Q1. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without______  #NUTS   
@TravelProducer  Stating the OBVIOUS: The Mayflower, Pilgrims & Native American Indians.
@VitraSin  friends, family, mashed potatoes, stuff, and pie!
@thecitizeNY   someone at the table unzipping their pants
@2Travelaholics  family, football and a day off work!
@myekulis  . Tofurkey! (shout-out to all my fellow veggies/semi-veggies!)
@allaboutmexico   Without all the drama!
@GreenGlobalTrvl:  Without stuffing myself so full of fatty Southern foods that I need a wheelbarrow to get to the car
@azurelaroux  It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without at least family member having a melt down!

Q2. Best excuse to get away from the in-laws to go watch football #NUTS
@dancinggirlie   tell them you have to work but not really haha
@ehalvey: . Screw football, bring on the marathons of shows on the the Travel Channel
@TrilogyGlass  “We’re out of wine”
@HennArtOnline  Pretend you’re going to bathroom for a long one!
@KatrinaMauro   Excuse me, you mean best way to get the fam to do something OTHER than watch football? flip switch on fuse box.
@tracycopy @jkheaton  Aunt Shirley’s famous Jello mold isn’t sitting right!
@CoupleofSports  . You write a blog about sports…it’s for work
@DTNEtiquette    I have found wine/alcohol works well to keep in-laws smiling & content!

Q3. What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled for Thanksgiving #NUTS
@MiraCristine  South Korea maybe
@ZipSetAndrea  Living in Brussels, traveled home to Ohio
@MalloryOnTravel     from the chair to the wine cabinet and back for tonights Thanksgiving
@CaptainandClark   Not very far..but we had family visit us in Korea for last year’s Thanksgiving. Quite the treat
@jkheaton   Either FAM trip to Germany or to the in-laws in California. Both #NUTS
@KelseyIvey  To Italy. Spent Thanksgiving in Rome eating pasta and drinking #wine with friends a few years ago.
@ehalvey  . I was in Dublin for Thanksgiving one year, my roomie’s family traveled from New Hampshire to celebrate with us.
@SpudHilton  Grenada. No turkey, just conch fritters
@NaturesWells:  From the table to the toilet!

Q4. Best recipe for leftover turkey #NUTS
@TravelMaestro  Got to be Hot Browns (created by the Brown Hotel, Louisville) http://t.co/578aAe7B open faced sandwich w/ Mornay sause & bacon. YUM
@thetravelmav  Turkey Sangas!
@heliyes Turkey, Corn and Barley chowder (Chow dah)
@allaboutmexico   Turkey Curry
@MamaRitaMary  . Leftover turkey ALWAYS goes into a big pot of tortilla soup. Canned tomatoes already on pantry shelf waiting. A Family fav!!!
@AustinKVS @McMedia Ooh! Oooh! On ciabatta, layer roast turkey with a thin layer of cream cheese, bacon, green apple, and romaine. Yum.
@JesusWife: Turkeyloaf–to feed the multitudes.
@HennArtOnline: Deep fried then smothered with Bourbon soaked cranberries topped w/bacon!

Q5. New Twitter friends you met THIS year that you’re thankful for #NUTS
@TravelProducer  So thankful to have tweeted up with@LoriMoreno @RickGriffin   @McMedia @VickyAkins @WellnessTraveland so many more in 2011
@GEATuchCheryl Definitely @gracenote!
@mygo2it   Everyone that has made me laugh…you know who you are
@HennArtOnline So many but the #nuts grp 4sure!
@TravelingPerly  .All my @whitehouse/twitter-townhall-tweetup i met in person during d twitter town hall with President@BarackObama at d @whitehouse
@AustinKVS @ZipSetAndrea @ZipSetRachel @MalloryOnTravel@jylmomIF @TroyPattee are more new tweeps I’m thankful for.

Q6. I don’t care where I am on TDay as long as I am with…  #NUTS
@TravelBlggr  . My fiance @DrivenByPete
@ZipSetRachel  Pumpkin Pie! … and my parents & brother
@tracycopy  . My bottle of red Zinfandel!
@thetravelmav   all my faculties
@ZipSetAndrea   A great bottle of wine…wait that sounds bad
@ContikiLauren  : A bottle of wine and…. no wait, that’s it
@1Dad1Kid    My loved ones. Tigger says: My daddy!
@amandaelsewhere   Leonardo Dicaprio

Q7. What’s your best/worst Black Friday experience? #NUTS
@GreenGlobalTrvl  STAYING HOME! I do it every year, works great for me.
@TravelMaestro   I don’t usually shop in the Black Friday frey, but 1 yr Mom insisted we go to an outlet mall. Took 1hr just to park
@McMedia   Best: Eating leftovers and ordering online
@thecitizeNY  Shopping Black Friday is a blood sport, so I don’t.
@jkheaton   . I used to work in retail for a time, in a mall. Need I say more? #worst
@LoisMarketing LOL — My only Black Friday experience was working one! Thankfully only one! And three women breaking through the door glass!
@RickGriffin   Worst experience was forgetting to report the credit cards stolen before my wife went shopping
@kitwhelan:  Best: laying in a blanket cocoon watching movies in my PJs, shopping online.

Q8. Most memorable trip or Thanksgiving #NUTS
@BroomsRUs  To the hospital — sister-in-law went into labor during Thanksgiving dinner.
@KelseyIvey   Family reunion in Wyoming – over 200 family members, 10 turkeys & so much pie + snowmobiling!
@Reserve123   Driving to my aunt’s. We were all stuck there for hours. haha But I loved hanging out with my grandma.
@TravelerKate   I would have to say Hawaii-even though the meal was a miss (seriously, no mashed potatoes or turkey!?) eating by the ocean was #NUTS
@LuxeTiffany  Thanksgiving in Turks and Caicos. Turkey on the beach!
@TheTravelfool  My first Thanksgiving with the troops in Afghanistan 2004
@la_loquita   drove all night to get to ohio 2 years ago, made it in time to carve the turkey, exhausting but great
@wildjunketeer  1st time I cooked dinner 4 the whole family, including my x-MIL!

Q9. Favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving Day #NUTS
@Paulynesian   Having a Crab Feed instead of the traditional Turkey
@BamaGretch   Eat, drink, nap, repeat.
@TravelBlggr . Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Love it! Gets me into the holiday spirit. Would love to see it LIVE one day!
@GuestHouseIntl  Put up the Christmas tree with my family
@jkheaton:  Send photos of food to @MalloryonTravel as he is blowing off Mum
@innalameda   . Play games, especially Scrabble!#ilovescrabble Training grand-daughter for future partner!
@gracenote:   Hang out with my family, watch football, listen to holiday music, feast, nap, eat again
@ACarlton:   Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while cooking! Eating loads of food, feeling guilty, going for a walk to get over the shame. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while cooking! Eating loads of food, feeling guilty, going for a walk to get over the shame.

Q10. Worst Thanksgiving dinner disaster #NUTS
@ehalvey  My Grandma’s cole slaw: cabbage, marshmallow fluff, carrots, pineapple chunks, and God knows what else.
@amorojewelry When the cat jumped on the counter (with the turkey) when my parents left the room
@TheTravelfool   My Aunt who lived on a Ranch cooked her first store bird and left the plastic bag of parts inside
@GreenGlobalTrvl   Last year my extended family decided to do a Mexican-style Thanksgiving dinner (i.e. NO TURKEY). Never again!!!
@fearfulgirl:   Maggots in the salad. Father in law ate a maggot in a display of Latin machismo.
@BamaGretch  Spilled red wine on mom’s antique tablecloth
@NaturesWells  The $4.99 all you can eat buffet.
@TravelingPerly . A guest of d family got so drunk n became uncontrollable.Very embarrassing
@PoeticLotion  Dad used cranberry sauce in the gravy.#NoOneKnowsWhy #Ick

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