Q1. In what country/region do you come from? have you always lived there? #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel  Pangea since I was knee high to a starship trooper
@crozul : Ancestors come from Philipinesm but I was born and raised in the US
@robinwsmith  Finger Lakes area of New York State…no was in the military for 6 years and lived in NC
@CareVacations  I’m from #Oregon… born and raised. Lived in #Seattle for years. So beautifully #NUTS here in #Portland!#PacificNorthWest
@familyfoodie  I was born in Portugal. I came to the US when I was 6… At times, wish I still lived there to enjoy their laid back nature
@jbranigan  Rocky Mountains, yessireee I have always lived here where the deer and the antelope play
@RickGriffin   I’m from the USA. The south …State of Georgia but I Roll with the Tide #RollTide #BamaFootball
@OnilMNavarroza  Born in a remote province in the Philippines, Leyte. Went to Manila aftet college.
@BAIRDSTRAVEL  Born Glasgow Scotland now live in Clydebank
@Tweeting_Thom   from Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland… and now based in Edinburgh, a few hundred miles further south

Q2. What was your favorite game as a kid? #NUTS
@TravelProducer  Loved playing a card game called King on the Corner with my cousins when we’d spend summer breaks at Grandma’s house
@Chimeratravel  Loved battle beasts, all kinds of board & card games. But top was obstacle courses & scavenger hunts my folks used to make 4 us.
@amandaelsewhere  My favorite game was pretending my little brother was a dog. Mom wasn’t so happy when I put a leash on him.
@VegasBiLL  Favorite game was Operation. BZZZT –
@candidmarketer  Croquet
@bumpedin   But really, I was one of those girls that was obsessed with the “Talking Globe” that taught you trivia. Traveler at heart?
@goodiesforgifts: Ghost in the graveyard…anyone know it?
@MyIslandArtJeff  Kickball, loved to smack the ball off the shortstop’s face!

Q3. What is/was on your Sunday dinner table? #NUTS
@WillingFoot . mmm Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and caramelized baby carrots
@JasonPromotesU  Always southern cooking.
@TravelProducer   Roast beef was on mom’s Sunday menu – great because Mom made it
@BridalTravelGuy . If my wife is cooking it’s Roast Grief with a side of Sauteed Sarcasm
@utravelwithus   i think that was jack in the box…. i think im losing my memory haha
@latinAbroad   Back in Puerto Rico tho, SUnday dinner table was always grandma’s master piece. Too much meat & too many dessert options
@VitraSin   Trini food: fried rice, chow mein, stew chicken, roti, salad…at least
@TheTrvlPrincess . Its a NY Italian/Southern mish-mash of goodies. Anything from Lasagna to steak & baked potatoes to Fried chicken & mach & cheese

Q4. School lunches … what did YOU bring? #NUTS
@TravelerKate   Bring??? Puh-leeeeese, I bought my lunches. Bosco sticks all the way.
@eatsleeplaugh . I was only kid that LOVED school lunches (crumble and lumpy custard! Packed, I was obsessed with cold hotdogs and raw mushrooms.
@adventurousness. Hate to say it, but my school lunch of choice were Lunchables.
@beforeiam35   Bring? I’m Swedish. We had lunch served for free, of course
@McMedia : Same thing every day from the 1st Grade thru High School: PB & J sandwich and a Drakes Cake
@BlkChickOnTour : Sandwich, some type of chip, and some type of fruit. Every damn day! Which is why I would sometimes trade with a friend
@C_Pappas   My fav lunch at school was sloppy joes LOL. Or hot dog and tater tot day!
@myekulis . Can’t remember what I brought, but definitely remember Fri was pizza day with that awful square pizza that was somehow good then!

Q5. What is your favorite holiday tradition passed down from generations in your family? #NUTS
@krazytraveldeal  Night before Thanksgiving we make pies, stuffing & cornbread. Watch Holiday traffic on TV & eat pizza!
@nicoleploehn : I would say the black friday shopping, saturday after with the christmas tree (although i never took it done this year)
@VickyAkins   My Uncle Harvey…oh wait, you said passed DOWN for generations, not passed OUT. Aww.. #Nuts
@tor0706  Movies on Christmas Day!!
@Roopunzel   my grandfather can’t hold a tune but likes to try – his families ‘tunes’ we’ll always laugh at
@RickGriffin . Arrange fake reindeer in the neighbor’s yard to look like they’re mating #NUTS (Family Tradition)
@VitraSin . Lighting diyas (or little clay pots) around the house for#diwali, the biggest hindu festival.
@WhyGoGreece decorating the Christmas Tree ONLY on Christmas Eve

Q6. My first job was _____ #NUTS
@roniweiss . I was an ice hockey referee part-time as a teen. First ‘real’ job was at Domino’s, delivering pizzas.
@1step2theleft . Mergers & Acquisitions in a French Investment Bank. Working sooo much!
@MagellanPR: Secretary to the European boss of The Leading Hotels of the World!
@ehalvey . At Burger King. That muffled noise emanating from the drive thru telling you we don’t have chili? That was me
@clareappleyard  : As a cashier at the local Spar supermarket. Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings – bored me to tears..
@MexicanAtHeartJ  Coat Check girl.. made more money at 14 than I do now
@2Travelaholics  bball coach at a youth bball camp. I was 14. My first real job was a hostess at TGI Fridays. Always fun @ Fridays!
@TravelBlggr   First job EVER was a babysitter. “real” job was a check out girl at Publix. First job out of college was Marketing Coordinator

Q7.  What makes you laugh?  NUTS
@GeneralTours  Just about anything, including myself – hey, I can appreciate self-deprecation! Gotta be able to laugh at yourself
@innalameda . Geez, I haven’t had a good laugh in a looooong time! Maybe because I miss George Carlin
@nicoleploehn   people, stupid people. #nuts. seriously though #jeffdunham will make me laugh no matter how many times i’ve seen the show
@MexicanAtHeartJ   what makes me laugh is how crazy i look trying to keep up with #nuts !! clicking refresh every second and switching tabs
@SJMcKenzie  Most films starring Robin Williams – he’s a real riot.
@poohstraveler   Ppl who are as clumsy as me, like when someone walks into a giant mailbox during #TBEX (cough@adventurousness cough)
@thetripchicks   I Love Lucy, @RickGriffin, @SpudHilton,@globejotter, + some #NUTS tweets make me laugh
@eurapart  The unexpected, zany everyday things that people say or do. Films, economists, politicians, the list is endless.

Q8. My special talent is _____ ? #NUTS
@CruizeCast   My special talent is singing. I know, boring. I can also name every restaurant on Disney property
@TheTrvlPrincess   I can tie cherry stems with my tongue. Someone told me i should put that on my resume
@CocktailDeeva:  X Rated
@roniweiss  Hi, I’m Roni. Have we met? RT @CocktailDeeva: X Rated 😉
@TravelerKate   My special talent is mastering the art of Murphy’s Law
@adventurousness   Got an uncanny sense of direction. Except for when I get lost..
@driftingfocus   Pattern recognition, which has more applications than you could ever imagine
@ilivetotravel   I can make myself invisible
@_NatStar   Hypermobility, super bendy fingers! Really good memory and spelling and grammar

Q9. Craziest, most embarrassing relative you had/have? #NUTS
@WillingFoot . My Grandmother, white afro and still snaps her fingers at servers and yells, “Waitor waitor”
@KitchenMisfit   does my whole family count? I don’t think I can pick just one
@CruizeCast  I have an uncle who was giving psychic advice out of a gas station and has also been known to party with teenagers
@katyabroad   My Great-Great Aunt who lived to be 98, worst-present-buyer ever and always embarrasing in public, but I loved her!
@myTravelingLens  ALL. OF. THEM. They sing karaoke at weddings!
@OnilMNavarroza : I am the one!
@TravelingPerly  .I’ll take d 5th amendment on this one. Inheritance at stake
@ehalvey  . I have a second cousin who owns a Nazi uniform (yikes!!!!!), and several relatives that need censors when they speak.
@TravelerKate:   My wedding is next Sunday…I think I’ll wait to answer that one after I see them handle an open bar

Q10. I started using Twitter because _____ ?
@Roopunzel oh come on??! It’s where the cool kids hang out
@redhunttravel   Because my work forced me to use Twitter.
@MagellanPR  My friend @AceGlobeTrotter forced me to tweet …. and then I began to love Twitter!
@allaboutmexico  Because I wanted to be in with the times & my daughter was doing it
@_NatStar : networking originally, now it’s full of amazing people who have become friends!
@clareappleyard  : Because I’m an entrepreneur and we’ll try anything that’s free
@TravelingPerly . To get away from #Facebook where i know everybody since i was born
@Tweeting_Thom  Started using Twitter because… I hurt my back, was stuck at home and thought, lets check out this twittery thing!
@SJMcKenzie   I was a journalist at the time and it was important that I jump on the bandwagon. Glad I did.
@princessgeeta . So that when Osama is found, a tornado hits Massachusetts & an earthquake hits the East Coast I’ll get the news first. Oh wait…

After Party!
@ehalvey Thanks for the #nuts fun @MagellanPR @VickyAkins@guidetotheworld @KelseyIvey @backpackergurl @clareappleyard@innalameda @jettingaround
@nicoleploehn #nuts was awesome today! so needed that … thanks!
@utravelwithus Thanks for the #NUTS sedation!! it was needed! upset person here spread anger to us all causing foul moods. thanks for bringing me back



photo: Decorative Art collection at National Museums Liverpool.

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