Rare Red quaking Aspens in Colorado by @MamaRitaMary

Q1. Favorite Fall memory #NUTS
@JasonPromotesU  Raking the leaves into a pile as a child and running to jump into them
@Shrimp13  My favorite fall memory is reenacted every year when we go down to Willcox to pick pumpkins
@PortaPocketGal  at pumpkin farm and apple orchard when my daughter was a baby…such fun to see wonder in her eyes
@MeFindingMe  Leaf pile diving!!! Kawabunngaaaaaa
@Chimeratravel Have had lots of great fall travel! Eating roasted chestnuts in Slovenia to warm up during the fall was pretty cool
@BamaGretch So far, the Alabama/Arkansas football game day. Beer pong, jello shots, victory! @GeneralTours  Trick-or-treating in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween was pretty awesome, but so was just rolling in the leaf piles!
@kitwhelan A1 Also love my family tradition of going to Maryland Renaissance Festival every year growing up! Steak on a stake
@TheHostelLife . Getting all the seeds and crap out of a pumpkin before carving it (didn’t like the carving part, not safe for me to hold a knife)
@Travelated  apple picking with my family in Grafton, IL, my father hoisting me up into the trees to get the best ones

Q2. Worst thing about the fall is… #NUTS
@MagellanPR:  We British pride ourselves in NEVER being prepared for snow & ice! Each year, always the same! Chaos
@TravelLustBlog  It ends.
@CaptainandClark . Not being able to order iced coffee with out a judging glare from the barista
@TravelerKate:  There’s NOTHING bad about the fall! Scarves, boots, cardis, and-most importantly- my birthday!
@TravelMaestro  I love fall weather, but always mourn the end of hot summer when it starts getting cooler.
@elatlboy  Summer is over, a lot less daylight each day.
@MisterHirsch  School starting/Summer ending.
@bumpedin  There was this one time I got attacked by a Squirrel…so I’m going to have to say Squirrels. Sorry@Banff_Squirrel!

Q3. My favorite food for a chilly fall day is.. #NUTS
@ehalvey  Tomato basil soup and a cuppa tea.
@HennArtOnline  My turkey chilli mac
@latinAbroad   Any thick, hearty, spicy soup or stew makes this Latina very happy
@KelseyIvey   Hot chocolate chip Zucchini bread with a cup of spiced apple cider
@jkheaton  Love Butternut squash soup! Pumpkin Bread! –
@HIEHamilton:  Favourite food is any hearty soup, like butternut squash
@Only398 Steaming hot Vietnamese noodles and soup called #Pho with beef, meatballs, vegetables, etc.
@EversonMarsh  My favorite food for chilly fall day is stuffed acorn squash w grilled onions, brown rice, golden raisins, and cashews
@Banff_Squirrel  Meatloaf & scalloped potatoes with cheese is kinda like an Anglo poutine

Q4. The ideal Fall destination would be … #NUTS
@MamaRitaMary . Wherever the pretties leaves are! Colorado Aspens are gorgeous today!
@RickGriffin Visiting @Banff_Squirrel in his home
@Tweeting_Thom  ideal destination is somewhere not autumnal! Like Greek islands… or Ko Tao in Thailand where summer lasts forever!
@91Sheep Parksville, Coombs, etc, I love the island in the fall! And if I could pick 2 the other would be Banff
@SociallyGenius  The Glacially carved hills & Valleys really showcase the gorgeous colors
@ehalvey  Munich for Oktoberfest. Though Helen, GA does a good job, too.
@VickyAkins: Front row seats for the @MLB playoff series! I would die a happy woman.#GoTigers @tigers!
@myekulis Heading up to a cabin in the Catskills in a couple weeks for a quick break from the city and apple picking. Can’t wait

Q5. What’s your favorite Fall activity? Why? #NUTS
@McMedia: Cooking … Once with weather cools down I love spending time in the @midliferoadtrip “Test Kitchen”
@MalloryOnTravel AChance for a last bit of wild camping before the heavier sleeping bags are needed ummm its cold otherwise good for snuggling though
@allaboutmexico Campfires on the deck watching the tide go by.
@BespokeTravels . driving around the back roads to look at the stunning colors, because changing leaves define autumn
@ACarlton . HiKiNG. Practically live on mountains during Fall.
@MauiBlen  Thanksgiving Dinner, Family, My Birthday is allways close or On Best time of year
@picture_philly . October baseball! http://t.co/V20sXyO8
@LewisPoretz A fall means big fate maryland cheasapeake bay blue crabs

Q6. What’s the best adventure to plan for Fall? #NUTS
@traveLovetweets  A trip to a tropical, warm location where you can squeeze out just a bit more of summer
@bjohnsonCTA . The Appalachian Trail
@silvermaneman  Trip to Amish country to check out the rustic life. Wait, do they tweet?
@brenda_farrell escape to Madeira, Portugal for the winter
@kerrinsheldon A big, multi-day hike. Full of knife-throwing and fire-making
@SuzanneWillett  Long motorcycle rides with the boyfriend, with stops for hot coffee!
@CruisinDoc coconut picking from the palm trees, I used to apple pick up north!
@LolaDiMarco  Last year went to nantucket, Austin & London in the fall. All were perfect!

Q7. The best tasting chili MUST include… . #NUTS
@GQtrippin  I’m surprised no one has added BACON into their chili.
@happyjourneys Absolutely essential: Hungarian Paprika
@akonthego   Many varieties of beans.
@allaboutmexico  Lots of hot pepper: chili, cayenne, cumin. Spice is the name!
@ViewOnTravel    Venison. Venison chili is so … freaking … good
@TravelProducer   Believe it or not- my secret chili ingredient is…….Cinnamon.
@ibeatcancertwice  a dash of vinegar!
@traveLovetweets:  Beef, beer and cumin..this #NUTS is making me beyond hungry..

Q8. Best music for a fall road trip #NUTS
@CruisinDoc ABBA. they are good any season
@TravelBlggr . At the risk of sounding like a total dork, ‘Stuck On You’ by Lionel Richie. Reminds me of driving thru the mountains as a kid
@traveLovetweets . Journey. Don’t stopp…believinggg
@CaptainandClark . We love The Fratellis for ANY road trip
@eurapart   Ramble on: Led Zeppelin “Leaves are falling all around time I was on my way”
@EversonMarsh  Best music for fall road trip..Dave Matthews, Miles Davis, 90’s Hip Hop, Journey, and the XX
@Banff_Squirrel  Fleetwood Mac’s always seemed like a Fall band to me. Maybe it’s just Stevie’s layered look
@AndreaGuthmann “Take me home… country roads…” Can’t help it, sucker for John Denver.

Q9. Share your favorite fall picture #NUTS
@KelseyIvey  Pumpkins! http://t.co/Ozwz04UR
@amandaelsewhere  I’ve shared it before and I’ll share it again: my fave fall pic http://t.co/XtiTnZVe
@MamaRitaMary: Rare Red quaking Aspens in Colorado. Taken yesterday! http://t.co/paspmJJX
@marktravel  Walking through Green Park in London last fall (Buckingham Palace in the background)  http://t.co/Z98IEwQG
@WanderlustRehab   this is how Fall looks on New Zealands South Island http://t.co/x4mmPN8O
@MalloryOnTravel   Although this was actually taken in autumn too and kind of love my local beach  http://t.co/Aso9nWN5
@Luvmygarden2  Old country roads http://t.co/7mNfh7LD
@gtrot:  Fallen leaves. #NUTShttp://t.co/rp9n6YC3
@picture_philly: Bucks County, PA:http://t.co/Ozhibi7t Lake Nockamixon, beautiful spot for fall color!

Q10. The best sponsor for a chili cook off would be… #NUTS
@real_banff:  Charmin?
@TravelBlggr  Or Febreeze …
@LewisPoretz  – Lysol
@latinAbroad  Any brewery…chili and beer? Yes please
@Chimeratravel : Beano?
@ehalvey: . Pepto..
@91Sheep A Gas x
@TravelerKate  Let’s be honest, Johnny on the Spot would be a terrific Chili Cookoff sponsor (though I still maintain that girls don’t go
@bjohnsonCTA The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
@MisterHirsch . @FranksRedHot


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