WOW what a fun session! In just over an hour, our #NUTS reached an audience of over 600K followers and over 8 million impressions! If you missed the session, or if it just flew by too fast for you to keep up, here are some of the humorous and heartfelt responses we received to this week’s questions as well as some of the fun and lively after chat discussions.

Thanks to this week’s guests therapists @LollyDaskal, @DanaMoos and @JimPelley along with our regulars @WriterChick47, @McMedia, and @RickGriffin.

Congratulations to @gomarwrites for winning a M580 Digital Camera from this week’s sponsor, Kodak!!

If you missed this week’s session, please feel free to answer below. Also, we’d love to have your comments, ideas and suggestions for future Not-so Usual Therapy Sessions. Thanks!

Q1. What’s your go-to place for last minute gifts? #NUTS

_kimrandall Target or Walgreens for gift cards or I look for Online downloads (music, games, apps) #NUTS

KuhnHondaVW@danamoos my local liquor store isn’t open late enough for my last minute shopping. 🙁 #NUTS

ScreenscapeS Goofy off the wall things at Walgreens #NUTS

DanaMoos how about a fine bottle of wine, Port, scotch or locally made spirits? #NUTS last minute gifts…

DanaMoos you could even make your own chocolate gifts, special when they’re homemade 🙂 #NUTS last minute gifts…

connellybilly local pharmacy – they now carry gift cards retail/online/itunes

gomarwrites CVS or local 24 hr pharmacy on Christmas Eve….You won’t be alone if you go in your PJs. #NUTS

The internet voucher! Always welcome – and its instant!

‘Speedway’ gas station at the corner. They carry a nice pine scented “rub-on perfume.” Even looks like a holiday tree! #nuts

la_loquita my closet — regifting is all the rage i’m told #NUTS

allan_saw The chocolate shop

LollyDaskal iTunes gift card – They sell printable gift certificates

RickGriffin The gas station down the street is open 24 hours and sells air fresheners #NUTS

Q2. Best/worst last minute travel experiences #NUTS

McMedia A Family Road trip viewing the change of colors in New England. No reservations & no hotels. Best & Worst Trip all one!!

DanaMoos no charge upgrade to a Benz w/a driver in Italy 🙂

NJDreaming Already late 2 Thanksgiving dinner traffic jam. Arrived midway through dinner

ScreenscapeS Stuck overnight at La Guardia after spending 18 hours on plane from China! Slept in window on heater

KuhnHondaVW Anytime taking children is a worst last minute travel experience, the best … when it’s just me! 🙂 oh and a bottle of wine

RickGriffin Drove 6 hour drive to relative’s house but left all the presents at house

SantaDearest Getting stuck in Iowa. Need I say more?

la_loquita this year, trying to get home for christmas #nightmare

LollyDaskal Best last-minute travel: LA to NYC on the chairman’s corporate jet!

WriterChick47 Best: Driving to Alabama to meet @RickGriffin& @McMedia in person! #nuts/aawww #kissup

LEISUREGODDESS OMG!!! Don’t get me started!!! Last night JFK-Denver!!!

travelerkate Or getting stuck in NYC for days because of the great blackout of 2004 #NUTS

travelerkate Car broke down on the drive from Kansas to South Dakota. Want to know what’s exciting in that area of the US? Nothing

JimPelley worst = stuck in Liberal KS for 3 days / snow storm … FYI Liberal is not liberal

gomarwrites Best/worst last minute travel experiences? A2 – 9 hour flight with 4 mo. old infant. nuff said. #epic

LollyDaskal Worst last-minute travel: everything going into New Jersey #nuts

JimPelley worst last-minute travel: missed flight from ORD to Toledo for speaking gig – rented car & drove 300 miles all night

GoApril Almost all of my travel is last minute- the best would be deciding on Tues to leave Thurs long weekend for sun/fun & cold drinks

FrancescaMaz Best: 2003 MLB playoffs, game 5, Cubs v Braves. Bought flights to ATL, game tix @ face value, hotel & rental car night b4 game! #NUTS

Q3. When do you start your panic holiday shopping? #NUTS

cupboards It’s actually more fun than you think- Mom and I do Black Friday that way just to see folks fight over dvd players. #nuts

gomarwrites Actually I like going to the mall on the 12/23 or 12/24… it’s always surprisingly calm and everyone is in a good mood .#NUTS

RickGriffin I usually buy 8-tracks and air fresheners from the gas station:) #NUTS #PanicShopping

NJDreaming I’ve been known 2 shop for those I won’t see on Xmas day the day after Xmas. *hangs head* #NUTS #nuts

JimPelley Mid January – is that wrong? #nuts

LewisPoretz I am no stranger to panic mode this time of year 🙂

gomarwrites around 12/21 to allow any glitches w/ Amazon two day shipping. Oh chute! That’s today! #NUTS

LollyDaskal As a nice jewish girl– My panic starts (high holidays) #nuts

ScreenscapeS Last week of shopping, everyone starts discounting and it’s a madhouse! #NUTS


WriterChick47 My hubby can usually be found wandering around K-Mart on Christmas Eve #nuts

MagellanPR A3 Usually about midday on December 24th when the shops start closing!!! #nuts

DanaMoos [day after xmas?!!]

McMedia YIKES! Currently in panic mode

KuhnHondaVW @danamoos you still have 3 more days why panic tomorrow! #NUTS

RickGriffin Christmas Eve when they announce “we are now closed. make your final selections & proceed to checkout”

a_loquita since i haven’t bought ANYTHING — i think now is good

WriterChick47 Gifts? Uh oh..Tomorrow #nuts

jools_octavius Christmas Eve, around 5pm. Whaddaymean the shops are shut?? #nuts

DanaMoos I can answer that! panic shopping? tomorrow 🙂 #NUTS

ScreenscapeS About July! #NUTS

KuhnHondaVW Christmas Eve at about 6pm #NUTS

_kimrandall No panic moments for me. If I dont get it before Christmas I’ll get it after and the person that I am giving it to will understand #NUTS

Q4. When do you open or exchange gifts? #NUTS

KuhnHondaVW Christmas Morning at about 5am when the kids come jumping on me.

WriterChick47 Christmas morning after a leisurely breakfast, just to torture the kids/grandkids

_kimrandall 1 on Christmas Eve & the rest on Christmas day. Stockings always last #NUTS

SantaDearest When the mood strikes.

LollyDaskal I open them a few days before X-mas when no one is around. Then I re-wrap them so no one ever knows! #nuts

MagellanPR Sometimes peek at pressies when first put under tree (hanging head) but normally rip open – exchange gifts – on Christmas morning #nuts

ScreenscapeS1 gift for the kids a week early, family gifts on christmas eve and santa gifts christmas morning #NUTS

jools_octavius I had to open one of mine at the airport yesterday! Not the same *sob* #NUTS

a_loquita christmas morning, when the kids wake up and jump on us

deniselao Midnight Christmas Day #NUTS

travelerkate We open family presents Christmas Eve, and Santa presents on Christmas morning. But the fiance and I exchanged last night #NUTS

RickGriffin RT @travelerkate: A4:… But the fiance and I exchanged last night #NUTS <– TMI !

Q5. Best/worst last minute gift you’ve ever given? #NUTS

DanaMoos @nikkibeauchamp we think alike I gave hubz custom ring, I designed the Moose to be carved into the gold 🙂 #NUTS

CruiseBuzz Best gift ever was a Disney #Cruise and the kids had to do a scavenger hunt to figure out the clues. #nuts

DanaMoos I suppose Cooking for Dummies would not be a good gift? #NUTS

NikkiBeauchamp best gift I’ve given,custom husky cufflinks for a university of washington alum #godawgs #nuts

Scout66com Gave BIL a bag of snowman poop…marshmellows..funniest. Dad the santa that sings Jingle Bell rock. #nuts

jools_octavius Worst gift – I once bought a giRL at school some clothes pegs. It was a surreal gift but think she took it personally!

SantaDearest Those cheese and nuts gift boxes=worst. A shovel I attach an electric cord to with hot-glue=best.

KuhnHondaVW i’ll let you know on Christmas morning (after i shop on Christmas Eve!!!) #NUTS

ScreenscapeS those DVDs for only $1 that seem to hold 12 movies no one has ever seen! #NUTS

MagellanPR Worst gift – hand-knitted sweater by a bad knitter – more holes than fabric – #nuts

cupboards Hands down… Best and worst gift ever? Toilet paper. Not a good gift but at least you’ll use it. #nuts

McMedia Gas Station Air Freshener

NJDreaming We have a big family (no kids) so we can’t afford gifts 4 us. Most gifts r opened once we get home from visting.

ScreenscapeS rainbow-colored toe socks- both parts answered!!! #NUTS

a_loquita i got a bear that poops m&m’s

Q6. Who is the most difficult person on your list to buy for? #NUTS

RickGriffin My wife! Apparently vacuum cleaners, treadmills, Ginsu knives, teflon cookware are not good gifts:) #NUTS

deniselao My mother-in-law. Oops =X

GoApril Totally agree – I do gas cards and grocery cards 4 themRT @WriterChick47: A7. PARENTS! Because they usually already have everything. #nuts

ScreenscapeS 19 yr old Daughter easy, anything black, dark, can be stuck in her lip or scares people.

ScreenscapeS Got to be careful what NOT to buy the wife! Exercise equipment sends wrong message! Get’s you a rock the following year! #NUTS

Thesuss Hardest to shop for is @r_suss. She already gets everything she wants. #welltrainedhusband #NUTS

MagellanPR Best friend – she has everything and wants for nothing … so just buy funny gifts for her! #nuts

SantaDearest #NUTS  Grumpy people. They don’t appreciate anything.

DanaMoos hardest person to buy for? the one who always answers “I don’t know”, you fill in the blank! #NUTS

KuhnHondaVW Hardest to buy for? Anyone over age 10 <no way — you just have to have a large wallet or no limit AmericanExpress> #NUTS

cupboards Hardest to buy for? Anyone over age 10. #nuts

Q7. Best advice for last minute shoppers #NUTS

travelerkate Best advice for last minute gifts? Always include a gift receipt! That way they can get what they really want!

LEISUREGODDESS ….start shopping for 2011 NOW!! & wine…. that is my answer. for a gift that is!! #NUTS

VegasBill Just buy anything along with a card that says “it’s the thought that counts” #NUTS

CruiseBuzz Last minute shoppers can always pack a gift certificate good for travel. #nuts

gomarwrites Buy two of everything so you will be ready for next year way ahead of time. #NUTS

_Sue_Ross Buy something practical you know they will use that is a little special. Like solid tuna instead of chunk.

JimPelley .. #NUTS — start drinking early

NJDreaming Avoid ToysRUs at all costs. Those desperate parents r nuts. *laughs* #NUTS

cupboards Shop local- local retailers are there for you. Less traffic and it’s a gift back to your community, too. #nuts

@WriterChick47 Wear protective headgear, carry a big stick & be aggressive #nuts

Q8. Besides shopping, what do you find easiest to procrastinate? #NUTS

ShannonOliviero I confess. Procrastinating holiday meal planner. 20 guests and still haven’t hit the grocery store. #NUTS

SantaDearest #NUTS Taking down the Christmas tree.

NJDreaming Wrapping. I hate wrapping. I keeping hoping the gift wrap fairies will come & do it for me. Thank God for gift bags. #NUTS

RickGriffin Prostate Exams #NUTS

_kimrandall Christmas cards, I have some from 3 yrs ago to send still LOL

RickGriffin I usually don’t take down Christmas decorations until I get the letter from the Homeowners Association in May

LEISUREGODDESS … Procastinate… did someone say that… I am a master! I haven’t put up my Christmas tree yet!

bethkostecki Cleaning and organizing!  #NUTS [filing]

VegasBill Some say hygiene! #NUTS

KuhnHondaVW I am hiring giftwrappers this year…I pay with cookies, cupcakes and brownies #NUTS

Q9. Last minute meal suggestions #NUTS

KuhnHondaVW I believe the local Cracker Barrel is open on Christmas. #NUTS

DanaMoos cheese and crackers 🙂 with adult beverages, of course #NUTS

GirlGoneVegas Good Chinese and a bottle of wine! #NUTS

VegasBill Cheese croissants from McDonald’s. Hot, flaky + quick 🙂 #NUTS

LollyDaskal Order in Chinese! or – (classic line from Seinfeld) “I’m thinking Arby’s!” #nuts

_kimrandall The meal doesn’t matter as much as what proof the drink is #Alcohol

McMedia 1-800-WE-DELIVER  #NUTS

JimPelley Do I need to tell the story about when Mom dropped the turkey on the floor and they said, don’t worry I’ll get the other one? #nuts

Thesuss Chinese food. That’s my Christmas tradition! Thanksgiving is Vietnamese and the Casino. #nontraditionaltraditions #NUTS

drrus Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches.

Q10. Best entertainment on a whim #NUTS

VegasBill Sky Jumping from the top of the Stratosphere! 2X Nuts! #NUTS

only398 Twitter your way to the end of your work day #NUTS [now I need to get back to working! that was a break 🙂

lttlewys #nuts – pull out the vinyl record of “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer””

ScreenscapeS Wife says can’t do this unless I take her with me. A10: Last minute road trip to #Vegas! #NUTS

travelerkate I got a Wii, so that was fun. But a tradition is Tree Appreciation- lights off, looking at the tree. I hate it, dad loves it #NUTS

JimPelley #NUTS A10 playing Quarters with the nephews then going ice skating

ScreenscapeS Go to the neighbor’s yard and start having a conversation with the yard orniments at 1 am! #NUTS

RickGriffin Arrange fake reindeer in the neighbor’s yard to look like they’re mating #NUTS (Family Tradition)

LoriMoreno Getting married in Las Vegas Drive Thru


@la_loquita Give away that fruitcake from 10 years ago that’s been used as a doorstop #NUTS

MidlifeRoadTrip Cool, @foodnetwork is participating in today’s #NUTS #TheyJustDontKnowIt

GoApril Don’t you love xmas morning breakfast and the 5 pots of coffee etc… I Love it RT

RickGriffin– you can get really good deals on 8-track tapes these days #NUTS

ScreenscapeS if Apple were a decade earlier it would be an iTrack player #NUTS

DanaMoos @CruiseBuzz no but you are welcome to tell us #NUTS #Naughtygirl peeking at presents!!

@la_loquita @GoApril ooey gooey cinnamon rolls and hot coffee or cocoa #NUTS #christmasbreakfast

jlwernette Off to brave the mall madness and get some last minute #christmasshopping done!!! Can’t find parking #nuts

_kimrandall Had so much fun with todays #NUTS session! I think I need #NUTS every week, maybe even more than once #HeHe

VegasBill @Kass1nova Let me know how your Sky Jump goes! Remember, go to the restroom prior to jumping 🙂 #NUTS

McMedia Happy Holidays to the best group of #NUTS evah

MidlifeRoadTrip If you had fun plating with #NUTS today, be sure and check out #TNI on Thursdays at 3:30est

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