Q1. My favorite Breakfast is… #NUTS
@allaboutmexico  Scrambled eggs w/ onions, tomatoes & spinach. Yum.
@Shrimp13   What I usually eat is a piece of fruit but my fave is eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, biscuits and gravy
@bigbearswife  Chicken Biscuits or Sausage and Gravy Biscuits
@JeanetteJoy   My favorite Breakfast is champagne brunch served on a sunny beach
@KelseyIvey.  Toasted English muffin with peanut butter & bananas
@RickGriffin   Chorizo Breakfast Burrito w/onions, jalapenos and chicken eggs
@idelishTravel  Eggs Benedict with Canadian Ham and glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!
@GQtrippin    Steak, eggs, pate. Vietnamese style

Q2. Best nights sleep I ever had was… #NUTS
@LikeListWineCty   listening to the sound of the sound in Wellington, NZ
@TravelProducer  In my First Class Bed on the Way to China – only paid $99!
@TheHostelLife . Night after my first all day white water rafting trip. Slept like a baby
@PortaPocketGal  the night after I pulled an unintentional all nighter last March.
@VitraSin .California king size bed w.plush sheets in #arenal #costarica i passed OUT!
@WorkMomTravels  I always seem to sleep well when I’m camping, too. Something about the fresh air.
@Luvmygarden2  Hostel south of Jasper, so much fresh air, out like a light
@travelifestyles  (hello a little late) – inter-island flight Kauai to Maui after hiking 16 hours straight..

Q3. 1st thing I do in the morning is… #NUTS
@roniweiss  Go to the bathroom or check my e-mail, I guess?
@BroomsRUs  Check for a pulse
@JasonPromotesU   Roll over and check the iPhone email and Twitter
@ehalvey  Let my cat in the room. She’s always excited to see mommy
@ViewOnTravel   Weigh the pros and cons of going back to sleep
@SportsShuffle:  Throw my alarm clock against the wall !
@thecitizeny:   Steal the neighbor’s newspaper
@Chimeratravel   I’m always afraid i’ll wake up w/my eye mask on & think I’ve gone blind. Seriously

Q4. My favorite thing about getting up early is… #NUTS
@WorkMomTravels  Having a little quiet time all to myself.
@CaptainandClark   Feeling accomplished… for getting up early.
@KirkCole:   The awesomeness that the day ahead holds
@TravelBlggr   When I get up early on my running days, it’s nice to see the stars and experience the stillness before the world is awake
@wheat_harvest  Getting so much done …early…
@familyfoodie  I love the peace and quiet in my house in the morning…it’s not very often our home is quiet
@ilivetotravel   Nothing. Nothing at all.
@LoisMarketing    writing. That’s typically when I write blog posts and plan future posts.

Q5. Best lunch I ever ate was… #NUTS
@Roopunzel  The first class lunch on Virgin was pretty special, maybe cos it was a free upgrade
@MalloryOnTravel  Lunches had recently in Catalonia were pretty special, every one fit for royalty
@MyHotelGuy  A free one….LOL
@poshbrood  Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And greek yogurt.
@tracycopy  Chips, guacamole, seared ahi & ice cold Coronas on a deck over looking Venice Beach
@AustinKVS   white tablecloth, coconut-encrusted pork chops outdoors overlooking Lake Zug, Switzerland
@VickyAkins    Grilled lobster in drawn butter, medium rare prime rib, seared scallops and….oh wait, I only dreamt that.
@FoodnFlowers  Local Baguette, cheese & wine on grass adjacent to Eiffel Tower

Q6. The oddest/most unique place I ever slept was… #NUTS
@tracycopy  On the Welcome mat outside my sister’s front door on Halloween. “Lost” my key. And yes in costume
@MashOnEarth   Mongolian ger in the middle of nowhere, that had a satellite dish. Totally #NUTS
@travelifestyles   squished inside an oversized duffel bag on an overnight boat in Thailand.
@la_loquita   Desaguadero Peru, waiting to cross into BOliva… SOOOOOOOOOOOO cold and a HOLE for a potty
@CertifiedSteak   While eating dinner…. it was quite a good meal, LoL
@MauiBlen   In my car in Snow storm somewhere near Clarkstown Wa. Stuck till morning plows came.
@nancydonnelly:  under the seat in a crowded overnight train through Italy
@GeneralTours:  In a tree. Not a treehouse or anything – directly on the limb. Turns out I roll a lot in my sleep, so..
@HIEHamilton  Oddest place ever slept – in 140 char?? Will go with Window ledge in a house in the Lake District (don’t ask!)

Q7. My favorite late night infomericial or product is… #NUTS
@KelseyIvey  The pop-over tins – so tempting
@NYTupelo7   The battery operated stick up light bulbs
@shereentrvlschp   the Dean Martin comedy hour DVDs…I put it on my XMas list. LOL
@ViewOnTravel  Not sure. I always pulled my all-nighters to the dulcet sounds of ‘Law and Order’ marathons
@KieraReilly   The Hula Chair. I still laugh when i see it
@PortholeCruise : It has to be the Shake Weigh
@jkheaton  Anyone answer the “clapper” ?! Clap-on.

Q8. I can’t fall asleep unless… #NUTS
@allaboutmexico  I check the doors are locked. Is that #nuts
@CaptainandClark  My body’s warm and my feet are cool
@MagellanPR  Have to read one or two chapters of a book otherwise I go crazy!
@RickGriffin   My wine glass is empty
@azurelaroux   My mattress is old and my husband keeps rolling down hill
@PortaPocketGal ..the hubs STOPS SNORING!!
@ZipSetAndrea   I know where my hubby, kid and cats are… usually all nearby
@ilivetotravel:  I am fairly low maintenance. But the right pillows would be key, I suppose Q9. If I had to eat the same meal for dinner for the rest of my life it would be #NUTS
@LoriMoreno French Food!
@kristiemacris  . If I had to eat the same meal for dinner for the rest of my life it would need to be cooked by Paolo Lopriore
@DeAnnSmithkc   Shrimp Norman with twice baked potato from Mike Anderson’s in Baton Rouge and Mississippi Mud pie from Poor Boy Lloyds
@MarkVogler : If I had to eat the same meal for dinner for the rest of my life it would be #NUTS – or a bottle of @Penfoldsred St. Henri Shiraz
@xcomglobal   Have to go with California Burrito again. Red meat, guac, fries, salsa fresca, yummm
@marktravel   some variation of pork- pulled pork, pork tenderloin, etc. (there’s nothing like a dead pig!)
@mygo2it    Chicken and waffles
@Quipidity    khmer red curry (sometimes I dream about it)

Q10. Best dream I ever has was… #NUTS
@thecitizeNY    Oprah left me all her money
@susanborst    Sleep is required for dreams, right??!
…what they call a “lucid dream”– I chose how I wanted to fly &
made up where I wanted to go. It was creepy & totally awesome.
@SueTrussell   was on a trip of a lifetime.
@ilivetotravel   That I was able to read every entry in #nuts
@kymri  The ones that all came true
@kristiemacris:  Best dream I ever has was surely about bacon and wine
@plinthpics   The plot for a film starring Christopher Walken and Nicolas Cage. Now to sell the rights and make my fortune…

@McMedia: Well, this tweet almost guarantee’s it! LOL! RT @bjohnsonCTA: A10. Was making the #NUTS recap ;D

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