This week’s therapy session theme is Meeting Madness!

We explored, explained and exploited everything to do with meetings, conferences and trade shows.

As always, straight-jacket optional, sense of humor required

Q1. Best/Worst meeting you’ve ever attended #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel A1 I prefer my board meetings on the slopes better still in the bars apres-ski style
@DTNEtiquette A1 Best meeting – on a beach in Barbados!
@_kimrandall A1. Hard to name just one of either, but the best ones are those where the client cuts me a check
@MagellanPR A1 Best meeting – one with all the PRs of @RitzCarlton in NYC- those folks are great fun, very professional & truly
@MarySarahMusic A meeting of the minds with a 1/2 brained person
@McMedia A1: Walked in to a meeting where I knew I was getting a raise and got fired instead. Oops
@GeneralTours A1 – The closing on my house – long, boring, and the other party’s realtor was a total spaz-out throughout the whole thing!
@thetravelfool A1 worked for a company that weekly gathered everyone for a stand up, hand clapping motivational session, wanted to slit my wrists
@jkheaton A1 One of the best, a CLIA #cruise meeting weekend in Miami
@tracycopy @MidlifeRoadTrip A1. Worst- 18 hours in a FREEZING cold room w/ a red-faced maniac screaming at us. Best-NO meeting!
@IanMakay Closing a biz deal & asked her when she was due… She wasn’t pregnant!

Q2. Best place to meet new friends #NUTS
@ZipSetRachel A2. I’ve met tons of people (& my current beau) at a young professionals networking event in my city
@allaboutmexico A2 On the beach, or at a bar. Better still, at a beach bar on vacation.
@katyabroad A2. Some of my now closest real life friends started as social media contacts – who will be next?!
@BoomerangHotels A2: Best place to meet new friends is with#NUTS every Tuesday at 2:30 Central
@latinAbroad A2. Hostels. Specially if you are the only one currently paying to sleep on one of the available hammocks. Great ice breaker
@roniweiss Walking around with a dog makes you new friends… It’d get me to talk to your dog, at least
: A2 Elevators during a power outage
@VagabondList A2: Neighborhood potlucks, BBQs, open houses,
@latinAbroad A2. At the beach. Having big hair and wearing a bikini surely brings attention
@CoupleofSports Q2. Best place to meet new friends? A2. Playing sports! Or doing something else that you enjoy doing (e.g. Tweeting on Tues with #NUTS) –

Q3. Best way to pass the time during a boring meeging #NUTS
@Roopunzel A3: Thank god for smart phones
@MiraCristine doodling pictures
@BroomsRUs 3. Best way to pass the time during a boring meeting #NUTS / I text my prayers to @Jesuswife
@Inga_Ros A3. Daydreaming about exotic destinations
@tracycopy @_kimrandall A3. I revert back to age 14 & pass notes about whomever is leading the meeting. Also, games on phone
@theridingdutch A3 Ferociously feeding on your pen!
@VagabondList A3: Photoshopping Richard Nixon’s face into my friend’s Facebook photos
@NationalPro Tweeting, of course. #donttelltheboss
@NewYorkHabitat A3. Plan your next vacation and daydream about it
@PoshPorts A3 Doodling is my favorite
@thetripchicks A3. Play the alphabet game (write down words speakers say beginning with A thru Z) or daydream about my next #vacation.
@latinAbroad A3. Depends. If I am conducting it, I exaggerate my accent sometimes to spice up the monotony.

Q4. Favorite Meat to eat? (Vegans can share their favorite meat substitute) #NUTS
@MagellanPR A4 – Has to be chicken done in every which way!
@thetravelfool A#4 Ribeye, Medium Cooked, Bacon a close second
@TravelProducer A4 On a RARE occasion, my favorite “meat” is a Corn DOG, like the one I got yesterday at Disneyland.
@kelaussie29 A4 A big honking juicy steak, though I’m a meat fiend nothing beats meat in whatever form it comes – hmmm rare steak nom nom nom
@Banff_Squirrel A4. There is nothing like a freshly grilled dandelion.
@kmgong A4: Peking duck. Or anything drowned in BBQ sauce
@ItsThePlumber A4. Ribs! any kind
@bjohnsonCTA A4. Steak and Lamb top my list
@thetripchicks A4. Grilled #NewZealand tender mutton. #NUTS(forgive me, animal rts activists)
@VitraSin Q4. Favorite Meat to eat? // chicken, but i do love Tofu as well on Vegetarian Mondays.
@HTGlobe A4 – Tempeh for sure….yum yum….loving tempeh bacon right now

Q5. If you could create a mega conference/ festival, what would it be? What would you call it? #NUTS
@roniweiss A5. I’m putting together smaller festivals (@nytravfest @latravfest). Big one? Dunno? Roni Fest? Roni Con? Ideas?
@santafetraveler A5 A celebrations of the gloriousness of women and call it Woman Power Rocks
@fundraisinisfun A5: for the movie: Airplaneapalooza
@kmgong A5: International Foodie Conference (with all you can eat free food!)
@deeboochi A5- Call it “We’ve All Gone #Nuts ” Eating awesome food and drinking awesome drinks for 4 days in Vegas.
@akonthego A5: “NUTS: Unwrapped and Unplugged”
@allaboutmexico A5 Music festival on the beach: think steel drums & hot bods. Think Mexico.
@AgingBackwards A5: The Aging Backwards Extravaganza, of course, LOL!!
@HR_Shield A5. The ultimate #HR conference where fun and education collide!
: A5. The International Bacon, Wine and Chocolate Festival#NUTS

Q6. How/where did you meet your significant other? (or hope to) #NUTS
@VagabondList A6: On a #ski chairlift and our first date was out to BBQ. What a woman!
@tracycopy @_kimrandall A6. He hired me! To design his restaurant’s rack cards & business cards
@_kimrandall A6. It’ll probably happen on @GeekIsSingle or@5minutedate OR #IHaveNoClue
@HTGlobe A6 – We are high school sweethearts:( 7.5 yrs and counting
@BoomerangHotels A6: I always get a lot of “REALLY?” but I met my husband on
@CharThian Q6. If I tell you…I have to kill you.
@Banff_Squirrel Ahh, it was on top of a douglas fir tree. Me-a young rodent, her-a shy owl..
@McMedia A6: We met over a golden retriever
@WillingFoot A6. When I wasn’t looking and so cliche but true#nuts Oh and while traveling!
@TipsyTraveler A6 @ the bar, I dont trust people who dont drink
@akonthego A6: So silly; I met my hubs in Kiwanis. We were the only two people under 60.
@atyabroad A6. Haven’t met him yet, but I did find and lose love in a single day at some ancient ruins in the Andes (not machu picchu)
@travlin_girl A6 @ a concert in DC. I “stalked” him for 3 months until he <finally> asked me out

Q7. Best place to meet someone you want to break up with#NUTS
@katyabroad A7. A park or some other neutral, open space. Where you can quickly run away afterwards
@flyingwithfish RT @HotelPRGuy: Q7. Best place to meet someone you want to break up with #NUTS (Quiet library during study season)
@BroomsRUs RT @_kimrandall: Q7. Best place to meet someone you want to break up with #NUTS / Divorce Court.
@LolaDiMarco A7. Non-public place to avoid making a scene!!! I always feel badly when others cry
@ @AgoodTimewWine: Mall food court. Buy her a slushie at least
@JasonPromotesU A7 A very busy night club
@bjohnsonCTA A7. BestBuy… lots of cameras
@Cardinaltravel A7 A strip club
: A7 In front of the police station!

Q8. Best/Worst city for a conference/trade show #NUTS
@AgoodTimewWine Best, SF (wine, ocean, food), worst ChiTown (cold, traffic)
@roniweiss A8. There are lots of conf/trade shows in NYC… I have a really good snarky comment that I think some people could guess at re: bad
@WindowSeatapp A8. Best=Vegas Worst=Bakersfield
@allaboutmexico A8 Best: big cities like Paris, NY where there’s plenty to do. Worst: UTAH.
@Cardinaltravel A8 Best Ft Lauderdale or Vegas. Worst Gary Indiana
@thetripchicks A8. Zurich + Frankfurt are darned well-organized, I’d say.
@VegasBiLL RT @CharThian: A8 NewOrleans(Best)/NorthPole(Worst)
@RockTique Best: Seussville / Worst: Atlantis (kinda hard to breathe)
@@MagellanPR: A8 – London, NY, Paris, Palm Springs …. Riviera Maya …..Tahiti MonteCarlo !!!

Q9. Best food you’ve ever had at a meeting #NUTS
@WindowSeatapp A9. I’m easy…pizza.
@kmgong A9: Black forest cake. Needless to say, productivity took a nosedive
@CharThian Q9. Liquid Lunch.
@JasonPromotesU A9 Sushi
@MiraCristine donuts
@tracycopy @VickyAkins A9. Best food was the open bar pouring a fabulous Zinfandel. Oh yeah & there was some Mexican food
@91Sheep A9 Little samosas
@sonomawineguy Q9. Best food you’ve ever had at a meeting A9. Possum jerky. Anything with slug intestines. Skittles
@thetripchicks A9. The heavenly #Switzerland spread (incl. cheeses, air-dried thin beef + #chocolate) at Lucerne tourism event
@lindsayfranke@jkheaton: Q8. Best food you’ve ever had at a meeting #NUTS” free food! Usually company events at restaurants or clubs are the best!
@peoplefw A9 chocolate. always #chocolate and #NUTS

Q10. Most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced or witnessed at a meeting #NUTS
@HTGlobe A10 – Someone with toilet paper hanging out of their pants which was connected to their….bum:S
@thetravelfool A#10 very somber meeting someone farted, no it wasn’t me but I was laughing my ass off
@allaboutmexico A10 Person fell asleep & snoring loudly, everyone too embarrassed to wake him
@RickGriffin A10. I spilled tea on my khaki pants just before getting up to speak – looked like I wet my pants
@Cardinaltravel A10 presenters naughty email from his wife was open when he plugged into the AV equipment!
@travel_version A10. Clueless presenters when their supervisor is around.
@GDARCYRYAN A10. Someone sneezing out a huge chunk of tomato onto the table. (lunch didn’t even have any!)
@JackFerriter RT @_kimrandall: Q10. Most embarrassing thing you’ve experienced or witnessed at a meeting #NUTS / Eating spoonful of wasabi!
@WindowSeatapp A10. Nervous crotch grabbing by the presenter. Gross!
@RockTique Q10: Being a class A putz, I could write a novel.. I’ll read others misfortunes on this one

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