Q1 our ‘dream’ dining experience would be what/where?

@MiddleSeatView: A1. Private terrace, Italian countryside, overlooking rolling hills of grapevines w/ homemade food cooked by someone’s grandmother@Only398: A1 Dream dining experience will be something yummy in Tahiti…Bora Bora of course!

@kymri: A1. A Thai inspired vegetarian degastation would do nicely, thank you

@WriterChick47: A 1. Fresh seafood, cracked crab, lobster, shrimp somewhere in the Caribbean

@ZipSetAndrea: A1. Would love to try the French Laundry in Napa…Thomas Keller

@AgingBackwards: Dream dining experience: Table for two…on the MOON!!

@claudiabia: @VegasBill Rio de Janeiro at @RobertaSudbrack restaurant.

@tifany74: A1 Several courses over several hours. Apperatif, wines with each course including dessert wine. Locally grown. Basking in sunshine

@MagellanPR: A1 – dream dining experience – helicopter to the top of a mountain where a private chef cooks dinner in a cosy cabin!

@FunAsWeGO: A1. Sitting atop a cliff in the Amalfi Coast #Italy sipping on red wine!

@gobyBoston: Martha’s Vineyard in the off-season. So quiet it’s like you’re the only 1s on the island

@HJSWritergal Dinner at Eiffel Tower restaurant on Seine and Paris!

@hiptraveler: Q1.) Your dream dining experience? Le Bernardin in NYC or Sirocco in Bangkok b/c my reservations were rained out.

@poohstraveler: A1: Private dinner at Chateau Cheval Blanc with 2 bottles of the 1947 vintage (dream in the literal sense, I know)

Q2. Most romantic vacation spot

@Only398: A2 Tahiti comes to mind again and again, Hawaii, European and Caribbean destinations…depends on who’s opinion matters

@ ZipSetAndrea: We honeymooned in Santorini, great views, perfect sunsets, infinity pools.
@claudiabia: @Screenscapes A2. That would be Tahiti Bora Bora.

@nicoleploehn: a2: I’m going with any place snowed in on a mountain top 🙂 as long as it has a fireplace, wine and a hottub

@kymri: A2. oooo so many! But I think nothing beats an African safari, with dinner under the stars

@greenglobaltrvl: A2. If you can’t make a vacation on #Hawaii‘s Big Island romantic, you’re doing it wrong!@TravelMaestro: A2 Most romantic vacation spot? St. Lucia – lush, beautiful, friendly, great water!

@ElvincoIntl: @mmWine Had dinner alfresco overlooking the Chateau’s vineyards in BDX during VINEXPO 2005 & will never forget the experience

@thatgirlallie: A2 – I think holed up in a cabin on top of a mountain covered with snow! fireplace & hot chocolate! Of course w/ @whoisgregg

@Screenscapes: A2. Little Palm Island http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJua5tERIkI

@fullersloane: A2 One of the most romantiic places is Palazzo Sasso or the Hotel Carusso in Ravello

@tifany74: #Romance requires quiet and a bit of pampering. Aqua blue water & exquisite service would help. Sunshine. White sands

@MagellanPR: A2 – Has to have a beach, sun, good food and a view.How about @RitzCarlton_LNhttp://twitpic.com/290o2k

@poohstraveler: A2: French Polynesia is my top pick for romantic vacation spot….we were there a year ago today on our delayed honeymoon!

Q3. Favorite celebrity couple

@Screenscapes: The Odd Couple, of course! RT @MidlifeRoadTrip: Q3. Favorite celebrity couple

@earthxplorer:: Q3. Favorite celebrity couple #NUTS ~~ A: Mickey & Minnie mouse…are they married?

@kymri: A3. well, William and Kate, of course !

@MiddleSeatView: A3. is it sad that I didn’t even know A-Rod & Cameron Diaz were dating b/f the Super Bowl? Don’t follow celebrities at all

@nicoleploehn: a3: hmmm…none of them really. They don’t last. i do think demi and ashton are cute but don’t see that lasting either

@fullersloane: A3 George Clooney as he has wonderful taste in travel & style butI don’t know his girlfriends name

@WriterChick47: A 3 My favorite hollywood couple? George Clooney and ME!

@Cschoenfeld: RT @CateTV: Q3. Favorite celebrity couple? #NUTS < The Obamas

@likwan: @McMedia Q3. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

@Screenscapes: @ScreenscapeS and @Ali_Sweeney (or was that just a dream?)

@CateTV: A3. @mcmedia@RickGriffin aka @Midliferoadtrip … although not irl couple .. they are on #NUTS reality TV to us/me! 🙂

@TravelMaestro: A3 Fave hollywood couple – Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in #Casblanca !

Q4. Movie that most “moves” you

@kymri: A4. Sheltering Sky, still, to this day

@Screenscapes: “Always” with Richard Dryfus!

@FrancescaMaz: Q4. Movie that most “moves” you < A River Runs Through It. Don’t ask. I cry every time

@earthxplorer: RT @WriterChick47: Q4. Movie that most “moves” you #nuts — Field of dreams…wait a tic..is this #NUTS turning into a chick chat? 😉

@MiddleSeatView: A4. Easy. “An Affair to Remember” Cry like a baby at the last scene every. single. time. Plus, hello? Carey Grant!

@likwan: @McMedia Q4. Forrest Gump

@CateTV: A4. Right now I’d have to say “The Kings Speech”

@fullersloane: Q4 That old movie “The Way We Were” with Robert Reford & Barbara Streisand

@FunAsWeGO: A4. A Street Car Named Desire!

@TravelMaestro: A4 Most moving movie – Bridges of Madison County tied with the Notebook. I’m a sucker for a tear-jerking romance

@McMedia: A4: I have watched Pretty Woman 100 times. I love happy endings!

@GreenGlobalTrvl: A4. The Cove moved me so powerfully, I shouted at the idiots on the screen

thatgirlallie: @McMedia The Notebook, come on my name is Allie, I need my Noah!#nuts Can’t watch w/o crying!@writerchick47 Pay it forward. I’m peri menopausal. A toilet paper commercial makes me cry

@gobyBoston: “On Golden Pond” -something about the Fondas in that movie… gets me every time

@katyabroad: dammit, missing #NUTS! ok, ok, Q4. um, Beyond Borders, The Blind Side and a new one I’ve just seen, A Small Act. All amazing

@Velcro108: A4. Forrest Hump or Mr. Holland’s Opus

@StevenMTroy: Q4. #Nuts Movie that most moved me?? Brians Song (1971). James Caan plays the Chicago Bears Brian Piccolo. True story….

Q5 Post a picture you love & tell us why

@Screenscapes: Because It represents the things I love to dohttp://twitpic.com/3fw7cw

@kymri: A5. I love the lighting, the passion, and the romantic moment of these Tango dancers http://bit.ly/gw1HJ4

@nicoleploehn: a5: the one in my twitter profile. Me and my puppy. Love her – You’ll have to pry her out of my cold, dead arms.

@thatgirlallie: @McMedia Haha this is my kitten Garbage, being crazy tightrope walker!

@earthxplorer: Post a picture you love & tell us why #NUTS — Me & @adventuregirlhttp://twitpic.com/2v044x#travel is our passion #TT@VegasBill: A5 I enjoy this view from @RitzCarlton_LN overlooking the ocean. Every day should be so nice http://twitpic.com/28xzfw

@McMedia: A5 My family b/c imperfect as we are we’re all we’ve gothttp://yfrog.com/h0f8lruj

@CateTV: A5. I love because it shows an old friend Maria and our newest friend@followrusty we met here 🙂

@MiddleSeatView: A5 It’s Barbados… it’s my favorite place on earth.http://flic.kr/p/5iF4Lh

@fullersloane: http://twitpic.com/3xspoi Travel is so intereseting

@WriterChick47: http://twitpic.com/3xspob My daughter at 8 yrs old. Reminds me that nothing is impossible

@gobyBoston: A5 Because we’re proud. Always http://yfrog.com/h233xcj @Cschoenfeld A5 I love this picture. Jack has glued my family together. http://plixi.com/p/75788146

@LaMallorquina: RT @katyabroad: A5. Carnaval in Oviedo. This child’s face just sums up the delight and fun of that day! http://twitpic.com/3xsqo3#nuts

Q6. Favorite music to “set the mood”

@fullersloane: A6 Any music from the 50’s like Frank Sinatra always does it for me

@deniselao: A6 Bossanova

@nicoleploehn: a5: nothing like some old school R & B 90s a little Keith Sweet, Boys II Men, Silk, Joe (you know what I’m talking about

@writerchick47 Blues, baby…oh yeah.@McMedia: A6 .. Steely Dan

@clickflickca: @VegasBiLL A6. William Hung “She Bangs” http://bit.ly/dLiQte

@thatgirlallie: @McMedia I made a whole “set the mood” playlist!http://8tracks.com/thatgirlallie/songs-to-hump-to

@GreenGlobalTrvl: A6. We love to “set the mood” with Indian music. Starts off slow, builds to GREAT crescendo

@Velcro108: A6. Circus music. My female coworker just said Michael Buble’. Ill take it

@TravelMaestro: A6 Music? Eric Clapton, Slowhand!

Q7. Best thing you’ve done for someone you love

@nicoleploehn: a7: married them. #nuts That’s some dedication

@AgingBackwards: Best thing I’ve done for someone I luv: prayed for them!

@AnjaniLadki: A7. I took them on a vacations!

@McMedia: A7: Took care of my dad when he needed me most

@fullersloane: Q7 I took my husband on one of the last flight of the BA Concorde to London

@ZipSetAndrea: Had a beautiful baby!

@MagellanPR: A7 And apologised when I knew I was right!

@Daneegyrl: Encouraged my toddler’s love for reading. Her imagination is amazing and her life will know no boundaries!

@akonthego: Q7: Took AK Dad on backpack trip all by our lonesomes in Oly National Park. Stayed in NPS employee digs. Best trip ever

@cruisebuzz: @McMedia A7 Spent 11 hours in labor

@GreenGlobalTrvl: A7. Love them with my whole heart, as selflessly as I possibly can.

@KimRandall: I dunno, I do everything I can for those I love and even those I dont LOL

@TravelMaestro: A7 best thing I’ve done for someone I loved? Let him go. Painful beyond belief, but best for him

@FunAsWeGO: A7. Took on the role of caregiver to help my grandfather through his last 2 months.

@claudiabia: @CateTV A7. Took my mother in a couple of international vacations… she never dreamed she could do it… and loved it!

@katyabroad: Missed Q6 somehow, A7. I watched an entire 90 mins of football and made him a cake with his team’s logo!

@kymri: A7. Said yes when he spontaneously proposed in little restaurant in B.A., and again when he surprised me with wedding in Africa

@HJSWritergal Best thing you’ve done for someone you love?#NUTS Stood by ailing ex husband til his death from cancer

Q8. Favorite Chocolate .. Fondue? Fudge?

@DonStugots: @McMedia A8 fudge

@earthxplorer: RT @McMedia: Q8. Favorite Chocolate .. Fondue? Fudge? #NUTS — Ghirardelli Chocolate 🙂

@ZipSetAndrea: Belgian…anything Belgian!

@kymri: A8. I love Thorntons from UK and Chau from Venezuela

@McMedia: A8: favorite chocolate? All but without #Nuts (I’m a purest)

@Screenscapes: Well, you got Hershey’s, then you got……Not Hersheys!

@likwan: @McMedia Q.8 mousse

@nicoleploehn: a8: I LOVE fondue chocolate — melting pot — valentine day reservation MAYBE? who wants to send a subtle hint to the hubby?

@fullersloane: Q8 Now you are talking my fav thing. Dark ,dark chocolate with a nice ganache filling in the center

@MiddleSeatView: A8. Favorite chocolate? Is there such a thing as not favorite chocolate?

@clickflickca: @VegasBiLL A8. Turtles with nuts!

@MagellanPR: A8 – All chocolate has its place-its not polite to choose between them -& saw on Twitter, its got lots of anti-oxidants so good 4 you!

@LuxeTiffany: A8 Favorite chocolate? See’s key lime truffles are to die for.

@VegasBill: A8. Favorite chocolate is world’s largest choc fountain at Jean Philippe at Bellagio http://twitpic.com/108v7q#NUTS

@poohstraveler: A8: Def dark! Found a dark choc sea salt that I’m in luv w/-made that into souffle, topped w/Tahitian Vanilla & Cuban rum sauce

Q9. Best Valentines/Romantic gift you’ve given or received

@Screenscapes: A weekend at Champaign Towers in the Poconos! 4 Real!

@MagellanPR: A9 Received rare edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets – very unexpected and much appreciated

@kymri: A9. my husband, then fiance, flew us to Tiffany’s in NYC to pick out my ring on Valentine’s Day (please don’t hate me now!)

@DonStugots: @WriterChick47 A9 tickets to a yankee stadium tour

@TravelMaestro: A9 Best Valentine I’ve given – a list of 50 silly, funny, sexy reasons why I love him. Homemade & from the heart.

@destnationstory: A7. Listen, when they need my full attention!

@VegasBill: RT @lindametzger: I received a customized romance novel where we were the characters. it was awesome!

@familyfoodie: A9 Best V-Day gift #NUTS a hand written letter from each of my kids… even though my teenage son’s was a total goof

@claudiabia: @WriterChick47 A9. My Iphone… I’m in love with them both to this day.. 😉 (husband and the phone)

@akonthego: A9: Big AK Kid sent me a card he had made thanking me for being his mom.

@FunAsWeGO: A9. An expensive bottle of wine and 2 of my favorite glasses! let’s get me tipsy!

@Velcro108: A9. B&B weekend on St. Charles St. in New Orleans.

@thatgirlallie: There is some serious awesome valentines day gifts in the #nuts chat

@KimRandall: A9. A hand drawn rose. I still have it somewhere, but it was sweet cc anyone can buy roses, not every1 will take the time 2 draw 1

Q10 Worst Valentines day experience

@nicoleploehn: a10: from 1999 – 2004 worst 5 v-days of my life!!!@MagellanPR: A10 – Going to the wrong restaurant and thinking I was stood up!!

@fullersloane: Q10 Having my dad pass away at age 95. No more daddy’s little girl

@earthxplorer: RT @VegasBiLL: Q10. Worst Valentines day experience #NUTS ~~ Finding out that I was allergic to shrimp on my date.

@likwan: @McMedia Q.10 having my boyfriend at the time forget it was Valentine’s

@ZipSetAndrea: My 1-year-old son had to have minor surgery on V-day…heartwrenching!

@kymri: A10. I remember being in grade school and counting Valentines in my bag….always two or three short of other kids in class

@thatgirlallie: @McMedia A10. I don’t think I’ve ever had a *bad* Valentines day, there is always candy on clearance the next day

@Screenscapes: Giving Valentine’s card to the head cheerleader in HS. Yes, I can outrun an entire Football team!

@akonthego: A10: My husband left to establish new home for us in South Carolina, while I stayed behind in WA with one son and one more on the way.

@Cschoenfeld: A10 being alone and sad about it. Alone can be wonderful too. I know better now.

@claudiabia: @WriterChick47 A10. My bday is next day, the 15th and husband totally forgot.Valentine’s and Birthday.He will never do it again!;)


@FunAsWeGO: This place is #NUTS, see everyone next week!

@fullersloane: RT @FunAsWeGO: Thanks to #NUTS for all my new followers and the new people I met!

@katyabroad: Thanks everyone, it was great! @TravelMaestro@MagellanPR@akonthego@thatgirlallie@WriterChick47@Cschoenfeld@DestnationStory

@VegasBill: @McMedia Sandi, great subject matter today.

@familyfoodie: Thank you for an afternoon full of #NUTS@WriterChick47

@mcmedia@midliferoadtrip@CateTV: @VegasBiLL it was great sharing the office/or do we just have a couch since #NUTS is a startup for @midliferoadtrip ? 🙂

@katyabroad: Wow, most new followers, I’ve had in one day! Thanks everyone, welcome on board! Thanks to #nuts and #TTOT for linking us up!

* Congratulations

@thatgirlallie ; The winner of the Love Boat DVD, autographed by Gavin MacLeod & a @PrincessCruises bathrobe!

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