Q1. What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day drink?
@pizzalogger: @McMedia gotta go with Guiness
@martiferg: @CelticTours q1-killigans irish red
@i_on_food_drink: Q1. What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s day drink? #NUTS – a dram or two of fine Uisce Beatha! Blackbush or Redbreast are faves
@akonthego: A1: I like my whisky. But then, the post-meal Irish Coffee does a fine job, too.
@Roopunzel: RT @MalloryOnTravel: A1. Guinnes obviously!!! #NUTS << dude! gotta have that green food colouring in! so green guiness
@travelerkate: A1 Irish car bombs!!!
@nga_Ros: A1. Green milk? – No honestly, I´ve never celebrated St. Patricks
@Banff_Squirrel: A1: Any of the Glens, including Frey and Campbell
@Cschoenfeld: A1. Have to go with beer. Guinness or a cider works for me
@sarahbel80: A1 Cider every time….
@lindseytravels: A1. Fav St. Patty’s Day drink? Midori Sour…basically the greenest you can get! (with a cherry on top) Oh, and Baileys  

Q2. What’s your favorite Irish song?
@martiferg: @CelticTours q2-anything by the @dropkickmurphys
@nicoleploehn: a2: that one they play on st. patty’s day
@allaboutmexico: A2 Black Velvet Band, old Irish song
@travelerkate: A2: How about the song played during Titanic when Leo and Kate dance? Always takes me back to 6th grade
@kerrinsheldon: A1: “The Departed” Song
@TravelProducer: A2 The one my grandpa used to sing to me when I was wee lass, “My Wild Irish Rose.” Great memories
@Velcro108: Anything by The Pogues.
@Banff_Squirrel: A2: Big fan of the Irish Rovers – Classic Canadiana – The Unicron song: http://youtu.be/ZW2MPKTxyXA
@la_loquita: A2 – favorite irish song… “i’m to sexy for this barstool”
@katyabroad: A2. Anything by the Script. Saw them live when they were just starting out and have been in love with the frontman ever since!
@i_on_food_drink: RT @RickGriffin: Q2. What’s your favorite Irish song? #NUTS#Whiskey in the jar”? U2, Corrs, Cranberries
@ehalvey: A2. A Fairytale in New York, A Night Visit, and Raglan Road
@MalloryOnTravel: Not really Irish but by the Pogues so :p “Fairytale of new York
@akonthego: My grandpa was an Irish Tenor and used to sing “My Wild Irish Rose” to my grandma. So sweet.

Q3. If you were a leprechaun, what would your leprechaun name be?
@martiferg: @CelticTours q3-lucky-martiferg of cours
@allaboutmexico: A3 Chiquita bonita
@nicoleploehn: a3: lucky nickel
@jm_healy: @WriterChick47 #NUTS Q3. Shamus
@WorkMomTravels: Shorty McButterpants
@santafetraveler: A3 O’Flaherty- long story to be told over an Irish Coffee
@la_loquita: A3 – leprechaun names… would be….. Sleepy — oh wait thats a a dwarf..
@valentinavitols: Leoparda 😀
@kerrinsheldon: A3: Aberdeen Smithly… or just Mr. Leper
@MalloryOnTravel: A3. yeahyaare#nutsimaleprechaun
@Banff_Squirrel: A3: Leprechaun name: Airport McPatdown
@christineoleary: @McMedia Siobhann All’YeClothes
@katyabroad: A3. Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair, King of the Iris
@gobyWest: A3 Fee-ohl It’s Irish for fish. Fits, hus?
@Banff_Squirrel: Nice. RT @akonthego: @Banff_Squirrel A3: How about “Gropus @McShameus”
@nicoleploehn: Cabbage Lips O’Grady (thanks!)
@Susan_Rodeo: Underpants O’Callahan
@WriterChick47: Tulips O Branigan
@JourneyMexico: #nuts A3. I would choose leprechuanita…!
@eazonozaer: A3 Shakin O’Shelaileigh
@BarbaraLasky: My name is Greenie Ettercap

Q4. What’s your favorite green food
@MalloryOnTravel: A4. M&Ms
@BtayTC: A4: guacamole, not sure that’s irish though 🙂
@santafetraveler: Good ole Southern home-style greens cooked in fat-back- my arteries are screaming at me.
l@a_loquita: Q3 – fav green food — GRAPES…. mmmmmmm kiwi…. skittles.. m&ms………………. mmmmmm m&m
@kerrinsheldon: A4: Asparagus! Sooooooooooooooooooooooo #GOOOOOD
@martiferg2: @CelticTours q4-why lettuce of course!!
@allaboutmexico: A4 Green curry, not very Irish but with plenty of potatoes, it could very well be.
@akonthego: A4: Fav green food. Not the green fuzzy stuff in my refrigerator
right now. Anything else is good.
@MPM_MediaGroup: #nuts fav green food? Odwella
@Roopunzel: A4: Wasabi but yeah, not so Irish I guess a bit more
@TheTrvlPrincess: A4. Spinach or Pesto=YUM or the occasional pistachio
@RickGriffin: A4. Verde’ salsa
@kaitLindaly: A.4 fave green food? Lemon spinach. yum
@travelerkate: A4 Edamame. Soooooo good, but definitely not Irish
@reazonozaer: A4 green jello
@lisonmccue: A4 Guacamole, spinach, jalapenos… all things GREEN!
@CelticTours: A4 Mint chocolate chip ice cream and #NUTS
@Velcro108: The lasagna I left in my fridge too long Q4. What’s your favorite green food

Q5. Favorite Irish saying?
@martiferg2: @CelticTours q5-may the road rise up to meet you!
@Banff_Squirrel: A5: “May ye be half an hour in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead!”
@WriterChick47: As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction
@MalloryOnTravel: A5. has to be Slàinte or Gàrtha
@akonthego: A5: “A true Irishman has the ability to tell another man to go to hell so that he looks forward to the trip.”
@TravelProducer: A5: “Beware of people who dislike cats”
@reazonozaer: A5 kiss the shelaliegh! Oh wait is that the blarney stone? Always confuse them two
@TravelerKate: A5 @LodgeatDoonbeg tweeted today “May you live to be a hundred years, With one extra year to repent.” Loved it
@deverespub: RT @Shipsandtrips: A1 I’ll drink whatever they’re serving at@sacstpats @deverespub
@ehalvey: A5. Feck. And shite. Love the pseudo-swearing
@Shipsandtrips: RT @thomaswingham: A5. May your laugh, your love and your wine be plenty and your happiness nothing less.
@allaboutmexico: A5 And, May the Lord keep you in his hand and never close his fist too tight.
@katyabroad: A5. a face without freckles is like a sky without stars (because I have a blessed face!)

Q6. Who would you most like to pinch/get pinched by for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day?
@WriterChick47: Q6. Who would you most like to pinch/get pinched by for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day? #NUTS <-Banff_squirrel
@nicoleploehn: a6: i’ll be wearing green — probably like to pinch my kids! 🙂
@Shipsandtrips: A6: I’d like to get pinched by Shane MacGowan because he’ a legend but probably can’t pinch very hard.
@akonthego: A6: Sean Connery
@WorkMomTravels: A6. I’m staying far away from all of you – I don’t wear green on St. Pat’s Day!
@TravelProducer: A6: Toss up between Clive Owen and Daniel Craig
@martiferg: @CelticTours q6-I would like to pinch Charlie Sheen of course
@iprefer: A6 @Banff_Squirrel Duh. Winning.
@MalloryOnTravel: A6. As long as nobody wears their green food between their teeth I will refrain from pinching anybody!
@DougFressh: A6. The list is long and varied, but I might not wear green on purpose. Hopes spring’s eternal
@ehalvey: A6. Besides my husband? Pierce Brosnan will do in a pinch
@BtayTC: A6. Um can Puck from Glee pinch me 🙂
@katyabroad: A6. Danny from the Script. What can I say? I have a major crush!
@travel_version: A6. Eva Green. Follow the Green theme, right? Or like Seth Green, Cee-Lo Green… The Green Giant?
@reazonozaer: A6 someone other than the large lumberjack lookin fellow next to me at the bar who thinks I have pretty eyes
@thomaswingham: A6. Patrick Dempsey, Colin Farrell to start. If Ryan Reynolds has a bit of Irish in him, that’s fine too!

Q7. Best/worst St. Patrick’s Day memory.
@martiferg: @CelticTours q7-taking the train home from NYC and getting beer spilled all over me. Ouch.
@Pepificio: Me too. RT @MalloryOnTravel: A7. I don’t remember!
@ehalvey: A7. Worst. I got denied entrance to Limerick Junction in Atlanta because I was 19 or 20. There was a baby inside.
@Shipsandtrips: A7: Best St Patrick’s Day Memory? I think it will be this year’s blow out event @sacstpats in @DowntownSac with @deverespub !
@nicoleploehn: a7: i have no memories of any st. patty days’ it starts out with drinking, ends with more drinking, and well more drinking all day
@DougFressh: A7 That guy that turned green then turned the sidewalk green after too much green beer. stained the sidewalk for years. It was #nuts
@TheTrvlPrincess: A7. I’m gonna be mushy. Family time-making corned beef & cabbage w/the family every year 🙂 I kinda miss them
@MalloryOnTravel: A7. OMG I do actually an Irish bar that shall remain anonymous ran out of Guinness the manager was almost lynched!
@travelerkate: A7 Last Saturday my very Irish friend (who dressed like a leprechaun) made me dance an Irish jig. Turns out I’m not very good
@TravelProducer: Q7: Living in NYC on every St. Patty’s Day in late 80’s meant an Irish Pub on Columbus Avenue with my Irish friend, Cassandra Dooley
@la_loquita: A7– there was a light.. and you were there, and you and the scarecrow…
@thomaswingham: Q7. A fuzzy Irish hat. Drinks for a Swedish swim team. Irish karaoke. A white shirt that turned green. And luckily I didn’t!
@Banff_Squirrel: LOL! RT @travel_version: A7. NO pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. #falseadvertising 

Q8. What’s your favorite good luck charm?
@allaboutmexico: A8 Me, myself, I
@la_loquita: A8 – good luck charm — the #airfreshner that @RickGriffin promised me but never gave me AHEM AHEM #wouldbegoodluckcharm
@martiferg: @CelticTours q8-a small picture key chain of my daughters
@TravelProducer: A8: A whole BOX of Lucky Charms, of course. They’re magically delicious!
@TheTrvlPrincess: A8. I AM a good luck charm 😉
@nicoleploehn: a8: my guardian angel in my car. 🙂
@katyabroad: A8. my little knitted dinosaurs, always go with me when travelling!
@DougFressh: A8. All I need is the air that I breathe
@Shipsandtrips: A8: My good luck charm is my husband. Seriously.
@kerrinsheldon: A8: My brown beaten-up hat that has gone with me on all my trips the last 8 years.. Peru, China, Australia, Guatemala. Love it
@thomaswingham: A8. My mini Japanese Maneki Neko or ceramic good fortune cat travels in my carry-on wherever I go
@Velcro108: The Evil Eye hanging by my front door that I got while in Turkey.
@BtayTC: A8. My 3-legged dog, Trip… it’s similar to a 4 leafed clover, just opposite
@Roopunzel: A8: more of a good energy than a lucky charm but I always liked crystals
@reazonozaer: A8 tyrannosaurus rex foot. Like a rabbits foot only more lucky because its a dinosaur
@WriterChick47: RT @reazonozaer: A8 tyrannosaurus rex foot. <-Where do you put it? That’d be a HUGE keychain!
@RickGriffin: A8. My MacBook pro
@TravelProducer: A8: Luck is when hard work meets opportunity
@Banff_Squirrel: A8: I have a lucky rabbit’s foot. And an unlucky rabbit friend with 3 legs.

Q9. Best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
@allaboutmexico: A9 In a PUB. At the end of the evening you won’t know where you are anyway
@TravelProducer: A9: You have to ask? Ireland is the BEST place to celebrate St. Patty’s Day!
@akonthego: A9: My house? I hope I have enough Guinness and corned beef for y’all…
@nicoleploehn: a9: with great friends and a good crowd! 🙂
@Velcro108: A9. Savannah, Ga. Q9. Best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
@MalloryOnTravel: A9. Was a list the other day, apparently Dublin is 6th!
@kerrinsheldon: A9: Chicago – they turn the river green! RT @rickgriffin: Q9. Best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
@@mmWine: At the Four Seasons with me – happy hour tweetup Thursday
@martiferg: @CelticTours q9-Oh, Ireland for sure..but if you can’t get there NYC!
@kaitLindaly: A.9. Best place to celebrate St. Pattys: Personally love the NJ shore celebrations
@thomaswingham: A9. Savannah, Boston, Philadelphia, New York – all where you can stay the night @doubletree when you’re done partying!
@EpsteinTravels: Sneem, Co. Kerry or Galway RT @McMedia: Q9. Best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Q10. What’s in the pot at the end of YOUR rainbow?
@DougFressh: A10. More Guinness!
@MalloryOnTravel: A10. It was a pot to piss in ……. excuse my French
@la_loquita: Q10 – end of my rainbow in a pot sits………. love and butterfilies #sappy
@nicoleploehn: a completed bucket list! completed with people i love and a world of memories
@WriterChick47: Q10. What’s in the pot at the end of YOUR rainbow?<-A @travelchannel tv show for @Midliferoadtrip! AND a life of no regrets
@martiferg: @CelticTours q10-happiness….health…all the things that matter most in life that are priceless
@BtayTC: A10 unlimited vacation days at work
@CelticTours: a10 I’m going to have to stick with the gold on that one!
@Tomas57: RT @RickGriffin: Q10. What’s in the pot at the end of YOUR rainbow?#NUTS / Panama Red
@akonthego: A10: More trips. Spare me the gold. My fam is the golden-est.
@thomaswingham: A10. Peace, love, health , happiness. and good fortune for everyone I care about in the world
@reazonozaer: A10 if there’s anything in my pot it just means someone forgot to flush
@kerrinsheldon: A10: Air Miles
@santafetraveler: A10 Abundance! Health, happiness, financial, spiritual. And that’s not #NUTS
@i_on_food_drink: RT @Banff_Squirrel: Q10. What’s in the pot at the end of YOUR rainbow? #NUTS – Unlimited airfare & accommodation
@Banff_Squirrel: A10: At the end of my rainbow are all the wonderful tweeps I’ve met thru #NUTS

After Party
@ZipSetRachel: Bummed I missed #NUTS and #cruisechat today – #TT cheers to the tweet up crew! @midliferoadtrip @rickgriffin @writerchick47
@Velcro108: Another good bit of #nuts and #ttot. I’ll say proper hellos to new followers/followees when I get some time (after happy hour) #priorities
@valentinavitols: I’ve been having a blast participating in Twitter Chats such as#FNIChat, #TTOT, #NUTS and #TNI. Are you hooked? Which are you favorite?
@TravelsceneUSA: I’m a #TNI fan, all the way. RT @valentinavitols: I’ve been having a blast participating in Chats such as #FNIChat, #TTOT, #NUTS and #TNI
@GoApril: @valentinavitols #TNI and #NUTS r my favorites! You meet gr8 tweeps and they r always fun!!!!
@TravelProducer: Thanks to new #TTOT #NUTS Followers from around the world:@InAForeignLand @Laurenameliaw @rbmelanie @AriaaJaeger

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