Q1. What’s the worse fashion faux pas you’ve ever seen? pics? #NUTS
@utravelwithus haha ever been to peopleofwalmart.com? more than enough there haha
@BlkChickOnTour Wow. There’s so many. But…black stockings with white heels is a no-no.
@innalameda Black socks on white legs with shorts…oh, Daddy, please, no, I’ll walk behind!
@roniweiss You know, I’m probably the culprit, so I’ll plead the 5th and say no pix
@DTNEtiquette I’m in Vegas on business a lot – the list is endless.
@familyfoodie Spandex is major faux pas if you are over 40… No matter how you wear it, it just doesn’t belong!
@tracycopy My “plump” older sister in VERY short & tight “daisy Dukes”, cowboy boots and a form fitting tank top.
@DzineThrone -Tight white pants + cellulite. No photo necessary, we’ve all seen it.
FB: Kerwin McKenzie- a guy wearing a bed slippers in the airport; lost my mobile phone with the pics.

Q2. The one garment I never leave home without is? #NUTS
@eatsleeplaugh Thermals. You know you live in Scotland when..
@MalloryOnTravel My birthday suit
@TravelProducer When it comes to travel, a black, all purpose wrinkle proof rain coat
@ThitiaOfficial My chiffon scarf… own them in every color
@CaptainandClark A scarf! They can be used for anything. Fashion, blanket, handcuffs..
@princessgeeta Panties.. Oh wait.. Socks.. No, no.. Uh shoes.. No, wait.. a shirt. Yeah! That’s the one.
@fenicerising Gloves. Because you never know when you’ll encounter something you don’t want your flesh to actually touch.
FB: Robin Wilson -Containment apparatus for the girls

Q3. The craziest attire you’ve ever worn was? #NUTS
@MamaRitaMary I once put on a gray wig to pick my kids up from school. They had no idea who I was!
@HennArtOnline Real Coconuts cut in half 2make me bigger!
@MagiaPlaya neon green one-piece cut-out bathing suit & that wasn’t in the 1980s, this was last week
@SuperGlueMom I had a saran-wrap costume. yup
@KelseyIvey: A green argyle jump suit with a 8 inch, braided mo-hawk.
@JeanetteJoy I drug a leopard print granny cart & wore a psychedelic print long hippy dress to a costume party and won 4 “Design Psycho”
@_NatStar smiley snails tshirt and shorts two piece :/ I blame my parents! oh and leggings with BIG flower print…urgh

Q4. If I were the fashion police, I would ticket anyone wearing … #NUTS
@ChocolateBottle Anyone showing their thong or undies… or guys wearing their pants incorrectly
@nodnsmileNYC Harem pants. Not okay, not okay at all
@RickGriffin An Auburn Jersey
@TravelProducer: …a mullet haircut or tube top
@cabanbury Women who wear the black leggings look but you can see their arse and knickers because they’ve pulled them up so much. Rant over
@LadyEmeraldStar anyone wearing cowboy boots and shorts. I would run out of ticket pads here!
FB: Rachel Barbaro Greer -bolero jackets

Q5. Your Number One packing tip is? #NUTS
@MarkVogler pack, then pull out half of everything, then repack and do it again. One carry on or it doesn’t go
@mygo2it Roll your clothes and throw in a dryer sheet to keep your clothes smelling so fresh and so clean
@TheTrvlPrincess Roll every little thing up. It creates extra room. Don’t 4get to put socks & undies into your shoes or just don’t bring them
@LuxeTiffany Pack an entire outfit inside your carry-on including a swimsuit in case luggage gets lost
@allaboutmexico Bring 2x the cash & half the clothes
@WindowSeatapp Layers! Pack coordinating colors (no prints) that you can mix and match and layer. Then roll it all up

Q6. If you were named National Fashion Czar, what edicts would you decree? #NUTS
@WeekendInParis No sneakers with jeans! No Jersey hair styles! No baggy pants – pants on the ground, pants on the ground…looking like a fool
@@RickGriffin: Spandex may be worn ONLY with the approval of a college fraternity
@McMedia Pants have to be worn above above the ‘line’ No ‘butts’ about it!
@WindowSeatapp 1) Absolutely NO socks with sandals. 2) NO fanny packs 3) Everyone must take an eye test, for color blindness, before dressing!
@fenicerising T-Shirts are for wearing, not reading. No sentences allowed
@ViewOnTravel: All Crocs must be melted into something more useful. LIke African snowshoes.
@kitwhelan: Someone must invent a high heel that isn’t hell to wear. Make it so
@boomergirl50 No droopy ‘drawers’ on men with great butts.#letdown

Q7. My favorite fashion era was? Why ? #NUTS
@OrchidResorts The Roaring 20’s. So “indie” trendy and looking fresh. Oh, If I could have two lives
@MalloryOnTravel The neolithic fashionistas had it right, so much easier to show off your latest bone necklace
@BlkChickOnTour The 50’s and 60’s. I love the whole dressing smart and people caring about how they looked in public.
@marlibu the 80’s cuz b/c I missed the crimped hair look and those colorful plastic bracelets
@mygo2it 70’s. Half of the people were either in leisure suits or naked
@tracycopy The 80’s. Because apparently I was just young enough to think my Mohawk set off the safety pins in my ears beautifully!
@ThitiaOfficial The Glam side of the 70’s, very modern and feminine
@sonomawineguy My favorite fashion era was?Why? Elizabethan because Im partial to pushed up breasts and bodices.Is that wrong?
@santafetraveler: I’m a vintage fan.I LOVED the 1940’s! Detail, quality&HUGE shoulders were fab. (Also 1930s evening wear)

Q8. Famous person whose style personifies YOU? #NUTS
@DTNEtiquette Audrey Hepburn – yes,, yes! Timeless!
@OrchidResorts Well… I hope it comes off as a mixture between Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf
@WeekendInParis Combo of Sophia Loren and Ellen DeGeneres – seriously
@akonthego No famous person would dress like me. Rubber boots and fleece on famous person? Not so much.
@WFTristan liam gallagher crossed with Alfie Moon from eastenders
@producergirl Kathryn Hepburn – always wore pants – not a princess
@susan_fisher I love Natalie Portman. She can wear a sweatshirt & jeans, or a gown. She’s classy, & doesn’t try to make a statement.
@travelinjones: In my dreams, Princess Di ; in reality , Eddie Bauer
@VickyAkins- PigPen

Q9. Most fun city for people watching? #NUTS
@TheTrvlPrincess Three words for you. New York City. Theres no place like it in the WORLD its great for people watching!
@eurapart Newcastle at night, in winter
@familyfoodie South Beach Miami …. there is no place quite like it to people watch!
@MamaRitaMary Airports too!
@silvermaneman Hmm, NYC. Most diverse crowd. Budapest is also great!
@TravelBlggr: Key West during Fantasy Fest is … uhm … interesting
@claudiabia: Any city with a cafe with tables outside. Rio(all year), Paris, NY and even DC with the international crow
@PnkyBrookster- New Orleans

Q10. What was YOUR most embarrassing fashion moment? #NUTS
@travelightly White pleather dress in high school. I can’t believe I ever wore it
@MagiaPlaya right now with my moo-moo type outfit.
@Route195 admitting I actually wore parachute pants in high school! haha.
@Butterflydiary Ripped stockings. Never again
@kitwhelan Basically anytime age 6-25. 26 is a good-ish year so far!
@EpsteinTravels Wore purple shorts once. I was 18…& an idiot
@CareVacations Age 22, body surfing w/ fam in HI; landed on the beach, my bikini top decided it to stay in the water. Dad rushed to my rescue

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