Q1. What is the #1 Resolution on your 2011 list? #NUTS

@SunshineOnSally: A1 Financial Freedom =P

@earthXplorer: My New years resolution: Help when I can, smile when I dont want to and be the best person I can be. ūüôā #NUTS

TSWariner: Travel more! #NUTS

@RickGriffin: I want to meet at least 200 of my twitter followers In Real Life in 2011 #NUTS

buycruises:¬†I want to write a song in 2011 because I’ve never written one (+ yes I’m )#nuts

claudiabia:¬†Jumping a little late, but my A1. Travel more, Travel far ūüôā I want to go to Asia #NUTS

@RickGriffin: To be in better shape when I turn 50 than I was when I turned 30

@danaCreative: ¬†Focus, deliver, follow through. That’s my resolution mantra for 2011

@gomarwrites: ¬†do a better job at making better distinction btwn being “at work” &”not being at work” #NUTS

buycruises: Ah #nuts ! I can never keep my resolutions but I have good intentions

@cognac62: Weight lifting 3X a week. Now I can eat a lot of pizza and beer.

travelerkate: A1 Become more consistent in blogging and multiply my followers (hint hint!) #NUTS

@Vagabond3Live: ¬†….- eat more tacos! #NUTS

@EndlessTerrain: Learn how to sail and actually go sailing across some body of water #NUTS

McMedia: To Laugh More and To try things that I was afraid of

Tomas57: Lost 50 pounds (napping)

TravelMaestro: I did stay with my cycling training all year, but it wasn’t really a resolution – just fun #NUTS

Shipsandtrips: РSay NO to more volunteer time РI get sucked in easily, then end up spread too thin.

Screenscapes: . Loose 10 pounds. I was fortunate to do that many times ALL YEAR!

rickyaherman:¬†¬†my 2011 resolution…. speak better french & german. and travel more.

MarioTravels:  To travel even more than I did in 2010.

@TravelMaestro: A1 2011 resolution – renew passport and fill it up ASAP – then clean out my garage! #NUTS

@ZipSetRachel: What is this, some sort of guilt trip? sigh. I guess my perfectly sculpted abs can wait until 2011. #NUTS / Ha Ha

Fellini33:  walk more and see more of the countryside

TryItFoodTravel: Started new blog, got better at social media stuff, esp. Twitter :), read most of the Bible ūüôā

@cajunroses: Eat more chocolate!!! Looking at 50…..and want to be in the best shape of my life!!

fdumenci: ¬†To go somewhere I’ve never been #Nuts

Vagabond3Live:  We are trying to live in the moment, worry less and travel more! also- eat more tacos!

MamaRitaMary: Losing once again this excess on mamaritamary! Think I’ll even go to Weight Watchers for accountability! Gotta look “GOOD” #NUTS

@NJDreaming: Beat skin cancer and get healthy. #NUTS

VegasBill:  To find the most fun and interesting events, people and food in Las Vegas for visitors and locals to enjoy. #NUTS

LucieD_inthesky:  Work on getting out of debt #NUTS

@deniselao: Spend money wisely – no more impulse buys #NUTS

la_loquita:  to have a positive attitude no matter the circumstances life throws my way #NUTS


nicoleploehn: ¬†I don’t have any resolutions, i’ll never keep it. Things I hope to accomplish in 2011. The first would be to be a twitter icon

Q2. Most successful resolution you made AND kept last year? #NUTS

Aireslibre: Yeah I know I have no willpower 2 give up or at least try 2 give up anything substantia

@point5:. changed eating habits for good and lost 30lbs. #NUTS

@danaCreative: Last year I resolved to fail spectacularly with my NY resolutions. I was quite successful! #NUTS

@fdumenci:  To do a little less gamingРI bet I could it. Oh well #Nuts

Shipsandtrips:  last year vowed not to WASTE so much. Did okay Рwe can always do better!

@Aventuresabdm Focusing on my dreams!

CailinONeil:¬†ummm I’m not too good with resolutions… haha

@Vagabond3Live:  We saved money for our RTW trip-it was totally worth it! #NUTS

nicoleploehn: me neither, so i just make suggestions for 2011

FrancescaMaz: Get involved in animal advocacy & volunteer w/ animal organization.

@rickyaherman:  lol didnt do them sucessfully! but the most successful would b drinking one glass of wine everyday. -like that.

WriterChick47:. Learn to make tamales! #nuts

travelerkate: ¬†I didn’t make one last year…I guess I always just want to be a better person, and I think I’ve done that this year #NUTS

@christineestima:  i finished writing my novel! #nuts

NJDreaming: Honestly. I really blew them all. *hangs head* #NUTS

Andrea_N: Quit the job that was sucking my life away. #NUTS

earthxplorer: — I kept them all…..didn’t make any…. ahhh #nuts

la_loquita: ¬†we have to KEEP them???????????? Can i reanswer Q1— resolution is now to KEEP the resolution all year long #NUTS

Screenscapes: . To Get my videos on Comcast РDONE!

purrfectlee: I never make resolutions. This year will be my first so. Check back with me in a few months. #NUTS

WriterChick47:. Breaking out of my comfort zone was an achievement. Staying out is this year’s resolution #nuts

gomarwrites: To start The Travel Belles. Ray me! #NUTS #definitely

@teamcocktail: Starting #TeamCocktail and getting the website live!! We went live in Dec! Just made it! Whew! #NUTS

LucieD_inthesky:¬†I usually just drink too much on New Year’s to remember to make any #NUTS

GoApril: Take better care of myself!

ZipSetRachel:  Be more vegan & less vegetarian. Go Green! #NUTS

Fellini33:  travel more and see more of uk #NUTS

TryItFoodTravel:  To take advantage of every situation presented to me this year. If there is an opportunity, take it #NUTS

la_loquita: My ‘rule’ is that I must use my passport every year, no matter what! #NUTS

CailinONeil: A1 Be healthier and get in shape! Cliche but its the truth!

conradzoo:¬†Escape graveyard skies and freezing temperatures as often as possible and feel glum when I don’t.

@FrancescaMaz: I have the same resolution every year & it never goes very well…. #NUTS

Q3. Which resolution did you fail to keep last year?#NUTS

gomarwrites: RT @Aireslibre: Are you #NUTS giving up wine? >>Nevah completely! Just before 10 am.

@Fellini3: eat less chocolate – but a good one to fail#NUTS Hah!

@RickGriffin:  My resolution to be more betterer with my grammer and speling #NUTS

pizzalogger:  didnt stick to my exercise routine #NUTS

rickyaherman:¬†¬†learn Dutch, and pee outside. well, now i know it’s impossible to always keep your pee in a bottle and water trees with it. lol

LucieD_inthesky: Lose some weight #NUTS

raebabee907: Dark *french accent* chocolat is awesome resolutions suck cuz who keeps those anyway? Imma learn a new language #nuts

macrohawaii:¬†chocolate doesn’t count. it has amnesty RT @earthXplorer: chocolate! good, resolutions bad. #nuts

WriterChick47: ¬†To prove I’m really not related to my Uncle Charlie.. #longstory #nuts

hotelPRguy:¬†Q for Q3: What’s a resolution! High res? low res? jpeg? Dpi? What? Hard copy photo? #FriFotos??? #NUTS

@gomarwrites: That one to be a buff and tone pilates/marathon/pirouetting piece of uber girl machine #nuts

travelerkate: I really didn’t save all the money I was hoping to #NUTS

@ZipSetRachel the whole ‘acting like a grown-up’ thing sort of fell through. #NUTS

@WriterChick47:  To finish everything I st… #nuts

Vagabond3Live: Ha! I understand- sometimes making them & not doing it has a fail mentality- I set small goals over the year! #NUTS

@Screenscapes: Win an Oscar! Or an Emmy, I’m not picky

Tomas57:¬†¬†A cooler summer…

@fdumenci:  Be a nicer, better person. Lol

NJDreaming:  To write and read more. Did not nurture my creativity

TryItFoodTravel:  No go resolutions: Learning about investing/keeping in better touch with some of my family. #NUTS

Andrea_Didn’t start working out again. #NUTS

@Vagabond3Live: ¬†no tacos, no doughnuts, no running with scissors…

teamcocktail: ¬†the one I always fail at…lose weight. Oh well! Had a very fun year and worked hard for every pound! #NUTS

hotelPRguy: Too many to fit into under 140 characters.

nicoleploehn: All of them! ūüôā I can’t keep a resolution. I don’t make them

Thesuss:All of them… apparently! I don’t even remember last year’s resolutions! #NUTS

TreLost:  Most successful resolution I made last year: Get a J.O.B. #NUTS

Q4. Best thing you learned in 2010? #NUTS

@vegasbill: A4. Best thing I learned in 2010 was followers are a treasure trove of great inspiration. #NUTS

@hotelPRguy: ¬†Dogs and squirrels can be trained to tweet… Star examples @EloiseThePug, @Banff_Squirrel @CNDLWoodCanine #NUTS

@PatriciaRossi:¬†That your body does what your mouth says…so leap & leap high…

@MamaRitaMary Good Things Happen when you don’t expect them!! #NUTS

missbritt:  you can ALWAYS choose happiness. Always. #NUTS

@adventuretaker: ¬†Life doesn’t always go as planned – and that’s a good thing. #NUTS

@LucieD_inthesky:  Tweetups are a lot of fun and we should do them more often#NUTS

@Thesuss:  Nobody can tell you no, except yourself. #NUTS

heliyes:¬†¬†I learned that raising a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old at the same time is the most rewarding and frustrating job on the planet….

@cruisebuzz: Ask questions, don’t expect an answer. It’s all good. #nuts

@EpsteinTravels: That Twitter has an ROI & ROL (Return on Laughs)

@emileeshake:  People need to know they matter and their lives are valuable

@teamcocktail:  I learned that you can meet some amazing people on Twitter they are positive! #NUTS

NJDreaming:¬†¬†Getting sick taught me how very much I am loved. I’m humbled. #NUTS

@zwei2go:  The best thing I learned in 2010 is the that power of social networks is immeasurable. #NUTS

Screenscapes:  How to play Chasing Cars on my iPod Touch Guitar!!! Seriously, I Rock! #Nuts

teamcocktail: I learned that you can meet some amazing people on Twitter and that they are much more positive than people on FB! #NUTS

@RickGriffin:  I learned that twitterers are teh coolest people on the planet #nuts

rickyaherman:  best thing i learned would b how to promote a zoo. well yeah i used to be an intern in marketing division of a zoo in germany lol

@Screenscapes: Do NOTHING and the results are predictable…Do SOMETHING and the possibilities are endless! BE BOLD! #nuts

zwei2go:  The best thing I learned in 2010 is the that power of social networks is immeasurable. #NUTS

@earthXplorer Best thing learned in 2010? @RickGriffins REAL name – Yukon Bartholomew Cornelis the 2nd #NUTS

EpsteinTravels: Or sell your soul RT @WriterChick47: A4. That it’s illegal to auction off your kids on Craigslist. (oops) #nuts

@McMedia: That mostly all the people I have met on Twitter are as nice or nicer IRL! #NUTS

@fdumenci:  Patience really is a virtue. Oh to be virtuous. #Nuts

@shipsandtrips: Best thing I learned? How to be a good tweeter Рinteract, not just spout facts.

endlessterrain:¬†Don’t like Twitter lurkers

gomarwrites: How to use tenses other than the present in French while in France, and how not to say “to your health” in Hungarian #NUTS

@claudiabia: When things don’t look good, keep swimming, keep swimming .. ūüôā

@writerchick47:  That the best response to drama is usually to walk away from it

danaCreative:  I learned the power to change the world rests in each and every one of us. 1 person CAN make a difference. #NUTS (@EpicChange)

travelerkate: ¬†I started my first “real” job, so I’ve learned more than I could imagine about travel, and there’s still so much to know! #NUTS

@ScreenscapeS: ¬†The best thing I learned was…uh…gimme a minute…*shouts backstage- “LINE!” #Nuts

endlessterrain: Don’t need to follow the stereotypical life cycle of birth-school-job-nextjob-family-kids-death #NUTS

ZipSetRachel: eek!  keep your friends close and your enemies closer#NUTS

purrfectlee: ¬†How to “Change your Mind” #NUTS (@CYMProject)

@shipsandtrips: Best thing I learned? How 2 B a gd tweeter Рinteract, not just spout facts

la_loquita:¬†¬†¬†Best thing you learned in 2010? #NUTS // i learned i was #nuts and i’m addicted to air freshners thanks rick

@earthXplorer: That I must learn to think before I open my mouth, find my inner filter #NUTS

VegasBill:  Best thing I learned in 2010 was followers are a treasure trove of great inspiration. #NUTS

nicoleploehn: ¬†How totally freakin’ awesome twitter world is!!! #nuts

CailinONeil:¬†¬†the best thing I’ve learned in 2010 hmmmm that @candicewalsh is a great friend!! and she is #NUTS!!

Screenscapes: How to meet great people!!! For real! {{{HUG}}}

Q5. What’s Your Biggest Challenge going to be in 2011? #NUTS

@CruiseBuzz: My 81 year old #NUTS newbie father thinks his biggest challenge is taking in oxygen. Mine? Turning on his tank.

@RickGriffin:  Finding the perfect sponsor for Midlife Road Trip #NUTS #

emileeshake:  Keeping a rein on my restless heart; staying in 1 place.

Andrea_N: ¬†Being able to travel if I can’t find a job with a few wks of vacation.#NUTS

@RickGriffin: ¬†Deciding how to spend the $70 million I’m getting from a Nigerian Prince

cabosella: Remembering that life is short & stop and watch the sunset and enjoy#NUTS

@zipsetrachel:  2011 biggest challenge is finding the funds & vacation time for all the trips I dream about taking! #NUTS

MamaRitaMary: ¬†Finishing the book I’m writing!! #NUTS

rickyaherman: #NUTS being 20 yo. my puberty phase will end soon. lol

@cabosella:  trying to keep up w/ all tweets, trying to join #TNIonce in a while & still running a hotel & attending 2 guests #nuts

@earthXplorer: Surviving #NUTS #LOL

LucieD_inthesky: Finding more time to do the fun stuff in life #NUTS

TryItFoodTravel: Ugh..where do you want me to start?! Having to figure out how life pieces fit together..#NUTS

@TravelMaestro:  paying for 3 kids in college!

adventuretaker:  Figuring out what I want from life Рand making it happen. And planning/going on an awesome trip to somewhere in So. America #NUTS

@Fellini33:  moonwalk for breast cancer 26.2 miles but well worth it #nuts

fdumenci: ¬†To not quit my job in a fit of anger… Goes back to the virtuous thing.#Nuts

@DeafMom: Backwards barefoot water skiing! Of course! #nuts

@RickGriffin: ¬†Remembering to put the lid back down when I’m finished #NUTS

Thesuss: Finding time for everything! And money. Or a get rich quick scheme that works. #NUTS

purrfectlee: Staying focused on the job that pays the bills vs. the desire to do more to change someone’s life. #NUTS

CailinONeil: Getting Healthier and getting www.TravelYourself.ca made!

FrancescaMaz:¬†Budgeting money. Time to make some sacrifices….

@la_loquita:  fitting in #NUTS therapy in the unemployment line #Nuts

@NJDreaming:. Not to give in2 the fear of the unknown. #NUTS

@ScreenscapeS: Serious answer is to make my ScreenscapeS successful as a mobile app, but i will not give up! #Nuts

McMedia: To Keep @RickGriffin from wandering off during Road Trips

@Tomas57:  Sleeping too much. #nuts

danaCreative:  the same as it is every year: Myself.#NUTS (@CYMProject)

@WriterChick47: ¬†Keeping up with Rick & Sandi! (And correcting Rick’s grammar) ūüėČ #nuts // full time job!!!

teamcocktail: Finding a way to increase the number of vacation days my spouse gets. #notenoughforme #NUTS

Shipsandtrips:¬†Hmm…personal? making choice btwn public/private school. Professional? Working on my organization skills – desk is a mess!

goapril: Keeping up with how fast things are moving!

zwei2go: My biggest challenge is to find the time to travel as I want, an to document it thoroughly. #NUTS

Screenscapes: Getting Celebrities to Follow me!

nicoleploehn: What is a challenge??? Nothing is going to stop me! ūüôā #nuts

deniselao:  Hiking the entire Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii #NUTS

earthxplorer: @GoingSocialTV ūüôā

Q6. Place you most want to visit in 2011? #NUTS

@VegasBill:  visit Las Vegas with my lovely friends in 2011 http://twitpic.com/19mivg #NUTS

@DamHelicopterCo: Put Dam Helicopter Co on your list to visit in 2011. #NUTS – Plus a trip in the helicopter?

br_meta_guide: #endlessterrain: Hopefully checking out New Zealand, Tahiti, and Brazil #NUTS #travel

charthian: Dallas, Texas for the #SuperBowl featuring the #NewOrleans#Saints#nuts

travelerkate: ¬†Not a place, but a trip…I want my honeymoon!!!! #NUTS

@TravelMaestro: Of my top 5 I’d have to say Cappadocia #NUTS

zwei2go: The place I want to visit in 2011 is South Africa. I’m crossing my fingers for a holiday visit. #NUTS

cabosella: Definitely will set that one up, who else wants 2 come? RT@ZipSetRachel: A6. Hopefully pay a visit to @cabosella in 2011! #NUTS

@cabosella:  what abt Dark Side of the Moon w/ a martini in hand?

Kass1nova: RT @VegasBill Q7. Worst place you visited that you resolve never go back to? #NUTS <~ Blush Nightclub

cabosella: a place where EVERYBODY is happy & does not complain abt anything

@ZipSetRachel: ¬†Place you most want to visit in 2011? #NUTS — This is easy.. Antarctica!!! ūüôā

deafmom: Australia! #NUTS

@rickyaherman:  cologne & rotterdam.

@MidlifeRoadTrip: A Road Trip from Tampa to The Super Bowl#MBTweetRace

Shipsandtrips: Hoping to get to Ecuador while cousin is living there.

@danaCreative:  Torn between visiting family in Mexico and going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

_KimRandall:  I will make it to New York in 2011!!! #NUTS

buycruises:¬†Just one cooking class in Bologna (I don’t like to cook that much) + then more Italy-

Aireslibre: ¬†I think I want to visit all places including space… Let’s see if I can hit that damn Powerball #NUTS

@earthXplorer: Who can decide that? EVERYWHERE!!

Thesuss: I want to go to Antarctica and chill with some penguins!#NUTS #sponsorshipwanted

RickGriffin:  Europe and Asia in the Mongol Rally!! #NUTS

@Vagabond3Live I’d love to do an Antarctica boat trip! that would be awesome!

@RumShopRyan: St. John #USVI, Dominica, Grenada. Giddy up!

@gomarwrites: Anywhere that isn’t a college campus or grocery store.

claudiabia:¬†–> Asia.. Vietnam

@Screenscapes: The Mothership!

Fellini33:  arran and mull #NUTS

Shipsandtrips:¬†WOW. Place I’d most like to visit? Huge question. Professionally, I need to go to Hawaii – it’s been 13 years!

Shipsandtrips Personally? I really want to take my fam on @AMA_WaterWays river cruise this summer!

AboutMeetings:  I live on the west coast & yet have never been to Hawaii. Love to take a family vaca there this year. #NUTS

purrfectlee: ¬†Mexico to meet @danaCreative ‘s extended family. #NUTS

McMedia:¬†I’d like to visit Napa Valley and the Pacific Northwest

RickGriffin: – > the Super Bowl in the#MBTweetRace !!

dlsmoljan: ¬†Italy — #NUTS, probably not this year.

NJDreaming:¬†I’d really like day trips to NYC & D.C. to take pictures. #NUTS

rickyaherman: cologne & rotterdam.

@BrendaRoth Great questions! I’d like to visit a new national park in the US. #NUTS

christineestima: #nuts australia and new zealand and fiji!!!

WriterChick47: ¬†Australia; Perth, Sydney…beautiful #nuts

Screenscapes: ¬†The UK, Always wanted to film there, then see the sites, then drink at a pub, then …. (to be continued) #Nuts

endlessterrain:  Hopefully checking out New Zealand, Tahiti, and Brazil #NUTS #travel

TryItFoodTravel: ¬†India and to get on @RickGriffin‘s Twitter in IRL life list ūüôā #NUTS

Andrea_N: Easy one РAustralia, my 7th continent. 10/14/11

gomarwrites: Argentina and Peru and Italy… this could go on a while.

nicoleploehn: Come to Florida this winter! RT @CailinONeil: Antarctica!! RT@midliferoadtrip @ZipSetRachel Q6. Place you most want to visit in 2011? #nuts

Tomas57:¬†My couch.. No, really, this is a good Q for me… The UK… move there.

fdumenci: ¬†Going to hong kong for the first time -can’t wait! #Nuts

LeadershipAgent: New York !

MamaRitaMary: East coast is where I want to explore next!! #NUTS

CailinONeil: Antarctica!!

nicoleploehn:  I would love to visit Germany or Italy in the next year. #nuts

JGomez13: Thailand & Singapore finally!

LucieD_inthesky:  Anywhere outside of my zip code #NUTS

Q7. Worst place you visited that you resolve never go back to? #NUTS

@Aireslibre: A7. A slaughter house in Dominican Republic… EEK and YUCK and OMG #NUTS

@travelerkate:  Branson, Mo. No thank you! #NUTS #Nuts

CruiseMan3000: . St.Kitts I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE THERE! Never again! #NUTS

@YUShouldTravel: Olive Garden #Nuts

purrfectlee: ¬†I’ve got nothing…’cept maybe the Dentist. But I love my current dentist so I can’t really say that. Still don’t like going tho. #NUTS

@danacreative:  Customs at Miami International Airport. #NUTS

@inkscrblr: worst place q7 hospital #Nuts

TravelMaestro: Car broke down in middle of nowherer – had to go to this voodoo house in Barbados. Very scary! #NUTS

fdumenci: If pressed, would have to say Arkansas… #nuts

@cruisebuzz:  worst place, never go back? A PC РI LOVE my new Mac. #NUTS

@RickGriffin: A7. Once went 2time share seminar in Vegas just to get some free show tickets #NeverAgain #NUTS

endlessterrain: Detroit. Actually anywhere in Michigan

Andrea_N: ¬†I’d have to say I didn’t love Egypt & will probably not go back unless on a cruise. #NUTS

Shipsandtrips:¬†I don’t ever need to go to Glasgow, Scotland ever again.

ZipSetRachel: ¬†I’d visit anywhere again, unless they are serving guinea pig. That’s where I draw the line. #NUTS

starfishtravel: Ocean Manor hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. #bad

CravenTravels:  High School

zwei2go: ¬†I’ve enjoyed every place that I’ve visited. I can’t think of one place I wouldn’t revisit. #NUTS

NJDreaming:  The hospital, God willing. #NUTS

@ciaobella50: Breckenridge Colorado Elevation 12K

Tomas57:  CarMax

Brenda_Farrell:¬†¬†That’s a hard one as Romania during dictatorship of Nicolai Ceausescu was AWFUL but I might go again now. #NUTS

raebabee907 Santo domingo dominican republic OMG!! #NUTS

Screenscapes:¬†The left side of my brain, no the right side, no ….HELL!

CailinONeil:¬†¬†Christchurch, New Zealand was pretty unfortunate, I’d probably never want to go back there

@_KimRandall: Never been to prison, but hear it sucks and have resolved to be a good girl and never visit #NUTS

teamcocktail: Tough call! I like to give places a second chance.

Shipsandtrips:¬†¬†don’t think I’ve ever hated anyplace that much. But I can say that I can skip Nassau, Bahamas for rest of my life.

nicoleploehn:  Long Island #nuts

CailinONeil: The Piccadilly Hostel in London! yuck!

Q8. What’s the shortest time you’ve kept a resolution & What was it?

@gomarwrites: ¬†Food, wine and/or exercise related… every freaking year. #NUTS

theuncagedbird: Best, 2006 in New York City. Hilarious, but never again NYC hotel experience.

Fellini33:  not to eat choc Рa day Рbad girl #NUTS

YUShouldTravel: ¬†It was so short I can’t remember! In a flash! #NUTS

CravenTravels:¬†: Between drinks… rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy

@TravelMaestro: anywhere from 60 sec to 6 years. quitting smoking – repeatedly. #NUTS

Aireslibre: Give up Starbucks & it lasted exactly 8.5 hours!

Thesuss:  I resolve not to stay up past midnight!

@purrfectlee:  See A2 and A3. Am I the only one here who has never made a NY resolution? #NUTS

AboutMeetings: . I’ve resolved to make resolutions every year. And never do.#NUTS

_KimRandall: Resolution: To be happy ….. Time it lasts: about 5 minutes, someone always seems to make me mad #NUTS

@WriterChick47:  To quit smoking…lasted approx. 10 minutes. Finally did quit in 2008 #nuts

travelerkate: ¬†Exercise daily, or at least a few times a week. Didn’t even make 1 day of it. Oops! #NUTS

@fdumenci: ¬†less damn swearing… Crap, 2.1 secondss #Nuts

hotelPRguy: Shortest resolution? Keeping a goatee/beard. Never works, never will.#NUTS

CailinONeil: A minute to not eat any more cookies..

McMedia:¬†Some years I skip to the chase .. just don’t make any

claudiabia:¬†¬†don’t drink coke. Lasted a day! ūüėČ #NUTS

Andrea_N: ¬†If I wasn’t working I’d go to the gym & my apt would be spotless. Cleaned up once since I quit my job – decided to travel instead #NUT

gomarwrites: Same here! I sense a theme. RT @la_loquita: #NUTS A 8 about 3 seconds.. to not eat so much

TryItFoodTravel: Shortest resolution? Taking vitamins every day. Lasted one day. I never remember them #NUTS

pizzalogger: in the past I always had a stop smoking resolution and failed until 4 yrs ago thanks to Nicorette #NUTS

@nicoleploehn:  5 seconds. Not to drink wine on New Years Eve after Midnight. #nuts

Screenscapes: .2 seconds, to cut back on Twitter

ciaobella50: 30 mins, no chocolate !

raebabee907:  Dieting 10 minutes #NUTS

Tomas57:¬†Waking up… 8 hours…

auldmags quit Twitter abt 5 months

Shipsandtrips: #NUTS Can’t remember, but I’m sure it involved food or booze…

Q9. What was you Best/Worst New Years Eve?#NUTS

@WeekendinParis: Best under Eiffel Tower on its 100 anniversary, Worst when hubby was deployed. #Nuts

@joywilder: ¬†worst NY: the ones i can’t remember; best NY: the best is yet to come! #NUTS

@VegasBill: ¬†Could be this year’s NYE 2011 w/ Jersey Shore’s Snooki inside of the crystal ball drop!

Vagabond3Live: We usually do house parties. Everyone brings something so not too expensive for just one person! #NUTS

travelerkate:  Best Hot tub with snow around and lots of friends. Worst Sioux Falls, SD playing online pictionary in the basement. We were 21. #NUTS

@earthXplorer: Best: crossing international date line 1999, then going back, 2 new years!

Aireslibre: 6 couples over 70 y/o & me watching Dick Clark on TV while every1 calls me to rub in their partying good time. Thank God for JACK #NUTS

NJDreaming:  Last year at home w/ the hubs. http://flic.kr/p/7sNsi4 #NUTS

NomadicKids: Best: engagement in Maui 2002. Worst:spending 1999/2000 in Davos A man I wasn’t interested in kept getting naked in front of me. #NUTS

zwei2go: My BEST NYE was 2004 in Amsterdam. #NUTS

claudiabia:¬†¬†Best NYE – Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro… Great vibe!!!! Worst: Times Square/NYC – Cold, not fun at all! #NUTS

ciaolaura: Worst: Getting slammed into by drunks while waiting tables – dropped raw oysters down woman’s silk blouse!

WorldTravelWH: Best: Year 2000 – St. John’s NL, 10K of my closest friends celebrated the first NYE in North America (unique time zone). Worst: 0 #nuts

@ZipSetRachel: Best New Years Eves are always with best friends (w/drinks). Location doesn’t matter! #Nuts

purrfectlee: Best-I think last year. Low key with a house full of kids and kids’ friends, with our own dear friends. #NUTS

@CailinONeil: Last year I lost all of my friends at a big party!

jessicahanson: Best was a couple of yrs ago, big party, and played lots of games too.

CravenTravels:: Don’t remember the best, don’t want to remember the worst…

Fellini33:  Paris best, in pub where all food and band was awful worst #NUTS

@ciaobella50: Stuck in hotel in Tahoe w/ drunk ex husband! Hence the EX

fdumenci: ¬†second best — Montreal — those French canadiens know how to throw a great party #nuts

YUShouldTravel:  Too wasted to remember how bad or good it really was. #NUTS

Andrea_N: ¬†Worst NYEs were when I was a bartender at a country club in KY in ’88 & ’89. Best are the ones I’ve had with my dh. Nice & quiet #NUTS

la_loquita: this year Рmy first black tie event Рi have a new black dress!!!

Shipsandtrips: #NUTS Last year was a blast – whole family, ages 8 mos to 80, sipping champers and singing in back yard around fire pit. FUN!

TryItFoodTravel: Worst NYE: Food poisoning from some takeout. I knew that I hadn’t drank THAT much champagne. The next day was horrible. ūüôĀ #NUTS

purrfectlee: Worst -Most of them between 2000 and 2003. Those were some dark and lonely times. No one to kiss! #NUTS

sillyamerica:¬†oh my worst new years eve was last year – my back was out and I couldn’t move so I spent it alone on my couch! #NUTS

fdumenci: ¬†best– #Vegas of course! Worst — st. Albans, Vermont #nuts

teamcocktail:¬†Can’t remember either! Must have been really fun. ūüėČ

GoApril: Best always when I am home w/ family & friends worst Рnever had a bad 1

inkscrblr:  both best and worst new years eve in Paris sick as a dog with flu/ laryngitis but party on anyways

WriterChick47: The ones I can‚Äôt remember..but other people DO…and they‚Äôre laughing. #Yikes #nuts

nicoleploehn:¬†best New Years’ eve has been at home. Worst: Ex-Husband refused to go out with friends and I. went alone. Horrible! #nuts

Shipsandtrips: #NUTS BEST/WORST was 2000/2001. I had 1 glass of bubbly, then ill (worst). Later found out I was preggo (best)!

Q10. If you could make a resolution for someone else, who/what would it be? #NUTS

Aireslibre: Cheers to that one and I wish that one for her too!!!! RT@francescamaz: For my mom to quit smoking once & for all! #NUTS

@YUShouldTravel: My Ex. Get a life. #NUTS

@ZipSetRachel: Resoultions: Delta airlines/Give ZipsetRachel free flights #NUTS

travelerkate: my big brother- Get a job!!! #NUTS

@JessicaHanson:  EVERYONE to chew with their mouths closed. #NUTS РAmen! Were not in a barn yard. #nuts

NJDreaming: My mother. To choose to be happier. #NUTS

MamaRitaMary: Please be kind to people!!!

LucieD_inthesky: that my son would feel motivated enought to get a job #NUTS

Only398: Resolution for someone else – take more cruises and bring others.#NUTS

Aireslibre: It would be for all those people who put their life travel on hold for whatever reasons. I wish they would start living today!!! #NUTS

@fdumenci: ¬†for my husband — give wife whatever she wants#nuts

joywilder: to let go and have a good time! #NUTS

@AboutMeetings: Im resolving to kick autisms ass in 2011 for my newly diagnosed 3 year old son. #nuts

purrfectlee: ¬†This is for a lot of family/friends I know: “I will not date/marry a man just so I won’t be alone”. Learn to love yourself 1st! #NUTS

earthxplorer:  kim jong-il РNO NUKES

Vagabond3Live: To Whoever deleted my site- please get a hobby & leave me alone. Thank you & have a great year! #NUTS

CailinONeil: For @rickgriffin to have more fun in life stop being so quiet and timid hahahaha

@la_loquita: ¬†… always participate in #NUTS

nicoleploehn: ¬†good question: I make a resolution for my husband. To find a job ūüôā#nuts

Shipsandtrips:¬†¬†I’d ask all travelers to try to do biz with their local Travel Professionals !

WriterChick47: ¬†That my daughter would have the ‚Äėbum-magnet‚Äô removed from her forehead #nuts

Vagabond3Live: @goapril haha, right?!! I plead the 5th!

BONUS QUESTION. How will you spend this New Years Eve?#NUTS

@Aireslibre I will spend it in Orlando and NO I am not kissing Mickey. #Nuts

mireyamayor: With *the* mouse. #Mickey

@VintageSlips:  .. In Vegas, Baby! #NUTS

fdumenci: Harrington de raceway god help me #nuts

claudiabia:¬†¬†I still don’t know… ūüôā #NUTS

@TravelerKate: Bonus: No idea yet, but it better involve a cute dress and champagne! #NUTS – FYI @LuxeTiffany

@earthxplorer: My Mom always said, new years was amateur drunk driving night. Ppl that don’t normally drink do & try to drive. Be careful out there! #NUTS

@Only398: NYE watching #Rockets beat#Raptors at Toyota Center, food, fun, friends, fireworks, and Tweeting #nuts

@wantstotravel volunteered to spend New Years Eve comforting the dogs First time EVER fireworks sold in Arizona will be #NUTS

NJDreaming:  At home w/ the hubs enjoying good food & good company. #NUTS

theuncagedbird: At home with my two kitties, and hopefully a special someone. #NUTS

ZipSetRachel:  Laughing/dancing/drinking the night away in glamorous Ohio. I must say I am looking forward to it. #NUTS

Andrea_N: Packing for my Caribbean cruise!!

ciaobella50: NOT in a hotel room with a drunk EX !!!

nicoleploehn: At home, on my couch cuddled up with my hubby & about 6 bottles of wine, some delicious food, & anybody else who wants to join! #nuts

CailinONeil: For the first time ever I have no idea!!!

NomadicKids: Tahoe with the kids and friends. #NUTS

McMedia: At Home, with Family .. asleep by 10pm (my favorite way to ring in NewYear)

Andrea_N: This yr will be great because we go to MIA on 1/1!

@danaCreative: A9: We’ve been fortunate to ring in the NY with @SisterHazelBand several times now (and again this year).#NUTS

VegasBill:¬†¬†I’ll send pics in 2011 of the scantily clad Las Vegas ladies to remember everyone’s resolutions ūüôā #NUTS

Shipsandtrips: #NUTS This year will be good…watching @BravoAndy and drinking French 75’s with the girls!

@Screenscapes: The same as last year, on the floor dodging Red Neck Bullets!

@RickGriffin: Im pretty sure Ill be watching some football on New Years Eve – just like God intended! #nuts

WriterChick47: Drinking cheap champagne, eating shrimp & calm dip in my living room, telling funny stories from this year (Our family re-cap) #nuts

@LucieD_inthesky: Hopefully having fun! #NUTS

TravelMaestro:¬†I’ll spend NYE at home with a roaring fire and an excellent cabernet #NUTS

zwei2go: I’ll spend NYE her at home w/my daughter. #NUTS


endlessterrain: Ahh, the #NUTS discussion is going #NUTS, come join.
VegasBill:¬†¬†I’ll send pics in 2011 of the scantily clad Las Vegas ladies to remember everyone’s resolutions ūüôā
TravelEditor: @ZipSetRachel What is #NUTS? ūüôā
@Screenscapes: It was a blast! Cheers!
MamaRitaMary: I love #NUTS! Today I got sidetracked playing tea party, hide n seek, coloring and Petville with grandbeauty during the #NUTS hr! Fun 4 all!
hotelPRguy: @ScreenscapeS My first #NUTS. Great fun and good to meet you.
@tryitfoodtravel: @HotelPRGuy @earthXplorer@la_loquita @TheSuss – Thanks! I really enjoyed my first #NUTS tweetup ūüôā
VegasBill: RT @TheSuss: @WriterChick47 @VegasBill #NUTS Tweetup in Vegas?! I bet I can get @r_suss behind this. РSounds like a plan.
Screenscapes: @cruisebuzz Always a pleasure playing with you…#Nuts I mean….The game! Oh, I give up!
nicoleploehn: @ScreenscapeS I’m insulted I didn’t make #nuts great for you?! Geez. j/k ūüėČ I gave you an ego complex, of course you’d forget about me.
KuhnHondaVW:¬†I absolutely love #nuts it’s the most fun in an afternoon. Really why can’t we do this everyday? I’m that crazy I need daily help! PLEASE?!
@Screenscapes: This game is so much more fun in a Kilt! #Nuts – More fun with chocolate ūüôā
Screenscapes: Damn, back to work! #NeedAHug #Nuts
danaCreative: @MidlifeRoadTrip Thanks for the RT, guys, and thanks for hosting such a wonderful #NUTS discussion (as always).
fdumenci:¬†Happy and healthy new year to all! Here’s to a great 2011. #nuts
a_loquita:¬†i always feel so much better after therapy #NUTS i hope i don’t get a bill in the mail
nicoleploehn: @KuhnhondaVW might be following some of you (it’s just my companies twitter account) I love this group. #nuts
@Andrea_N: Great way to meet new friends!!#NUTS
Shipsandtrips: Thanks for all the #NUTS fun today. Happy New Year to you all Рmake sure you get/give a kiss at midnight, wherever you are!
earthxplorer:¬†Sorry for the crowded twitter stream, I got a little #NUTS ūüôā
Screenscapes:¬†Not me! Hey, why is my hat getting tighter? @la_loquita@nicoleploehn gonna give @ScreenscapeS an ego boost then he’ll B incorrigible#Nuts
@gomarwrites: Happy New year everyone! Thanks for another fun#NUTS !
McMedia:¬†Love a nice bag of #Nuts Thank you RT @VegasBill: @McMedia Thank you Sandi for the RT. Here’s a virtual bag of #NUTS to you.
cajunroses: @danaCreative @purrfectlee @earthxplorer Hear, hear….don’t look back…..DREAM BIG!!! #nuts
@danaCreative: I wish Twitter didn’t limit the number of people you can follow. So many awesome new Tweeps as a result of #NUTS
Screenscapes: Thanks Rick! RT @cruisebuzz: His name is RICK GRIFFIN RT@Screenscapes: My Screen is FULL of some Hooters chick, Who do I owe? #Nuts
Screenscapes:¬†Typo? Exotic Ohio? Ok, I’ll try anything once – Twice if it hurts
@joywilder:¬†what does #NUTS chat about? i’m seeing the Q’s and am intrigued ūüôā
McMedia:¬†You took a Potty Break didn’t you?? –> RT @RickGriffin: sorry for the late question – #InternetProblems #NUTS
KimRandall: @Vagabond3Live that @RickGriffin can be a bad influence LOL #NUTS
nicoleploehn: @Sarahsco It’s get us through the day therapy ūüôā We love this place, it’s so calming and relaxing. #nuts
Screenscapes:¬†Just go with it and let loose! RT @Sarahsco: Okay you guys….do tell what this #NUTS is all about.
VegasBill: @ZipSetRachel I really appreciate the thanks Rachel! We’re all a bunch of#NUTS trying to find a @Banff_Squirrel ūüôā
@MidlifeRoadTrip: 3.2 million impressions less than 1/2 through therapy #NUTS
@cruisebuzz: Can we get community service hour credits for attending#Twitter parties like #nuts ?
@earthXplorer: Good things come to those who tweet!#NUTS
RickGriffin: @theCTA LOL – not at all, every therapy session needs some “normal” people:)) #NUTS

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