Q1. The best/worst job you ever had.. #NUTS
jamiemorgancda  Taco Bell dishwasher
@Shrimp13   Worst was a tie between sandblasting heavy equipment and bartender at a scary dive bar Best is working@maddenmedia
@mwyche2  . Worked as a volunteer at a mental facility
@allaboutmexico  Best: working as a dive guide in Cebu, Philippines.
@JeffCutler – worst job, worked six hours at Burger King. Got promoted twice during one shift. Quit next day. Best job – current one
@ilivetotravel  Volunteering at blood drives serving ppl post-donation juice & cookies but really detecting who was going 2 pass out b4 they did!
@CarolynWJGB  Stuffing and sealing envelopes every day for an entire summer. Ugh
@JimODonnell2   The most *unusual* job I ever had was dressing up as Scooby Doo for Warner Brothers for an event at the mall in HS.

Q2. Hottest gossip you’ve ever heard at the office #NUTS
@akonthego  That an entire department was pregnant
@LaPacificaRV: . The GM and the Admin Assistant were expecting a baby, NOT with their respective spouses
@joanna_haugen  Not gossip, legitimate fact: My boss was crazy. She made my co-worker check the ceiling panels bc she thought we were bugged.
@McMedia:  That @rickgriffin Tweets in his underwear #nuts — Thats just funny! And wrong!
@tracycopy  That a manager at the restaurant had sex w/ a server in the wine cellar… DURING dinner service!
@TravelingPerly  Two of my best friends are sleeping with the same pilot
@AustinKVS  True gossip: my manager at WorldCom was married to a Senator’s son and having affair with a *woman* in our office. Doh!
@VickyAkins That the TSA strip searched @RickGriffin

Q3. Congratulations, you’re the boss for the day. What’s changes will you make?  #NUTS
@tracycopy  Happy hour starts at 4 & I provide the wine & cheese
@TOR0706: A3. We can all work in our underwear like @RickGriffin
@joanna_haugen: Everyone gets to create their own hours. Creativity isnt dictated by a clock.
@IanMakay Fire my boss! … Wait .. I am the boss!
@eatsleeplaugh. a 2 hr block for cookies, milk and naptime mid-afternoon…oh, and playtime. Playground on the roof
@teamcocktail . Happy Hour starts at 10am….wait that can already happen. Hmmm…
@BamaGretch  Get the office manager a valium drip
@Quipidity  I would bring back beer cart Fridays. (used to have a beer cart go around every Friday afternoon, was fun)

Q4. The weirdest thing you ever had to do on the job was.. #NUTS
@TravelBlggr   When I was an innkeeper, I once found someone’s “personal toy” under the bed when inspecting the room. GROSS
@eatsleeplaugh  . ask a runner to go out for Evian since 10 brands of fancy shmancy bottled water weren’t good enough for ad ex- ONLY EVIAN WILL DO
@TravelProducer  Talent posted obit prior to suicide attempt & I had to clean up the P.R. mess, but thank God, attempt did not succeed – Better days
@MiraCristine grossest was change diapers yuck
@McMedia   Fly a plane. Weird because I had a huge fear of flying and had no idea how to fly a plane
@senyoritamyx    Edit Filipino erotic stories for a tabloid LOL. Awkward but funny at the same time
@WorldTravelWH  Lie for the boss who was screwin the secretary#shame (the things you’ll do 2 get ahead)
@JudyKComm  Open jars of Orville Redenbacher popcorn and pour it over magnets to see if there were metal shavings in it truly

Q5. Best prank you’ve ever played on a co-worker… or had played on you. #NUTS
@HennArtOnline  Put toothpaste between Oreos 4Halloween
@CaptainandClark  Left FB open and co-worker took the opportunity to write that I was expecting. I wasn’t. Came back to 153 wall posts
@JimODonnell2  Took a sleeping co-worker and moved him to a totally different locatoin
@GQtrippin  Foiled my boss’s entire office. I was very detailed.
@NomadKeith  140 characterss not enough, but involved a Portaloo, 10 yards of canvas tape, a pallet, a forklift and a C-130!
@ZipSetAndrea:  Travel colleague – we hid alarm clocks in his hotel room, set to go off every half hour all night. FUN STUFF
@senyoritamyx  A co-worker opened my Twitter account and tweeted a funny joke. I intruded his Facebook account by posting the status ‘I’m Gay’
@RickGriffin  Organized a surprise kazoo orchestra to play at the recessional at a co-worker’s wedding
@jamiemorgancda I brought in gerbil treats that looked like chocolate stars and shared with everyone

Q6. Your company is relocating you to the destination of your choice. Where are you going? #NUTS
@HUNKSrHANDBAGS . Any island!!! I just want a beach view!!
@MiraCristine Europe or New Zealand
@TheTravelfool  Boracay Philippines
@CertifiedSteak Dubai!!!
@DiscHighLifeTV  South Brazil.
@ZipSetAndrea  Amalfi Coast, regardless of the Italian economic woes
@travelightly  If only! Belgium or Australia
@princessgeeta  Provence. Cottage in the countryside included.

Q7. Best lunch you’ve ever taken to work #NUTS
@TravelingPerly   Filipino empanadas,pansit and lumpia
@familyfoodie   My Favorite Sandwich to take to work is the Sproutwich….hmmm so good http://t.co/rk9lGVhC It even has#NUTS
@kitwhelan   The best work lunches are the one the boss is paying for! Mine can’t compare
@tor0706  Stole some elses out of the fridge …. They were mean anyways!
@teamcocktail  Margaritas!@WillingFoot  Leftovers from Thanksgiving lunch can never go wrong! Otherwise Baguette with Brie, Prosciutto, Arugula, And Fig Jam
@ehalvey  Leftover carbonara
@CertifiedSteak   Don’t know about taken, but best lunch has definitely been Ribeye and Scallops with cheesecake for dessert

Q8. Best way to quit your job… #NUTS
@GQtrippin . Jerry Maguire style! Who’s with me?
@Shrimp13   Tweet it!
@MalloryOnTravel  Leave the winning numbers to the lottery you just won on the bosses desk with very expensive flowers
@teamcocktail:  Decide to start your own company! That’s what we did!
@jbranigan   Accompanied by a small marching band, cheerleaders and an uncorked bottle of champagne!
@princessgeeta  “I came into an obscene amount of money & never have to work again” and/or “It’s been fun but I was just proposed to by a prince”
@ehalvey  Get laid off! Severance package beats quitting.
@SociallyGenius Post your resignation letter on their company FB page.letter on their company FB page.

Q9. What amenities would YOUR break room have? #NUTS
@ehalvey: . Nap room, yoga studio, gym, @DunkinDonuts coffee, fresh air.
@MVCTravel  Beer fridge, big screen TV, Blueray player, game console, and a pool table. A good break is great for moral.
@Reserve123. a giant flatscreen with an xbox 360, a nap room, and slushies, and a slide into a ball pit
@ilivetotravel: beer/wine for after work socials, fine chocolates, fresh fruits
@TravelProducer   big believer in Power Naps. Every office should have a room for power naps-lead to more productivity
@ZipSetAndrea: A sushi chef..
@TravelerKate   Table for flip cup (after work tradition?), big tv with good channels, not just basics, free water/coffee/soda/tea/snacks
@TravelBlggr:  Endless coffee …a masseuse … jelly beans … red wine … a hot tub … disco ball

Q10. Your favorite/least favorite thing about your job #NUTS
@TravelerKate: That I can join #NUTS in the middle of it!
@AuthenticCoast: The great travellers we meet!
@joanna_haugen. I work for myself, so love the flexibility but hate the long hours I put in some days. Totally worth it! I have the best job!
@kristiemacris: Worst thing: Long commute down the stairs every morning! Best: Being able to make it to happy hours when the need strikes.
@MyHotelGuy Best: Getting hotel points and airline miles!!…..Worst: Not being able to use them!! Sad…Dats#NUTS!!!
@ehalvey  Favorite: not working. Least favorite: Not working
@TravelingPerly . Favorite-the opportunity to travel across the globe for free. Least favorite-dealing with crazy passengers
@jbranigan . No one to blame or fire for mistakes
@CoupleofSports  Best: Making the work AND play schedule/Worst: Using the RV dump stations!
@kristiemacris   Worst thing: Long commute down the stairs every morning! Best: Being
able to make it to happy hours when the need strikes.

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