Special Thanks to this weeks Guest Therapists:

Q1. What’s the best prank you ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you?  
@MagellanPR: A1 Someone told me my car had been towed (they moved it and kept quiet for hours!
@akonthego: A1: Told my sleepwalking sis she was late for school. But it was midnight. Thus started our tenuous relationship
@roniweiss: A1. I will never forget the sting of when I put a toothpaste smile on my butt to moon someone on his birthday
@Thesuss: @MidlifeRoadTrip A1. Just one “best prank”?Seriously? My most predictable is the mailing lists people end up on when they move
@RickGriffin: A1. As a groomsman, I once exchanged the royal blue the bowties and cumberbunds for a wedding party for teal green ones
@InglesDietitian: @RickGriffin taped her office phone down 2 handset. Also lowered chair by 3
@@KennethDurden rt: A1. Best prank every pulled on my was my first marriage. I still don’t think it’s funny. D’oh!
@ExpertVagabond: A1. Dressed as scarecrow w/ carved pumpkin head + candle, grabbed hand of kids when they took candy from bowl on Halloween
@ElayneBoosler: Best Prank Hotel maid wld not respct Do Nt Dstrb So I covered me in ketchp, held knife 2 my chest on floor & waited

Q2. The funniest show I ever saw?
@akonthego: A2: Blazing Saddles
@BruceSallan: The funniest show I ever saw was THE Andy Kaufman in Hollywood – the famous “Milk and Cookies” tour! WILD!
@MagellanPR: A2 Funniest shows for me are still Monty Python and Fawlty Towers (classics that don’t age) – love Ministry of Funny Walk
@la_loquita:: Q2. The funniest show I ever saw? #Nuts // Bill Cosby “Himself” i’ve never laughed so hard in all my life
@knowtheplace: A2. Upright Citizens Brigade improv group! Q2. The funniest show I ever saw?
@travelerkate: A2: Arrested Development or Reno 911. I’m a sucker for ensemble comedies
@eurapart: A2. ” Not the nine o’clock news” Especially the “Come home to a real fire advert” #NUTS or Rowan Atkinson’s Zak the alien.
@nycparamount: #NUTS A2 we have to go with Friends! The entire cast hysterical!

Q3. Which twitter friends are so funny they make you spew your drink out of your nose? Why?
@akonthego: A3: Oh dear God, for sure the Squirrel @Banff_Squirrel and@MalloryOnTravel . Hey, where is Squirrel? #NUTS is his thang.
@akonthego: @BruceSallan Well now, you are a given. 🙂 #NUTS pals
@RickGriffin: A3. @ElayneBoosler, @Banff_Squirrel @la_loquita and @mobilelawyeroften make me spew my drink out of my nose
@eurapart: A3. Some folks called @banff_squirrel @banffrocks @rickgriffin@Roniweiss @kymri @mobilelawyer @malloryontravel God I’m easily amused 

Q4. Something that always makes me laugh is…
@LaughNYC: A4. Spewing milk out of my nose
@eurapart: RT @mcmedia: Q4. Something that always makes me laugh is… #NUTS
@LauriStruve: Q4. stupid jokes. ie… what do you call a hippie’s wife? MIssissippi
@aadhuu: A4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or any other Douglas Adams books for that matter
@AFarrell09: As a little girl the word fart always cracked me up. Still kinda does.
@reazonozaer: A4 surgical shows make me laugh because everyone knows people’s insides are glitter, cotton candy, and marshmallows
@McMedia: A4: Nothing brings on a good old fashioned belly laugh like a fart machine in an elevator
@MyIslandArtJeff: A4 Blacksocks on the beach

Q5. You’re a fool if you don’t  ______at least once
@aadhuu: A5. live
@moimessouliers: @eurapart @tweetmetv Q5. You’re a fool if you don’t TRAVEL THE WORLD at least once
@WriterChick47: A5. Do something that scares the bejeezus outta you, at least once
@gr8ful4dmb: A5 ” laugh at yourself daily ”
@LaughNYC: A5. You’re a fool if you don’t spoon a cat at least once
@corduroy08: A5. spend the night on a deserted beach
@MagellanPR: A5 – You’re a fool if you don’t go ballooning at least once #nuts(loved it although scared of heights!)
@gmfriedrich: Dance on a bar!
@innalameda: A5. “say no!”
@reazonozaer: A5 You’re a fool if you don’t yodel at least once!
@aadhuu: A5. make yourself look like a fool?
@akonthego: A5: Oh, no, wait. I know. Spew milk out of your nose in front of people
@Chimeratravel: A5: Let yourself fall in love. Also, chase a dream b/c it’s outside of your comfort zone
@tripletsfan19: A5. eat liver & onions (mom said so)

Q6. Funniest movie ever made was…
@allaboutmexico: A6 Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.
@MiraCristine: National Lampoon’s Vacation
@BruceSallan: @McMedia – A6 – Something About Mary – the first real gross-out movie!
@gmfriedrich: Animal House-inspired me to go to college!
@corduroy08: A6. You know what… no! It’s got to be Starship Troopers! “They sucked his brains out!” and “Make it twenty minutes”
@ElayneBoosler: Funniest movie ever: Original 2B or Not 2B. Also, Keaton “The Cameraman”
@SteveBrogan: @cookiesommelier A6 Any Inspector Clouseau starring Peter Sellers
@tripletsfan19: A6. Meet the Parents – Focker
@RickGriffin: A5. Young Frankenste
@MalloryOnTravel: RT@WriterChick47: A6. Not a movie, but does anyone else like Little Britain as much as I do? #Nuts <No because it is a serious documentary!
@akonthego: A6: Wait, what about Spaceballs? “Dark Helmet” and “Ham Sandwich” and all those guys?

Q7. My spouse/significant other alway tries to trick me into…
@MiraCristine: watching sports
@MagellanPR: A7 …. being designated driver on a good night ou
@BruceSallan: @akonthego – buying her something – and then I get a pie! RAW DEAL!
@LaughNYC: My wife waves her hand and says “you don’t want to watch Tv”…next thing, I’m shopping
@RickGriffin: A7. filling her car up with gas
@kennethdurden: A7. Giving a massage.
@DotDraper: Making dinner
@allaboutmexico: A7 Opening a bottle of wine

Q8. What’s the funniest adventure you’ve ever been on?
@LauriStruve: A 8 a trail ride when we got lost looking for the trail head, good thing I can back a trailer!
@la_loquita: RT @akonthego: Q8. What’s the funniest adventure you’ve ever been on? #NUTS // LIFE and its not over!!
@akonthego: A8: They’re all funny when my husband and son go along.
@CelticTours: A8 parenthood
@Sarahholvik: Roadtrip from Edmonton to Vancouver, forgot friend in Jasper!
@InAForeignLand: A8: Road trip in Iceland & ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Icelandic guy found us & kept talking about ASS (ash) in the air
@sillyamerica: A8 I took a 3-day road trip without leaving Illinois searching for weird roadside attractions!
@McMedia: A8: I would be remiss if I didn’t say @midliferoadtrip
@MalloryOnTravel: A8. Rugby tours were often a little rowdy adventures #NUTS what happens on tour stays on tour!
@eurapart: A8 Collecting and transporting a 12 foot long Christmas tree with a Mk1 Mini

Q9.  Weirdest talent I’ve ever heard of was…
@WriterChick47: A.9 A guy who can drink milk & squirt it out of his eyes. That’s just wrong & how does one discover they have this talent?
@akonthego: A9: Guy in my Rotary club gives concerts via hand farts. Lovely, especially since he’s in his 60’s
@MalloryOnTravel: A9. Contortionists always seem weird to me, though still searching through the personals for a female one
@worldschooled: A9 I tied a bow with my feet! Took lots of practice!
@LaughNYC: A9 Someone that can, on demand, makes snot bubbles
@gmfriedrich: Large knife swallowing. How do you even begin?
@corduroy08: A9. When my mate is too drunk to stand, his girlfriend can stand him up, unzip him, and aim for the toilet better than he can sober
@RickGriffin: A9. I prefer useful talents like belching the alphabet to weird talents
@McMedia: A9: This guy claps as loud as a helicopter http://bit.ly/dLldwd
@grammakaye: A9 weirdest talent seen: full eyeball pop out, whee, lil creepy 2! Yikes

Q10.  Activity you would recommend for a friend who needs a laugh?
@kymri: A10. um, joining #NUTS twitter party sure to bring a laugh! 🙂
@BruceSallan:- A10 – read this transcript and join in next time!
@RickGriffin: A10. Karaoke or jell-o wrestling
@MagellanPR: A10 – joining a Twitter chat … always madness involved and smiles
@allaboutmexico: A10 Watch any Monty Python film
@Chimeratravel: A10: Hanging out with good friends almost never fails to get me laughing!
@knowtheplace: A10. I took a pole dancing class once and my friends laughed at me.
@JackietheArtsy: A10. Play with a toddler
@LATravelWriter: A10 Giggle contest with any 5-yr-old
@eurapart: A10. Tell him you can make lot’s of money blogging.

After Party
@kennethdurden: #NUTS now it’s time for me to go see my real therapist. HA!
@beforeiam35: #NUTS was awsome, as always! thanks!
@MalloryOnTravel: thanks for the laughs my totally #NUTS friends always the best of times 🙂
@LewisPoretz: my first time lurking in –>> #nuts
@tor0706: SO FUNNNNN #NUTS
@aadhuu: From #NUTS to #TTOT. I love Tuesday nights
@LATravelWriter: Thanks for the laughs all you #NUTS
@LewisPoretz: I have rediscovered my home stream … @KnowThePlace #nuts
@Chimeratravel: Any way I try to say tx for the #NUTS fun, it comes out wrong so I’ll just say it!
@Roopunzel: Got in just for the end, but reading some of the tweets cracks me up – ur all #NUTS!!!

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