latinAbroad Dancing as #Shakira as I anxiously await for #NUTS to begin

statweestics: #nuts is getting popular, +700% the last hour :

Q1 . What’s your favorite scary movie/book/story? #NUTS

malloryontravel: A1 Garfield ……… it is about a talking cat for heavens sake! #nuts

2Travelaholics: A1 – Books can be scarier than movies because you’re imagining the scene yourself. And your imagination can really take off #NUTS

TheTrvlPrincess: Stephen King creeps me out!

amydostafford: Add Jersey Shore to the list! RT @latinabroad @TravelProducer: A1 Scariest TV Show: Keeping Up with the Kardashians #NUTS

_NatStar: A1: The Ring, I hate that freaky Samara climbing through the tv #NUTS

shrimp13: A1 Movie The Shining, Book; IT & Story; that campfire story with the claw #nuts

Velcro108 A1. Blair Witch Project. (Before I knew it was fake) #NUTS

kristiemacris: A1: STUDENT BODIES (love this campy slasher flick)


Q2. Best costume you’ve ever seen. Picture? #NUTS

2Travelaholics: A2 – Any pug in a costume. But this one’s awesome: #NUTS

RickGriffin: A2. I love this costume #NUTS

familyfoodie: #NUTS A2.This is one of the most clever costumes by @jimjosephexp “little white lies” I just wish I could see the back

MalloryOnTravel: A2 This is pretty scary #nuts

la_loquita: A2 me in the morning!!!!! #imighthaveforgottensomething #NUTS

kelseyivey: A2. Little Conquistador. Spotted this cutey yesterday! #NUTS

TauckAgent: A2. Best Costume photo – we are in CT with snow! UI is our electric service..#nuts

JeanetteJoy: Q2. Best costume #NUTS Wish the photo showed the tops of their heads. Medusa (7 snakes) and the open brain

amydostafford: A2 My girlfriend dressed her french bulldog as a chia pet. Exact replica!! #NUTS

RT @kymri A2 one year I was a bagpipe and my boyfriend (at the time) was a Scotsman 😉 We won at the pub! #NUTS

TravelMaestro: A2 Mad kitty #NUTS

kitwhelan: A2 Love this Peter Pan & Rufio from #SDCC! #NUTS

ToursDeMornay: A2: How about this one? #NUTS

kitwhelan: A2 Love this Peter Pan & Rufio from #SDCC! #NUTS


Q3. Ever experienced a ‘ghostly’ encounter? What happened? #NUTS

xcomglobal: A3. Never experienced a ghostly encounter. I do avoid looking into mirrors late at night. #nuts

CaptainandClark: A3. Our hotel in New Orleans was supposedly haunted. We’d wake up a various hrs to the lights flickering. Ooooh #NUTS #oldhotel

ehalvey:  Not ghostly, but I did see a UFO in South Carolina. #NUTS

la_loquita:  i had a conversation with my grandfather in my dining room – we talked for about 10 mins…. a week after he’d died… #NUTS

HennArtOnline: Yes ghost orbs in my photos!

tracycopy:  Yes. Fluorescent Tube light bulbs flew across our garage & shattered against the opposite wall! #NUTS

Banff_Squirrel: A3: I’ve got friends who turn into ghosts when the cheque arrives… #NUTS

bjohnsonCTA: A3. Ever seen the night crew at 7-11?… #nuts

redhunttravel:  had a freaky Ouiji board experience. Tried to summon a spirit and a light bulb exploded when we asked for a ‘sign’. #NUTS

jkheaton: My old house was over 100 years old, was grabbed from behind and was home alone. Creepy. #nuts

@jbranigan: A3 #NUTS Guests ask if our 1888 Mansion is haunted. It isn’t, but we offer to provide a ghost for an addition $50/night.


Q4. You’re going to haunt someone, who will you choose? #NUTS

silvermaneman: A4: I would like to be a poltergeist whose only job is to sneak up on Trump and mess with his hair. #NUTS

kymri: A4. I would probably haunt my dogs….just to drive my husband crazy 😉 #NUTS

HennArtOnline: Klout!? 🙂

Kitchenista2: My exBF :::that dumped me for the *#@# across the street #NUTS

_NatStar: A4: School bullies #NUTS

Quipidity: A4 the biatch that really annoys me at work (did I say that outloud?) #nuts

gtrot: A4: Matt Lauer as he starts “Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?” so we’ll always know where he is! #NUTS

azurelaroux: A4: I’d haunt my husband and kids. They’d get a kick out of that. #nuts

akonthego: A4: I’d haunt @MalloryOnTravel. Because I really want to see what he does all day….#NUTS

TravellingDays: A4. Hmmm…Where’s my little black book…#Nuts

BamaGretch: My dad. He doesn’t believe in ghosts

MisterHirsch: RT @vegasbill: Q4. If you’re going to haunt someone, who will you choose? #NUTS <— A4. Where do I begin. #longlist #nuts


Q5. You’re designing a haunted house, whats in it? #NUTS

CharlesMcCool: A5. exact replica of house from Nothing But Trouble #NUTS

@lynnslasttimes: A5: Joan Rivers #NUTS #Nuts

PortholeCruise: A5: Chainsaws. Lots of chainsaws. The sound drives me #NUTS

xcomglobal: A5. A room full of mirrors #nuts

KelseyIvey: A5. Trapped doors, secret passageways and stairs to heaven #NUTS

allaboutmexico: A5 A hologram with scary dead people in every room #nuts

TravelBlggr: A5. All suspense … no gore. OR I make it all food related. No haunts, just yummy themed treats. =) #NUTS

alexandraeh: A5: real people that pop out and grab you.. and then pick you up and carry you away (ideally you’re flailing, screaming, & terrified) #nuts

GeneralTours: A5 – The cast from Jersey Shore? They scare the cr*p out of me! #NUTS

@kristiemacris: A5. Vegan bacon and bad wine! #hauntedhouse #nuts

KelseyIvey: a5. A sweet secret roller coaster like in Casper that leads to a chocolate/wine sanctuary! #NUTS


Q6. What scares you the most? #nuts

Banff_Squirrel: A6: Tweeting when I meant to do a DM. That and hitting “Reply All” #nuts

worldgetaways: a6 the girl on guitar outside the local liquor store – it’s a community consensus! #nuts

lynnslasttimes: A6. Spinning classes. #Nuts

mwyche2: RT Being submerged!!

kitwhelan: A6 Losing my loved ones. And werewolves. #NUTS

roniweiss: A5. Piles of real, rotting dead bodies. #nuts

50Plus: Losing our health and independence — it’s a top worry of #seniors. #NUTS

reneedobbs: A6. Bugs  #nuts

GQtrippin: A6. Clowns. They’re evil. #NUTS

azurelaroux: A6: The thought of Kim Khardashian’s next wedding. #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage #nuts

ehalvey: A6. Things with more than 4 legs, suspension bridges, ignorance. #NUTS

xcomglobal: A6. Getting stuck in line behind an extreme couponer #nuts #NUTS

LandingStanding: A6: A meal without dessert

OneBrownGirl: Calamity; the unpredictability of nature.


Q7. What is your favorite Halloween treat? #NUTS

MalloryOnTravel: A7 halle berry but she can trick me into anything anytime #nuts

LoriMoreno: Is #NUTS a valid answer? LOL

solepurposebks: A7: Just pass me the chocolate and no one gets hurt…. #NUTS

mmWine: Good #wine (see a trend?)

TravelApprentce: A7 – Rockets candy, a classic! #nuts

bigbearswife: Butterfingers!

ehalvey: A7. 3 Musketeers. Or Milky Ways. #NUTS

lindsey_epperly: A7: hershey bars 🙂 #nuts #halloween


Q8. A destination you found to be ‘spiritual’ #NUTS

@momsofamerica: Q8. A destination you found to be ‘spiritual’ #NUTS >> Yellowstone National Park–Love hiking to Morning Glory Pool

McMedia: A8: Rancho La Puerta #nuts

@akonthego A8: This place. Hallo Bay Bear camp. Just me, bears, and the Great Spirit. #NUTS

olepurposebks: A8: Scotland, hands down. #NUTS

CertifiedSteak: Definitely the pyramids!

NancyDonnelly: Snowshoeing in 20 ft of snow in the Valley of the Phantoms in Saguenay, Quebec #nuts

MiltonsBaking: A8: Napa Valley is full of “spirits”

Q9. Describe the best Halloween party you ever attended. #NUTS

generaltours: A9 – I was in late teens, 4 numerous ethical/legal reasons, that is ABSOLUTELY ALL I can tell you! Great party! 😉 #NUTS

KatrinaMauro: A9. My moms are best..makes a human sized web around yard…each string has a gift at end..every1 climbs through strings to get prizes #NUTS

MomsofAmerica:  #NUTS || dont remember…ws a little ghoul at the time : ))

kymri: A9. stand-out memory of best Halloween party was a SKA-themed everyone had to wear black/white and the Untouchables played in LA #NUTS


Q10. One fear you’ve conquered or would most like to conquer #NUTS

ViewOnTravel: A10. Heights. I like to tell myself I’ll go bungee jumping or sky diving one day, and then I feel ill #NUTS

McMedia: A10: Flying #nuts

VIckyAkins: A10. Public speaking! Gonna end that one November 9th OR I’ll face my fear of fainting in front of a crowd. Win/Win, right? 🙂 #Nuts

JesusWife: My fear of fear itself. #nuts

ZipSetRachel: escalators – conquered quickly once I started frequenting airports

roniweiss: A10. Diving really freaked me out at first, but I pushed through. #Belize #nuts

TravelProducer: Hey, Sista! I did THAT too! RT @LolaDiMarco: @roniweiss A10. Moving to NYC with no place to live, no set job & one way ticket! #Nuts

ehalvey: A10. Giant suspension bridges. Makes driving places a bit difficult. #NUTS

RobertKCole: A10 Still fear participating in weekly #NUTS chat

RickGriffin: Thanks for the Therapy y’all! #NUTS #GroupHug

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