Q1. Favorite ‘cheesy’ movie/book #NUTS
@Quipidity  Grease
@allaboutmexico  Anything with Miley Cyrus
@HennArtOnline  Who Moved My Cheese!
@RickGriffin  Howard the Duck
@seemytravels   Flashdance
@ilivetotravel I tend not to favorite cheesy movies… But “no one messes with Baby” from Dirty Dancing always makes me laugh – cheesiest line
@LikeList  gotta be The Princess Bride. cast. classic one-liners.
@la_loquita   – Say Anything, John Cusack

Q2. The best/worse picture you ever took #NUTS
@jbranigan  I get lots of photos of grass, because my dog moves too fast to capture
@PatriciaRossi  Sitting on a donkey holding a plundger because my brothers dared me to
@Shrimp13  If you mean picture of me, no contest sophomore high school yearbook pic
@GeneralTours  – Made a (male) buddy of mine pose as Athena in front of a statue (same pose, of course!) in Rome for a picture… amusingly bad..
@producergirl the best picture I ever took: #NUTShttp://t.co/Kn32jCso
@CoupleofSports. Best: Balloon Fiesta– we won a photo contest
@McMedia : I’m a looker bit.ly/pfjlTA
@VitraSin . all pics in junior high & HS…i was (am) a dork and not afraid to admit it.

Q3. Build the perfect grilled cheese sandwich #NUTS
@LikeList  sliced sourdough, cheddar, grilled shrooms & onions, spinach, sliced tomato, all organic/orgasmatron!
@MalloryOnTravel Baguette with boursin spread thickly, grilled peppered steak, sliced leerdaamer, bacon & sliced smoked cheese
@wildjunketeer. Goat cheese, tomato and basil pesto, on rye! YUM!
@kymri. it’s gotta have sliced tomatoes like they do in UK. Speaking of, my Welsh heritage is screaming at me to say Welsh Rarebit! YUM!
@MagellanPR Has to be a Croque Monsieur – anywhere in Paris but preferably Left Bank – with glass of red wine by side
@LolaDiMarco: Basil, tomato, cheese, BACON!
@LoisMarketing Thick artisan bread or sliced baguette with butter, sharp cheddar and maybe also asiago cheese and sliced tomato
@JeanetteJoy Best Grilled Cheese: Crossant, turrkey, provolone, fresh cranberry walnut sauce, Pannini
@chadschomber  Sourdough/pepato/cajun mayo cut diagonal served w/tomato slices/pickle

Q4. Cheesiest tourist attraction you’ve ever visited #NUTS
@TheTrvlPrincess  Cheesy & Creepy. South of the border. oh so creepy
@PatriciaRossi  The Big Ball of Twine
@JLewBoston  Graceland in Nashville but I do love Elvis!]\
@lindsayfranke the Rocky footprints, PA and the butter cow @ the Ohio State Fair
@jbranigan  I’d say THE WORLD’S ONLY CORN PALACE in N. Dakota ranks right up there http://t.co/Pn1nojrC
@TravelApprentce – Niagara Falls… the falls are amazing, but the city a tacky fun-house of crappy tourist gimmicks, sad really.
@JackFerriter  Dinosaur Museum in Granby, MA was a bag of bones!
@azurelaroux. The 4 foot talking mushroom at a German theme park

Q5. Best destination for cheese lovers #NUTS
@lionsandcows  Viva la France
@lapearce   Tillamook Oregon!
@CaptainandClark  . Although the best cheese is Cougar Gold made and sold in Washington state. It is to die for
@jbranigan .  I have to go with Ireland for ALL dairy products. Their cows pump out cream!!
@beforeiam35  Alps. SO. MUCH. CHEEEEESE!
@2Travelaholics  whoop whoop Wisconsin… or any Whole Foods
@miltonsbaking:  France, Italy, or Bristol Farms grocery store
@susanborst  Great cheese – Grand Central Station Murray’s is easier to get to than France!

Q6. The cheesiest reality show on TV is.. #NUTS
@LoriMoreno My answer is ANY “Real Housewives of Anywhere”
@KirkCole   the bachelor
@2Travelaholics   Wipeout. Really, how stupid.
@driftingfocus  It’s no longer on, but the worst I ever saw was called “Farmer Wants A Wife”. Um, yeah
@Quipidity Yep I’d agree definitely Jersey Shore
@LoisMarketing  OMg… The Kardashians
@JeanetteJoy:  When Vacations Attack
@ehalvey Toddlers and Tiaras is more scary than cheesy.

Q7. Your favorite cheese and accompanying beverage #NUTS
@allaboutmexico  Stilton & Port
@eatsleeplaugh . cheddar and branston sandwich and a big mug of tea …classy
@MiraCristine wine & brie
@2Travelaholics  – Goat cheese and red wine
@beforeiam35 : gruyere and red wine
@PatriciaRossi Cheese Whiz and Ritz Crackers and RC Cola
@MagellanPR  Runny strong brie with a glass of red wine … ummmmm
@Celebrate1812  Dublin Cheddar – and back to that Amarone. Yum
@WillingFoot . I love a good Brie and a crisp cold glass of Rose

Q8. Your favorite addition to gourmet mac & cheese #NUTS
@BespokeTravels  Bacon
@GuestHouseIntl  Sounds weird but spicy Rotel! It adds a kick and great flavor!
@VisitSeminole  A fork and a plate. Let’s eat.
@gtrot  Chili, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers! Mmmm
@DonaldBond Smoked Grilled Chicken
@LolaDiMarco  Lobster!!! Delish
@Tweeting_Thom  A lot, and. Mean a LOT, of Parmesan
@TravelerKate  Truffle oil in mac and cheese in amazing. Add some sun dried tomatoes and garlic, and I drool

Q9. Cheesiest pick-up line you’ve ever heard/used #NUTS
@GeneralTours I think my favorites pick-up line is still “Nice shoes, wanna f***?” So simple and elegant!
.1.)Does this napkin smell like chloroform? 2.)Can I buy you a drink or
do you just want the money? 3.)Well, here I am. What were your other
two wishes?
@mwyche2  Damn you must be tired, cuz you been running threw my mind all day long
@LCHadfield  ‘Do I know you? I’d sure like to’
@roniweiss . “Are you Roni Weiss?” followed by eye flutter. Get a new one, ladies.
@Shrimp13  Do you have a little Italian in you? Would you like to?
@TheHostelLife  Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.
@RickGriffin  Lets play carpenter. First we get hammered, then I’ll nail you

Q10. What word/phrase always makes you smile #NUTS
@jkheaton:  Hello beautiful
@la_loquita  its time for #nuts
@CertifiedSteak . Surf and Turf!
@NoFFnyc . Dream but don’t daydream
@ilivetotravel “Sir, we need to see some ID” when buying alcohol. (Course, it hasnt happened lately…)

@TravelingEditor How about “You’re getting sent on a press/blog trip”? 😉

@MisterHirsch Don’t let your crocodile mouth bite your hummingbird ass.

@kymri Woof and wagging tail.

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