Q1. If you could play any instrument professionally, what would it be?
@HennArtOnline The harp in the nude:
@whereishawkins The kazoo
@DeAnnSmithkc  Piano. My parents paid for piano lessons for nine years and I hate that I wasted their money
@KatrinaMauro   djembe drums!!
@50PLUS   Either a steel drum or a violin.
@MiraCristine   irish fiddle
@CruiseBuzz    I would bang the skins or blow my axe
@RoamingBoomers   I play a pretty mean garden hoseQ2. Favorite childhood song? #NUTS

@NewYorkHabitat   London Bridge is Falling Down
@familyonbikes   I’m a Little Teapot. Is that pathetic or what?
@tracycopy  Que Sera, Sera sang by Doris Day. I wore that album out playing it on my portable record player!
@AgingBackwards  Fave childhood song: Happy Birthday, ha! It was “all about me ignored middle child syndrome” LOL!!
@BoomerangHotels  The winnie the pooh song! I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh!
@WillingFoot  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
@RickGriffin  Tinkle Tinkle in the Pot, boys can stand but girls must squat
@thetripchicks  Favorite Things from #SoundofMusicwas my fave childhood song. Yours?Q3. Musical artist you’d most like to spend the afternoon with? #NUTS

@SuzeMars   Easy. Adele. Done.
@TOR0706  Justin Timberlake bc we sure wouldnt be talking!!
@RickGriffin   Bob Dylan – if I could bring along an interpreter
@akonthego   Lady Gaga. I’m sure it would be an interesting afternoon
@GingerTT   then HAVE to add #StephenGrappelli and #Jobim
@picture_philly   Toss up between my favorite band, Death Cab for Cutie, or Sigur Ros in their homeland of Iceland
@NationalPro  The Boss aka Bruce Springsteen!
@CoupleofSportsA3. Elton John. I can only imagine the ridiculous outfits we’d get to wear!Q4. Best movie theme song?#NUTS

@eatsleeplaugh  Ghostbusters. Yesssss…. who YOU gonna call?
@roniweiss   The Power of Love and Back to the Future Overture. 🙂 My fav. song and movie
@TheTrvlPrincess  Robin hood prince of thieves -GREAT soundtrack!
@giuliaccia  “Long nights” by Eddie Vedder, “Into the Wild”. Goosebumps!
@3pupsinapopup  The Big Chill “You can’t Always Get What You Want”
@ehalvey   I take that back: Breakfast Club
@picture_philly   Very underrated soundtrack, but so beautiful…Meet Joe Black
@reikoallen  “When I Fall in Love”, Sleepless in Seattle song

Q5. You just won a Grammy! What’s the name of your group and your hit song? #NUTS
@VickyAkins  Saggy bottom & the Boob Drops-Our song? “It ain’t hangin’ there no more.”
@pookiejen Paula Deen and the Butter Babies – “Heartstopper”
@JesusWife: The Holy Rock ‘n Rollers: “Jesus Is Just So-So”
@flyingwithfish (Band : The School of Fish — Song : We Slept ’til Noon)
@tracycopy Group- Mullet Heads Hit song- Business in front. Party in back
@barryfrangipane: Barry and the Double D’s, singing You’re So Up Front With Me
@princessgeeta The Sugarplum Fairies – “Drowning in Holiday Cheer” ALL YEAR LONG! *sprinkles cheer dust*
@eatsleeplaugh Happy Knishes singing, “Just Wrap Me In Bacon and Dip Me In Cheese 

Q6. Best background music for a romantic dinner? #NUTS
@roniweiss   “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men
@hjortur Live piano music.
@Fun_N_Travel    Anything by Frank Sinatra
@DTNEtiquette  Yo-Yo M, Buble, 3 Tenors if I’m being serious or what the hey, Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
@BridalTravelGuy   One Bourbon… One Scotch…. One Beer
@redhunttravel  something low key and not distracting, like African-inspired jazz from Richard Bona.
@amydostafford  Norah knows how to set the mood. Jamie Cullum is some great #moodmusic as well.
@barryfrangipane   “It’s your turn to pay” by Chelsea and the Cheapskates

Q7. Best music festival? Where? #NUTS
@allaboutmexico  New Orleans Jazzfest. You get all genres
@GingerTT Best music Festival? #ElectricPicnic at #Stradbally#Ireland
@VegasBiLL  Best Music Festival: Electric Daisy Music Carnival Returns To Las #Vegas June 8-10 2012 http://t.co/mJazczfd
@reidontravel  Best music festival (I’ve seen): throat-singing & horse meat at Yakutsk, Russia’s Ysyakh
@CharlesMcCool Best I have been to was Hurricane Andrew benefit show 1992 Miami FL
@HemaReddy1312  The NY jazz scene ROCKS!!
@gtrot  Coachella, Bonnaroo, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Lollapalooza, Chicago Blues Festival
@TheHardLifeBlog   Best music festival: Festival au Desert in Essakane, Mali 2007. Terakaft, Tinariwen and Habib Koité headlined.

Q8. Best/worst concert you ever attended …that you can remember?#NUTS
@ZipSetRachel  Kanye/Jay-Z with my brother. That sh*t cray.
@TravelProducer  Stumbled on an awesome Vivaldi Four Seasons Concert in Venice – Musicians in Baroque costumes – love #Venice http://t.co/gYH1hbCh
@KelseyIvey  Best = Black Keys at small venue in Seattle about 7 years ago
@NicoleTravelBug . Best: Foo Fighters at Adelaide oval or Muse at Wembly/ Worst – Scissor Sisters. Bouncing boobs on big screen. Scarred young me!
@TOR0706  Garth Brooks when I was 8 … It was amazing!
@VacationChoices   Pearl Jam in 1991 at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre
@WideLoadRoad  Best Concert = U2/Snow Patrol– Soldier Field in Chicago
@BAIRDSTRAVEL The Eagles Apollo Glasgow was best ever

Q9. Favorite TV Theme song? #NUTS
@ZipSetRachel I love the theme song from Weeds! It always gets stuck in my head
@picture_philly  The A-Team theme song was pretty awesome!
@TravelProducer  Gotta say Gilligan’s Island since my name is Marianne
@BroomsRUs  Favorite TV Theme song? #NUTS / Cheers.
@MiraCristine  Fresh Prince, Gilligan’s Island,
@kristiemacris  Greatest American Hero – Believe it or Not http://t.co/oBtJQSDL
@tracycopy  A tie between The Partridge Family & the Brady Bunch theme.
@DubeTravel  Welcome Back Kotter, Night Rider, Fresh Prince

Q10. Song(s) you would like played at your funeral? #NUTS
@McMedia:   I’m being cremated “Disco Inferno”
@WillingFoot   Green day, time of your life
@whereishawkins  Etta James’ “At Last”
@MyIslandArtJeff   Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon
@ZufallAdventure   not sure why but this might cheer everyone up: Good Morning Starshine from Hair the Musical
@WindowSeatapp   Down with Disease by Phish (“This has all been wonderful, but now I’m on my way!”)
@BridalTravelGuy   50 ways to leave your lover

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