Q1. What is your favorite/least favorite things about airports?

@earthxplorer: groping & groping
@MalloryOnTravel: I can fly from them, I have to fly from them!
@Ashley_Tinnon: Favorite thing about airports – People watching. It’s like a soap opera. Always entertaining
@BespokeTravels: That planes NEVER depart on time!!
@mygo2it: Love the duty-free shops, hate the awkward pat-downs
@ChefBillyParisi: people who suck at going through security/scanners #GETOUTOFMYWAY
@RickGriffin: TSA shows favoritism in administering pat-downs and I feel left out
@utravelwithus:.My Favorite thing is security. there’s nothing like getting felt up by stranger
@budgettravelsac: How many of you think you have something to show off with the full body scanner?
@LuxTravelAndrea: I’m late for #nuts People who don’t know how to get through security. Laptop OUT of bag, shoes, coat/sweater off. 

Q2. The worst/best passenger I ever sat next to on a plane #NUTS

@jbranigan: Worst passengerS — a whole plane full of spring break kids going to Cancun
@mmwine:  Best was a woman who was going to be on CNBC in the morning & sat with her legs over me & showed me vacay photos
@LuxTravelAndrea: Worst passenger I ever sat next to (no, not @whereishawkins) was a young woman who clipped her fingernails midflight
@roniweiss: Best was Anthony Haden-Guest, a fascinating fellow who I hope to hang out with again this round of NYC.
@Ashley_Tinnon: Ewww RT@LuxTravelAndrea worst passenger was the 4 year old filipina girl that kept throwing up the whole 15 hour flight
@Bryan_Snider: I had a passenger who couldn’t wait to pleasure himself until he got home. Lets just say the lady in front of him was not happy! 

Q3. Oddest thing/person you’ve ever seen at a terminal #NUTS

@HouseOfJerky: Drew Cary
mmWine: Monika Lewinsky wearing a black dress.
@1Dad1Kid: For a while we did have a giant statue of Anubis outside one of the terminals at Denver. Thought it was an odd choice
@utravelwithus: a Tornado at Lambert international
@@RVBulldog: Oddest thing was person trying to get Hershey Chocolate Syrup through Security.
@jbranigan: Michael Jackson & entire entourage getting off plane I was getting on. What a circus that was!
@Banff_Squirrel: Caught @Eurapart trying to get upgraded using an expired ski lift ticket
@budgettravelsac: I am a dad to 2 AWESOME kids and I HATE crying babies!
@roniweiss: I honestly don’t have any horror stories that come to mind. Which probably means that I’m usually the story
@lapearce: my boyfriend saw a baby kangaroo in a backpack on a plane from Boston to LAX. Does that count? 

Q4.  Thing that annoys you most during a flight #NUTS
@santafetraveler: People who recline on your knees or sitting in the middle of a 5-seat row and having to go to the loo
@CocktailDeeva: Loud talkers….hate it…
@travelerkate: Turbulance. Sorry, but I am that terrible flyer who tears up and gets white knuckles at the first bump
@MikeCjourno: on any low-cost carrier, the constant sales pitches they make to you. Worst than an 18-30 holiday rep
@tor0706: SCREAMING KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@travelinjones: Short people in the exit row
@Ashley_Tinnon: When the person next to you drinks too much and then breaks the closeness bubble by talking very close to your face
@MamaRitaMary: Someone behind me kicking my seat!
@beforeiam35: flight attendant waking me up to ask me if i want a meal. After i finally managed to fall asleep
@Velcro108:  Thing that annoys you most during a flight? The way the attendants patronize you with their “buh byes” at the end

Q5.  The best way to entertain yourself during a long flight #NUTS
@1Dad1Kid: Kindle, electronic games
@ehalvey:  That magic tablet made by Apple plus a gin and tonic. Or playing Hang Man w/ my husband
@McMedia:  @gogoinflight … I nevah leave home without it!
@LifeOutofaSuitc: Watching EVERY movie available
@cruisebuzz:. The best way to stay entertained on a flight is to fly the plane. That would be #NUTS. You should see me drive.
@lilmissplanet: Sleeping pills + Wine – hands down – i dont care how bad that sounds – if they can knock me out im happy
@roniweiss: Frequent trips to the bathroom with a men’s magazine subtly tucked under one’s arm
@kiscodad: 160 GB iPod on Shuffle.
@makelovemakewar:. I bring a stack of magazines @InStyle @LuckyMag@marieclaire ….Mindless, but I love it!
@@crozul: sock puppet shows from behind the first class curtain

Q6. Best movie about airports/airplanes #NUTS
@Bryan_Snider: this would have to be Airplane!
@ACarlton: The Terminal?
@mygo2it: Lost in Translation
@travelinjones: “Up In the Air”
@nicoleploehn: that’s a tough one. #nuts hmm.. i really like airforce one
@lapearce: Snakes on a Plane
@banffrocks: TOP GUN! Talk to me, Goose!
@MamaRitaMary:. Very first one I ever saw was “Come Fly With Me”….TV show was Sky King which is what got me interested in air travel
@allaboutmexico: The one with Jodie Foster who designed the plane & was accompanying husband’s coffin back to US. Help me here with title.
@tucsoncallahan: The plane flight chunk of the Twighlight Zone movie with William Shatner!
@kymri: Does “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” count?

Q7. Worst TSA experience #NUTS
lilmissplanet: definitly the strip search – though in fairness if was after a few months of being single – so maybe not TOO bad
@zongrik: Getting an orange sticker and having guy pull out panties and everything else right there
@ACarlton: Having to unpack all my luggage (including film, camera equip) for them to check. & being called for screening in Ecuado
@houseofjerky: They haven’t got their hands on me yet
@TeresaShaw: Having items stolen out of my bag
@Ashley_Tinnon: I refuse to go through the naked body scanners. Opted out and was felt up several times. Groped my chest. Was not pleasant
@kymri: Can’t put it into 140 characters, but first day machines were used at OHare and I opted out. They went all red-alert on me
@MamaRitaMary: Worst TSA experience…when they took my manicure scissors away in Vancouver and threw them in a pile…do “I” look dangerous???
@justinhamlin: – my wife getting a pat down and searched “at random” when we were 2 of the 8 people in the ENTIRE AIRPORT
@McMedia: Only time I ever have a problem with TSA is when I am a/b to miss a flight & they decide to get all grab ass on me
@RickGriffin: a condom in a foil wrapper set off the metal detector – TSA laughed at me, my wife got mad

Q8. Scariest inflight experience #NUTS
@BespokeTravels: Turbulence
@Bryan_Snider: as a pilot I was flying and an idiot pilot who wasn’t paying attention almost had a mid air with me
@Roopunzel:Plane jumping in mid air
@ACarlton: Plane hit an air-bubble and dropped in elevation. Everyone got in “crash position” . After landing, pilot “phew, we made it.”
@earthxplorer: Scariest inflight experience #NUTS — When the Wi-Fi stopped working!! 😉
@banffrocks: Some dude at JetBlue got upset with me-for no reasaon! Then he chugged a beer jumped out!?
@budgettravelsac: Flying from Houston, plane suddenly dropped 1000 feet with no warning. FAs fell down. Apparently, 2 planes in the same path
@downeastah1: Scariest in a snow/thunderstorm trying to land at tiny Bar Harbor airport…at nite
@mygo2it: Took flying lesson on small plane w/ friend. He thought it would be funny to turn off the engine & let the plane fall a bit #jerk
@katyabroad when there was a forest fire so we couldn’t land, just kept circling the airport and the pilot said: “there isn’t much fuel left”!
@cabanbury: LHR-DOHA flight with Qatar, as landing, plane swerved violently, people were screaming 😐 Was mental at the time.

Q9. Best/worst airport & why? #NUTS
@MikeCjourno: Hong Kong was pretty cool, while LAX SUCKED
@nicoleploehn: i really like the tampa airport. It’s close, it’s not too busy, and all kinds of people watching available
@Banff_Squirrel: Love the Toronto Island Airport. Closest thing to flying private without having to charter a jet
@lapearce: I love the little airport in Page, AZ. Same ppl check bags, direct plane & load luggage #nuts worst airport any1 with smoking yuck
@Only398: FLL > MIA
@BeTheTeam: liked singapores–very artsy & soothing. lol Schipol is fun too
@earthxplorer:— (Best)Denver – it’s a mall (Worst) Fort Lauderdale (yuck)
@allaboutmexico: Best: Mactan Intl. Airport in Cebu, Philippines. Small but very organized. Worst: Leaving Gatwick or Heathrow a nightmare
@beforeiam35: NAIA in Manila is probably the worst there is
@budgettravelsac: Best airport – the one you are flying into when you leave for a trip! The worst – the one you fly into when you get home!

Q10. Best advice for infrequent fliers #NUTS
@InAForeignLand: – FLY MORE!!!!
@santafetraveler: Smile when you go through security and don’t argue no matter what!
@kymri: um, outta my way please (said with love)
@MikeCjourno: Don’t get up as soon as the plane lands and the seat belt sign turns off, you will be standing for a while.
@budgettravelsac: Don’t pack so much and be courteous and mindful of those around you!
@jbranigan: plan ahead & take your sense of humor and patience because you will need them
@earthxplorer: Drink! 😀 JK – Put time on ur side, go early, don’t feel rushed, enjoy the adventure
@eurapart: Find a more civilised mode of transport if you can
@RVBulldog: visit http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/index.shtm for travel tips
@ehalvey: It’s ok to call your mom after security
@Only398: Fly more often! Every flight you don’t get on is another missed opportunity!
@la_loquita: run faster than the TSA agents and never ever ever touch an attendent

After party
@Bryan_Snider: Just got @tailsfrm33000ft (my wife) on the #NUTS tweetup. She has been trying to break away from it for about 15 min
@CruiseCoaches: Don’t even need to #twitter search #NUTS – Everyone on my timeline is participating!
@santafetraveler: Fun going #NUTS with you all today
@budgettravelsac: Therapy session has now concluded! Thank you for participating in#NUTS. Please exit this flight in an orderly fashion! Buh-bye..Buh-bye
@lapearce: Great travel therapy thanks
@katyabroad: Thanks everyone for the #nuts therapy! It was good to rant about air travel!
@utravelwithus: Thanks for the great therapy session now i can make it through the week. There’s nothing quite like group therapy
@deafmom: You guys rock! RT @MidlifeRoadTrip: …and thanks to our regular therapists – @WriterChick47, @McMedia @RickGriffin


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