Q1. What makes a sport exciting to you? #NUTS
@roniweiss   I like watching hockey, because I feel expert enough in it to yell at the players.
@kelaussie29   Sheer adrenaline rush and the thrill and rive of being the best at it
@Mindless00    Oh, just the sport itself.. 🙂 action, emotions
@alexandraeh   Actually playing them. I don’t really like watching them
@NewYorkHabitat   There’s need to be something big at stake not just bragging rights
@wickedjava    The energy from the crown from attending live events
@Quipidity   Can I say really cute, fit men or is that too shallow?
@hjortur: The most exciting sport I’ve ever watch was a bullfight in the arena in Sevilla, Spain.

Q2. What sport do you most likely see yourself participating in 5 years from now? #NUTS
@BroomsRUs     Beige Shoe Shuffle Board Tournaments.
@amandaelsewhere   Team drinking, or competitive walking, or both
@JeanetteJoy   Pole dancing
@Vagabond3Live   I see myself playing in fantasy leagues… Does that count?
@ilivetotravel   Winery crawl
@kelaussie29   I’d love to do Muay Thai boxing again, rugby, motorbike racing, more sky diving – I want to do it all!!
@BoomerangHotels   Does throwing things and yelling at the TV while watching sports count?
@CaptainandClark   the speed of the game & the availability of the beer

Q3. Where do you most prefer to watch sports? home, live, sports bar etc.  #NUTS
@TravelProducer    Hate watching sports on TV so I prefer to be at the stadium, race track or horse track!
@jonk  definitely live. otherwise i’ll lose interest if i’m not around people who are really into it
@chatdeviagem   I love to watch sports live. The cheers of fans, the noise, the bad-for-your-heath-food.
@McMedia  Tailgating! grilling up some @OmahaSteaks
@SuzeMars  All playoff games are best at the stadium or a packed bar, nothing like hugging strangers
@hjortur I’ve only once enjoyed watching football. The finals in the World championship on a big square in Barcelona. Wow, the atmosphere! #NUTS

Q4. Favorite spectator sport? Why? #NUTS
@bjohnsonCTA   Womens Beach Volleyball… self explanatory… lol
@LFroment   Favorite spectator sport? Why? #NUTS Might have to say hockey for the fast pace and the fights
@ilivetotravel    I enjoy watching rugby, college basketball, tennis sometimes, & many Olympic events
@kitwhelan   FIFA World Cup! Women’s or Men’s, it doesn’t matter as long as there’s a bar and a lot of national pride! Olympics are a close 2nd
@justinhamlin   Hockey! Beer, Blades, a frozen ding dong and legal fights!
@amydostafford  Kentucky Derby! What an adrenaline rush!
@ViewOnTravel  There’s something kind of magical about baseball live. Maybe it’s the nachos.
@McMedia People watching at the Walmart

Q5. Best stadium in the world? Why? #NUTS
@DrHughMannity  Best Stadium in the world is the one I can see from my condo here in Miami where the Orange Bowl used to be!
@CoupleofSports   BIG HOUSE.
@MiddleSeatView   Best stadium is definitely Wrigley Field in Chicago!
@ilivetotravel   I loved the Toronto baseball stadium with the retractable roof! Went to a World Series game there in the 1990s!
@clickflickca   Rogers Centre. The most famous retractable roof.
@TipsyTraveler  Yankees Stadium. No explanation necessary!
@jonk   allianz arena in munich. i just love the way it looks (and lights up!)
@LeeAbbamonte  Camp Nou in Barcelona or the San Siro in Milan are amazing for a game and Wrigley Field in Chicago for the US

Q6. Which sport would you like to see added as an Olympic event? #NUTS
@SuzeMars   Whichever one I have best chance of medaling in! Speed texting?
@BoomerangHotels   I have a feeling every answer to this one is going to include alcohol
@TipsyTraveler . underwater basket weaving
@allaboutmexico   How about Hoola Hooping?
@RickGriffin   Scissors, Paper, Rock  & Full Contact Karaoke
@tracycopy  . Competitive Eating
@harkx  Some serious skateboarding !
@teamcocktail  Kill a Keg! #NUTS #CompetitiveDrinkingQ7. Best tip for someone who’s never been to a live sporting event? #NUTS
@Banff_Squirrel  . No beehive hairdo’s, please!
@roniweiss   If it’s remotely possible to bring food/drinks in, do it. Much, much more expensive inside.
@LFroment   go. now!
@claudiabia   Pick one team to cheer and scream like a teenage girl. Or not!
@MiraCristine   don’t spill your beer on the people next to you
@WillingFoot   Get there early and eating sushi at a sports event is not allowed!!!!
@filmingparadise   tailgate beforehand, eat your weight in nachos and go
@Cardinaltravel  dont wait till you absolutely have to go before you make you way to the b-room

Q8. Favorite tailgate food? recipe? pictures?#NUTS
@GreystoneEstate  Red wine (to me it is a food) and grilled flatbread pizzas w/ fresh mozzarella
@marykellogg   Polish Sausage Dogs!
@MalloryOnTravel   You would have to be #nuts not to have a chilli dog whenever available, not too often at our stadiums, business opportunity?
@travlin_girl   Used to like to grill out, but not that I’m not eating meat, we bring our own subs! But, mostly, it’s all about the drinks!
@toeuropewithkid  Something dripping with chili and cheese.
@marktravel   grilled meat at the tailgate- look for the smoke
@katieaune:   cant say its my personal fav but once saw brats wrapped in burgers wrapped in bacon. a meat-lover’s dream?
@PoshPorts   BBQ Ribs, yummy

Q9. Describe the most outrageous sports fan you’ve ever encountered  #NUTS
@Cardinaltravel   So many to pick from in Green Bay for a #Packers game. We are all #nuts up here
@tracycopy  At L.A. Kings Hockey. Growling,yelling & face-painted a la Puddy from Seinfeld
@santafetraveler  Anyone wearing a cheese on their head!
@bjohnsonCTA   Have you ever met a Raiders fan?
@McMedia:  Tampa Bay Bucs fan called “The Big Nasty” need I say more
@WalkonEire   easily the philly fan sitting behind me at a cowboys game
@amydostafford:   Once saw a fan dressed up as a hot dog in a pink tutu. Certifiably
@Banff_Squirrel:  The whole Cleveland ‘Dawg Pound’!

Q10. Favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time? #NUTS
@TravelProducer   Meow! The Cat Herding Commercial Cowboys & Cowgirls: http://t.co/bP1bxHTa
@claudiabia   The Betty White Doritos
@filmingparadise  budweiser frogs…. bud…wei…SER!
@WalkonEire  any of the etrade baby commercials
@WindowSeatapp   ALL of the above! The commercials are always the best part! As they should be…A LOT of dough goes into producing them.
@Banff_Squirrel  . Loved that one with Janet Jackson. I think it was an ad for two way tape?
@LolaDiMarco   one w/the kid in darth vader costume trying to turn on the car w/his “force” is pretty good! Waiting for the ferris one this yr
@NationalPro  This Tide commercial still makes me laughhttp://t.co/2JXVAeAC

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