMedia  Anytime I’m around a close talker with bad breath
@WideAngleWander Stayed with family in mexico who once left me to host their home bible study group while they attended an “emergency” baptism.
@Velcro108:  Paying income taxes
@avgjomag  Walking around a party with the skirt tucked into the pantyhose!
@BaggageGirl  Congratulating a pregnant woman on the tube. (Turns out she’d just eaten her body weight in pies.)

Q2. Longest route you’ve ever traveled #NUTS
@Cardinaltravel  home at bar time
@kitwhelan  The 15-hour flight to Sydney with a drunk-off-their-asses rugby team. It did not go by quickly
@HTGlobe   A 60 hours train ride from the south of India to the very north..and I was alone
@avgjomag .Does High School count?
@myekulis   Drive from Detroit-Chicago to get a flight from Chicago-Tokyo-Bangkok-Phuket. Definitely the longest, but most worth it trip
@FreakOutOfTown  Driving from Michigan to Arizona with about 4 inches of leg room
@SandiRaleigh  Nonstop flight from New York to Johannesburg 15.5 hours
@elatlboy   Driving wise: Drove from Charleston, SC to Northern Michigan without stopping

Q3. Place you’d love to escape to #NUTS
@1Dad1Kid  Antarctica or Fiji. I’m not too picky
@allaboutmexico  The Maldives or Seychelles
@WillingFoot  Drop me off in Italy and I will disappear.
@LCHadfield  To a beach chain in Riviera Maya, with a cocktail in each hand
@CateTV  Eleuthera … haven’t been yet but heard it’s gorgeous
@shaneklaver  St. Barths and Anguilla
@TravelingPerly  Capri or Positano in Italy
@MalloryOnTravel Often escape to the bottom of a wine bottle too

@BespokeTravels  An island vacation is always an escape.
Q4. Best excuse to escape a family gathering or dull event #NUTS
@amberdegrace  Having two toddlers means I always have a great excuse to escape events. 😉 I sometimes take advantage of that. Shhh!  
@RickGriffin  Tell ‘em you need to pass a kidney stone
@VickyAkins  People will excuse you from ANYTHING if you say you have diarrhea..#justsayin
@deeboochi  “Id love to stay, but I have to go over there now….” & just point to the door & walk out.
@Chimeratravel  I’m not good with making up excuses. I’d just slip out when people aren’t watching. Or say I didn’t want to go
@latinAbroad  If I were a dude, I would fart, then excuse myself after a few mins. They would get the idea, no?
@JeanetteJoy: Turn on a MLM video
@HennArtOnline Plagued with flatulence

Q5. Rout-ine or habit you’d love to kick or take up #NUTS
@RickGriffin  I’d love to kick my habit of picking incorrect lottery numbers
@acooknotmad  I’d like @richardbranson ‘s habit of making billions
@amberdegrace I dream of being able to flip a tire the entire way down my yard and back once a day. You know, she-woman style
@kitwhelan  Kick: nail biting, take up: krav maga.
@carolnfoster  to drink more water!
@Xplore724  Kick procrastination; Re-take up yoga & meditation
@GeneralTours  Would love to kick the nicotine habit… but then I’ll be completely boring, so maybe pick up a small alcohol habit?
@reikoallen  Would love to stop attempting to pack my entire closet of clothes & shoes everytime I travel cuz it just ain’t gonna happen!

Q6. Wildest Escap-ade you can remember #NUTS
@TravelProducer  I went parasailing once and swimming with stingrays. Does that count as “wild”?
@travlin_girl   Anytime I travel with my college roommate, it’s a wild escapade!
@TravelingPerly  My skydiving in New Zealand
@avgjomag   Waking up with shamrock stickers all over..oh, forget it
@jkheaton So many roadtrips w/GFs in Cali to Vegas, to Mexico, up coast to SanFran, all fun & funny
@marktravel: I was wanted in Vermont as a young man- long story!
@robinwsmith   secluded camp site in the Adirondacks with a few bottles of wine
@YoungAdventures Jumping off a 15 meter bridge into a glacial lake in Slovenia. Or maybe bungee jumping in the Swiss Alps, it’s a tops up  
@CaptainandClark: Sneaking out w/ the car when my friends & I were 15.  breaking transmission. Had to drive it bckwrds home

Q7. Route you’d most like to travel by sea #NUTS
@myekulis   The Magical Mystery Tour hits all the Beatles homes and whatnot. Our Magical Drinking Tour hit all their fav pubs
@familyfoodie   straight across to Portugal
@TravelMaestro Definitely want to sail around the horn of S America and on to Antarctica!
@Cardinaltravel  an Alaskan inside passage cruise
@scoutfinch1   The original sea faring route from Spain then around the cape of good hope and all the way to Asia
@avgjomag  Strait of Magellan – brings you through two oceans! That’s NUTS and a rough sail
@thetravelfool  Bermuda Triangle
@Roopunzel  I’d love to do more Island hopping in the South Pacific

Q8. Best escape movie ever made #NUTS
@McMedia The Shawshank Redemption
@thetravelfool  The Great Escape with Steve McQueen
@kymri  Out of Africa is my fave. Don’t even come close, turn phone off, hang DND sign on door
@MalloryOnTravel  “Four Weddings and a Funeral” guess which was the escape?
@newyorkhabitat:  Thomas Crowne Affair or Midnight in Paris
@avgjomag  Castaway.. except for the part when Wilson jumped ship
@reidontravel: . Best escape movie: Apocalypse Now
@pookiejen  Finding Nemo – Just keep swimming
@Breathedreamgo  Anyone mention Thelma and Louise yet

Q9. Television show that helps you escape from reality #NUTS
@bylisajobarr Project Runway
@shannonartsdiva  I absolutely LOVE The Big Bang Theory
@Xplore724  Travel ones: “Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa”, Globetrekkers, Samantha Brown..
@NationalPro Any sports game helps me escape. That or Family Guy.
@autiglobetrot  house hunters international.
@santafetraveler  I love Boardwalk Empire when it’s on. These days I’m watching Smash- which isn’t, but I love Broadway musicals.
@flyingwithfish  (The Simpsons)
@VegasBiLL  TV show to help escape reality 🙂 is ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Q10. Best route for a road trip… #NUTS
@JeanetteJoy  Highway 395 in California takes you past the strangest landscaping from Mono Lake to wildflowers on the desrt to snow mountains
@jbranigan  I’d like to take the old Lincoln Highway from Times Square to San Francisdo
@GreystoneEstate:  Sonoma Wine Country Roads to our door!
@TravelMaestro  Rural roads of KY in a convertible, top down, summer sun shining, music blaring!
@SuzeMars  Did NY to Utah in college. The Denver mountains into the bluffs of Utah was amazing

@reikoallen  It’s been awhile but I’ve been on some nice scenic routes along the coast of Chile

@Mindless00 Ring of Kerry, Ireland

@WideAngleWander  I think you need to go to the amazon for that

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