Q1. Best place to watch Fireworks #nuts
@Flamingberry:: The rooftop of the Ritz Carlton in lower Manhattan, was there for the 4th of July fun in 2005, amazing!
@rtwdave: The Mall in Washington DC or NYC
@MagellanPR: From Tower Bridge – especially when we have HM The Queen’s celebrations next year fireworks galore in London!
@katyabroad: Here in #Peru, right in your house, apparently! It’s scary! I’d love to see them in Sydney someday
@RunawayBrit: on a beach surrounded by mountains – the noise is IMMENSE
@FrenchTwistDC: champs de mars (if fireworks are at the Eiffel Tower)
@tapioniskanen: I like watching from the top of the mountain – always nice to watch fireworks explode below you!!
@PaulaG84: Copacabana beach Rio de Janeiro
@alexberger: A Along the river near the Eiffel Tower, or same near Big Ben. Something iconic about the combo

Q2. Must have items in your summer picnic basket? #nuts
@kymri:  a corkscrew
@utravelwithus: Food booze and bug spray
@MalloryOnTravel: Condoms?
@la_loquita:- a fire extingusher, oreos and creme soda….. oh and popcorn
@KelseyIvey:  A equal parts peanut butter and blackberry jelly sandwich. Cut diagonally
@Flamingberry: Watermelon and bug spray LOL
@mygo2it: I don’t carry picnic baskets, I carry picnic coolers
@ThitiaOfficial: Chichen, avocado, bacon sandwich and white wine 🙂
@GoApril: Vodka, Bug spray, snacks!

Q3. Favorite patriotic song (any country) #nuts
@LewisPoretz: – sweet home alabama
@Hennartonline: God Bless America!
@knowtheplace: I like the song South Africa sings before rugby games. It’s probably their national anthem
@clareappleyard: A3: Why, “God Save the Queen” of course! Hey, hey hey, less of the tomato-throwing
@la_loquita: We Represent the Lollipop Guild
@@MagellanPR:  I’m a lumberjack and I’m all right .. oh, is that patriotic or not?
@allaboutmexico:  Bayang Magiliw, national anthem of Philippines. Makes me cry coz I’m so far away from home
@Roopunzel:   Manu Chao – Clandestino – great song!
@Banff_Squirrel:  Hockey Night in Canada theme. Seriously, we sing it pretty much year round, at the drop of a hat – or hockey glove

Q4. Neglecting to _______ is sure to cause fireworks at home/work #nuts
@LewisPoretz: – come home
@RickGriffin:  put the toilet seat down
@MagellanPR to cook any supper – GUARANTEED to cause fireworks at home … hehehe #cookonstrike
@Chimeratravel:  Acknowledge me. I don’t do well with being ignored!
@Only398:  Turn off the oven!
@robinwsmith: Listen_____ is sure to cause fireworks at home/work
@ThitiaOfficial: . to remember someone’s birthday is sure to cause fireworks at home
@CovetedEscapes:  *cough* wifely duties *cough*
@claudiabia: @mygo2it kiss me when arriving or leaving

Q5. Best place to see the stars at night #nuts
@LovelyLu: On a cruise!
@Route195: Always been The Mountains of Colorado for me
@KelseyIvey:. Ocean Park, Washington or the middle of the Cascade mountains. As far away from the city as possible.
The rural countryside, where light pollution can’t reach you! One of
the many reasons we love having headquarters in New Hampshire!
@RunawayBrit: Best so far – Swedish Lapland with the Northern Lights alongside
@elleswim: . From the middle of the ocean, without a doubt!
@WindowSeatapp: . Any camping trip in the mountains. OR along the lines of@BrooklynNomad…Hollywood
@PaulaG84: The best place I’ve ever seen the stars is from the roof of my grandpa’s house in Bauru, Sao Paulo Brazil.
@McMedia: The @FSLosAngeles

Q6. Your funniest camping mishap #nuts
@la_loquita: – i found out that i can pee in a TINY hole when necessary
@Route195:  Not disconnecting the hose to the potty properly. I think you can guess the rest…ugh
. Driving in to the middle of the forest. Setting up the tent. Then
realizing the car was still on/doors locked. Wait…not funny
@@ZipSetRachel:  Mooning an entire boat of guys when I fell out of the boat white water rafting.
@gmfriedrich:  I’m sure it happened at Woodstock ’94, but I don’t remember.
@@THORTravel:  getting into the wrong tent after using the restroom lat at night
@Banff_Squirrel: : Storing food in the tent. Might as well have gone hiking in pastrami underpants

Q7. Best campfire food #nuts
@lapearce: : Armenian BBQ. Just meat on skewers with thin bread. Delicious
@TheTrvlPrincess: . Hot dogs & Smores arent they the only campfire food?
@beforeiam35:  pinnbröd! bread on a stick…. childhood memories.
@@allaboutmexico:  Baby back ribs, corn & bananas w/ chocolate.
@elleswim:  A Kielbasa, s’mores and cold beer
@GoingNomaddanib:  Peanut butter and fluff sandwhiches. It will somehow spread into your tent and you will wake w/it on your face
@elatlboy:  Chocolate smores of course with grilled cheese a close second.
@WriterChick47:  Brie & Pinot Blanc..hey, my idea of great camping is a weekend at @FourSeasons. Don’t judge

Q8. Best fireworks you’ve ever experienced
@Hennartonline: On a yacht in the middle of Boston Harbor!
@Roopunzel: : Cliche but Syndey Opera House at New Years eve was pretty effing brilliant
@Michael_Ludwig: First kiss with current Girlfriend!
@CovetedEscapes:  and Edinburgh festival
@@generaltours:  A show near Quebec, Canada — they lit the fireworks from a suspended bridge! Wish I could remember the name
@mygo2it:  Same as A1, South Lake Tahoe. 2nd place, Disneyland
@@ThitiaOfficial:  Oh well..his name was..
@ciaolaura:  On a boat in SF Bay -fireworks over the water near GG Bridge

Q9. How will you be spending July 4th this year
@justinhamlin: – Alone and on Twitter, more than likely. Wife is going back to SoCal for a week
@knowtheplace: . Camping and whitewater rafting the Kern River! So excited
@kymri: . trying to coax my dogs out from under the sofa, they hate fireworks, don’t blame them
@travelerkate:  I’m having some friends over to my dad’s lake house. Homemade slip and slide, a grill, lots of drinks, and a boat. Perfection
@ @akonthego: :  Hiking Independence Mine at Hatcher Pass. Appropriate locale for a little July 4 fun.
@@McMedia: :  Alone .. Inside .. Watching reruns of Gidget#JustKidding
@@VegasBiLL . We’ll be starting 4th of July Weekend in Las Vegas on July 1st

Q10. Best way to stay ‘cool’ in the dog days of summer #nuts
@kymri:  it’s called the ocean, it’s not just for looking at
@apearce: : best way to stay cool: get in the car and leave Phoenix!
@RickGriffin: . Participate in #NUTS – Everybody here seems COOL!
@OneBrownGirl: Floating in the sea. Any sea.
@10best:  A good ‘ole fashioned run through the sprinklers
@amandaelsewhere:  Frozen margaritas
@@justinhamlin: : – toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, and a cold beer in my hand
@travelerkate:  Swim up bar

@beforeiam35: TY for another great #NUTS
@akonthego: Thanks #NUTS pals! As usual, I’m all ready for the rest of the week thx to you!
@utravelwithus: Thanks for a great #NUTS session everyone. you all make my week better
@Flamingberry: Loving the Tuesday #NUTS #TRAVEL sessions! @Travelproducer @RickGriffin @Only398 and the many others! That was sooo much fun!
@RunawayBrit: Had fun at #NUTS Thanks
@CovetedEscapes: Thanks for another great #NUTS!!


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