Q1. What’s the best prank you ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you?  #NUTS
@CruiseBuzz The worst prank was taking my clothes from the beach while I was in my bday suit taking a swim at night.

@myekulis  Friends and I used to glue quarters to the floor in front of the vending machines, then wait to see who would try & pick them up!
@CaptainandClark  Chris once gave a friend oreos… but scooped out the center and replaced it with toothpaste! Naughty
@fujimama  My husband (then boyfriend) had me “arrested” and then proposed while I sat in the back of the patrol car.
@jbranigan  Kidnapped Christmas elf frm co-workers desk, left several ransom notes & then “iced” him (left in fridge) no interstate travel
@thetripchicks  I told my parents I was in love with a Hari Krishna guy +

Q2. The funniest show I ever saw? #NUTS
@CoupleofSports The League is pretty funny, but That 70s Show gets us even when its the 10th time we’ve seen the episode!

@RickGriffin Saw Bill Cosby and Gallagher in concert in Atlanta (not together)
@steveGOgreen Seinfeld and Fresh Prince
@JesusWife “SpongeBob SquarePants.” –my hubby
@jbranigan: I used to like Carol Burnett w/Tim Conway, Harvey Corman & Vickie Lawrence
@akonthego I’m a “That 70’s Show” fan.

Q3. Which twitter friends are so funny they make you spew your drink out of your nose? Why? #NUTS
@KirkCole  @sexcigarsbooze @menshumor @sarcasticwonka

@TravelProducer  Toss up betweent @RickGriffin@MalloryOnTravel AND @Banff_Squirrel Why? Because they make me LOL!
@WillingFoot  Not friends but Jim Gaffigan makes me laugh out loud a lot on here
@jbranigan  @Banff_Squirrel made me snort iced tea out of my nose….I can always look up the Squirrel and get a good chuckle
@GeneralTours   Gotta give a shoutout to @MalloryOnTravel – Iain tends to be my go-to guy when I need a laugh
@JeanetteJoy  The entire #NUTS family!

Q4. Something that always makes me laugh is… #NUTS
@LandingStanding  People tripping or falling down… I know, I’m horrible!
@BoomerangHotels   #NUTS therapy session Tuesdays at 2pm CST!
@busyVAmom  my son, he is such a ham & comedian
@tracycopy My husband trying to park his VERY large truck into too small spaces-I thought men had spatial reasoning?!
@HelloKimmyFSU Reality TV – I know that is a bit wrong, but seriously? #warpedhumor
@ilivetotravel  Politicians pretending they are genuine!

Q5. You’re a fool if you don’t  ______at least once #NUTS
@Flamingberry You’re a fool if you don’t laugh at yourself at least once
@1Dad1Kid  Chase down a dream and make it reality
@thehotelguide  Live life to the fullest.
@akonthego  You have to fall in and out of love at least once in your life.
@KirkCole  You’re a fool if you don’t live outside your comfort zone at least once
@spencerspellman  Meet the man, the mystery, and the legend in person: @rickgriffin

Q6. Funniest movie ever made was… #NUTS
@LoisMarketing Blazing Saddles.
@VacationChoices National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
@Banff_Squirrel    Strange Brew, Monty Python & the Holy Grail
@tracyleacarnes  Animal House, Stripes, and Real Genius! I can quote Real Genius all day long!
@McMedia  “A real woman could stop you from drinking.” Arthur (Dudley Moore): “It’d have to be a real BIG woman.”
@SauceBoss_1  if I may interject, Young Frankenstein is king!!

Q7. My spouse/significant other alway tries to trick me into… #NUTS
@Chimeratravel  Can I put “dog” in place of spouse or SO on that one? If so: taking her for a walk or a ride in the car.
@TheWorkoutGirl  Watching Phillies games.
@amandaelsewhere  into thinking that he exists.#pretendboyfriend
@TravelingPerly  Becoming a pure vegan. No way.Love my steak
@gogirlonline  drinking his beer!! he always says this one will taste different…and i always HATE it. #callmecrazy
@travel_version Reveal where I hid the body. (also, got no significant other)

Q8. What’s the funniest adventure you’ve ever been on? #NUTS
@lindsayfranke  so many to name! Caves in#curaçao, Miami ink bar in #Miami, etc
@mafiahairdreser was at party in L.A. with 3 friends & we ended up in Vegas for 3days. We lost the car for 2 of those days
@tracycopy Chasing my mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s, covered in salsa, around a packed mall as she laughed maniacally.
@TravelingPerly  My very first safari in #Kenya
@thetripchicks  My Lapland reindeer sledding adventure in snowy #Finland. Crashed into snowdrift + landed in frozen reindeer turds.
@AuthenticCoast Almost turning this golf cart into a floatation device with @radioceleste was a funny adventure.http://t.co/iQUpEXjO

Q9.  Weirdest talent I’ve ever heard of was… #NUTS
@1Dad1Kid Being able to fart the alphabet
@TravelMaestro  High school BF could turn his eyelids inside out. We made him do it again at the 30 year reunion!
@lele647 Those nasty hot dog eating contests
@VickyFlipFlop Have you ever seen the comedian Rob Brydon do his Small Man Trapped in a Box http://t.co/sIREhRiK? It’s brilliant.
@jkheaton  Okay, how about “Puppetry of the Penis” LOL!!!
@guygirltravel friend in grade school could “jump rope” with her arms. Was double jointed in shoulders

Q10.  Activity you would recommend for a friend who needs a laugh? #NUTS
@NewYorkHabitat Trapeze lessons, very fun
@KirkCole go to walmart and just people watch, you will laugh your ass off!
@geokaren joining in on #nuts the movie discussion alone had me laughing hard!
@vagabondchick Joining the #nuts chat on twitter!
@VickyFlipFlop Waterbombs! They literally entertained me for hours when I was a kid.
@psymongreen run around naked

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