Q1. What makes a sport exciting to you?
@ZipSetRachel: How badly I can beat boys at it.
@1Dad1Kid: A1: Lots of action! Also have to watch it live. Can’t get into it on TV or radio
@ PGAVillage_Golf: A1. level of difficulty 2play & the commitment it takes to be successful. The teamwork & life lessons learned from failure & success
@ kymri: A1. when the sport involves being at the mercy of nature i.e. surfing
@ Only398: A1 Seeing people #WIN! Seeing #Champions in the making! Seeing#Leadership skills! It’s motivational for me!
@ScreenscapeS Cheerleaders
@ McMedia: A1: Is Hot Stone massage considered a sport?
@ schiffam21: Q1. The rivalries amongst fans. Esp. OSU v. Michigan!
@ OrlandoChris: RT @rickgriffin: Q. What makes a sport exciting to you? #NUTS <–the whole team spirit thing- I have to like the players
@ claudiabia: A1. Has to be fast paced… can’t stand sports that almost make you sleep while watching.
@ Banff_Squirrel: #NUTS A1 The fans. Even if you don’t understand the sport, crazy fans make it fun
Q2. What sport do you most likely see yourself participating in 5 years from now?
@ WriterChick47: A2. Competitive shopping
@@terrysimpson: @McMedia any sport my son is playing
@ RickGriffin: A2. I’m afraid that my knees may limit my participation to Olympic curling
@ MagellanPR: A2 – hmm … Zumba – thats a new #latin/salsa gym/dance craze apparently
@ la_loquita: RT @PGAVillage_Golf: Q2. Which sport do you most likely see yourself participating in 5 years from now? #NUTS // nursing home walker derbies
@ kymri: A2. I see myself surfing for sure, and hope to be continuing gymnastics until I break a hip, lol!
@ZipSetRachel: Ice skating, skiing, horseback riding, endurance shopping
@Banff_Squirrel: #NUTS A2 In 5 years, I hope to finish my first marathon. I started it last June
@MagellanPR: Noooo RT @RickGriffin: Q2. Which sport do u most likely see yourself participating in #NUTS Competitive squirell hunting:)? @Banff_Squirrel
@aadhuu: A2. Marathon texting
@BtrVacationRent: A2: Snorkeling (not really a sport). Skiing
@schiffam21: Anything where I can simultaneously drink some beers and ACT like I can play i.e. co-ed softball @MichelleNorthrup
@earthxplorer: #NUTS A2 — Mountain climbing!
@ZipSetAndrea: RT @mmWine: A2 – The only sport I’m qualified for now-a-day is Speed Wine Cork Popping
Q3. Do you prefer to watch sports live, at home, sports bar?
@deniselao: @MidlifeRoadTrip A3 #boxing is my favorite sport. I prefer to watch it live; if not at home w/ friends
@Only398: A3 at home is easier to see what’s really going on. Live for the ENERGY and experience!!! I’ll take either
@ZipSetAndrea: Home: comfy couch, drinks of choice, chef hubby cooking 4 me 🙂
@Screenscapes: Under the bleachers! You have no idea the treasure to be found there!
@nicoleploehn: a3: all three? my home is in the middle of a stadium with a sports bar on the top floor. 🙂
@clickflickca: @VegasBiLL A3. i prefer to watch sports at any Vegas casino. Any will do at this point!
@RickGriffin: A3. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a big-time college football gamehttp://bit.ly/aM8Dz0
@AFarrell09: A3. All the above
@McMedia: Saw my 1st College Game & I’m hooked
@Banff_Squirrel: #NUTS A3 gotta watch hockey live. Only way to get a real sense of the speed of the game
@christinenspain: A3. NOTHING comes close to being there live. But at home with hommade nachos and beer isn’t bad either

Q4.  Favorite spectator sport? Why?
@RickGriffin: A4. Jello wrestling
@christinenspain: A4. People-watching and fútbol.
@traveldesigned: @RickGriffin A4 Has got to be GREEN BAY football
@BtrVacationRent: @michelenorthrup once watched football playoff game in RV on I70 cuz it closed. Could’ve charge admission
@ZipSetRachel: OSU football. I get to wear my jersey.
@kymri: A4. SURFING. Seriously dudes, they’re competing only with nature and themselves….truly awesome!
@TheTrvlPrincess: A4. Ice Hockey. Those fights out on the ice are great entertainment.Especially when watching and drinking beer
@cruisebuzz: A4 My favorite spectator sport is underwater basket weaving.
@la_loquita: RT @VegasBill: Q4. Favorite spectator sport/Why? via @McMedia#NUTS // Americas funniest home videos 🙂
@MicheleNorthrup: My A for Q4. Favorite spectator sport #NUTS ((Lolly Lick-a-thon BEST Spectator Sport Evah! @Mcmedia @Spicyrv & @Rickgriffin whatcha’ think))
@GetPackedTravel: Now THIS should be the Super Bowl halftime show !! >> RT@rickgriffin: A4. Jello wrestling
@McMedia: A4: Early Bird at the Buffett. Q4. Favorite spectator sport
@_KimRandall: Baseball – Beer, good friends and did I say beer?!?! Hehe
Q5.  Best stadium in the world? Why?
@ZipSetAndrea: No question – Ohio State “The Horse Shoe”
@AFarrell09: A5. Turner Field in Hotlanta !!
@MagellanPR: A5 – Wembley – only one I’ve been to!! (hangingheadinshame) –
@kymri: A5. Have to go with Wrigley Field in Chicago, I just love that place , it’s so cute!
@earthxplorer: RT @RickGriffin: Q5. Best stadium in the world/Why? #NUTS ~~ The stadium where my team is playing…and winning! 🙂
@McMedia: Iron Chef Kitchen Stadium~~> RT @AFarrell09: Q5. Best stadium in the world/Why?
@BtrVacationRent: A5: Fenway Park. History & Fans
@la_loquita: RT @McMedia: Q5. Best stadium in the world/Why? #NUTS // the roman one where they had all the little kitties
@Screenscapes: Q5. Denbigh High School Stadium… I kissed Ingrid Schultz under the bleachers. I don’t know who was playing, but I know who won!
@vipglobaltravel: @RickGriffin A5. old Yankee stadium- because of the history
@Only398: A5 Reliant Stadium! New. State of the art. Retractable roof. Rodeo Houston. My home town!
@nicoleploehn: a5: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium … that is one mean stadium
@AFarrell09: A5. Football stadium at Notre Dame ~ drenched in history
@kymri: A5. The Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing is pretty cool too
@aadhuu: A5. best one i’ve been to is San Siro in Milan, Italy. It’s shared by 2 of the greatest football/soccer clubs in the world
@_KimRandall: A5. Busch Stadium because the fans are amazing, the team is my fave and I just love STL
@claudiabia: @RickGriffin A5. Maracana in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil! Huge, awesome… and the Worldcup 2014 final will be there! 🙂

Q6.  Which sport do you wish were an Olympic sport? (But it’s not)
@la_loquita:  jello shots
@earthxplorer:  ~~~Hopscotch! I rock it! And long distance spitting.
@1Dad1Kid: A6: Drinking
@Screenscapes: Yard Gnome long distance tossing!
@Banff_Squirrel: #NUTS A6: Dogsledding. Seriously, they let horses into the Olympics..
@PGAVillage_Golf: A6: Golf – Coming in 2016 !!
@MagellanPR: A6 – Extreme Ironing and Extreme Hoovering – its a hoot !
@claudiabia: @AFarrell09 A6. Fork Lifting… 🙂
@TheTrvlPrincess: A6. Either Cuddling or road rage. Either way, i’d totally win a gold :]
@chris_vegashost:  — surfing
@CravenTravels:  A6: Quidditch
@RickGriffin: A6. Competitive tweeting
@sueanneshirzay: Speed Shopping & Downhill martini drinking
@TweetMeTV: A6: Audience Dancing .. Some real contenders on the @theellenshow
@VegasBill: RT @CruiseBuzz: A6. Couch surfing? Does that count? – Many would enjoy as an Olympic sport.
@aseper: A6: Pinball. I would definitely be an Olympic athlete
@RickGriffin: A6. Full contact Karaoke
@EthanDWaters Lawn mower racing. It’s a staple in the South.
Q7.  Best tip for someone who’s never been to a live sporting event?
la_loquita: always root for the opposing team at a home game
@WriterChick47: A7. Wear ‘beer-spill-proof’ clothes. Arrive early and don’t eat the nachos
@Screenscapes: There is Free gum under the seat! Enjoy!
@PGAVillage_Golf: A7: Soak in the atmosphere and participate! Bring a child who is into sports!!
@deniselao: Q7 Don’t wear white
@aseper: A7: If bored, drink beer, and lots of it. And don’t put your coat on the ground under your seat. I’ll spill said beer on it
@BtrVacationRent: A7: Arrive early. Pay for parking. Go to bathroom at odd times. Don’t bring anything.
@RickGriffin: A7. Bring Bail Money
@kymri: A7. it’s ok to do a happy dance at the appropriate moments
@AFarrell09: A7. Sit back and relax and pace yourself on the beers… 🙂
@Zecher_9: #nuts. Bring plenty of money, lose your inhibitions, go with the flow and wear clothes you don’t care if you have to throw them away
@GetPackedTravel: A7 >> Root LOUDLY for the home team …. you’ll make more new friends that way, regardless of the sport.

Q8.  Favorite tailgate food? Recipe? Picture?
@GoApril: A8 Nacho Bar!!!! That way everyone can pick what they want and no one complains
@1Dad1Kid: A8: If I have enuf alcohol, the food choices don’t really affect me
@Route195: Nothing beats good, large, crispy, spicy buffalo wings
@PGAVillage_Golf: A8: Brats with my wife’s potato salad and ice cold Stella’s. No recipe needed !!
@nicoleploehn: a8: ooh i love those little wieners in blankets 🙂
@la_loquita: RT @McMedia: Q8. Favorite Tailgate food…recipe…picture? #NUTS // possum and raccoon shish-ka-bobs
@GoApril: A8 Beer is my favorite tailgate food – recipe – chill – open – drink -REPEAT – A LOT!
@McMedia: Chai Thai Meatballs http://bit.ly/ck4ZM9 (expand) @MicheleNorthrup:
@kymri: A8. CHIPS & GUACAMOLE!
@MidlifeRoadTrip: A8. Nothin’ beats Tailgate BBQ http://bit.ly/9w9K9N
@VegasBill: A8. Favorite tailgate food? – Maybe the Scorpion would be popular?#NUTS cc @RickGriffin http://twitpic.com/2pgzfs
@GetPackedTravel: A8 >> Steak tartare, a nice cabernet …. oops, wrong tweet-up ….. burgers, nachos, and LOTS of cold beer, dude !!
@CravenTravels: A8: Favorite tailgate food: Pie, every kind of Pie: Apple, blueberry, cherry, moon, etc.
@teamcocktail: A8. Favorite Tailgate food: Spicy Bloody Mary! http://bit.ly/grmpNj

Q9.  Describe the most outrageous sports fan you’ve ever encountered.
@PGAVillage_Golf: A9. #PhillyFans Nuf said… They are #nuts
@1Dad1Kid: A9: The American football fans that go shirtless, all painted up, when the rest are in parkas #NUTS
@BtrVacationRent: A9: LA sports fans are most outrageous. They leave in the middle of anything to beat the traffic.
@ZipSetAndrea: Hooligans, Euro 200 in Brussels…very bad party behavior! RT@McMedia: Q9. Most outrageous sports fan you’ve encountered (picture?)
@MagellanPR: A9 – That has to be Pompey football (that’s soccer to you Americans) fan, covered in tattoos – wearing very little & blowing a trumpet
@WriterChick47: A9 The Tides fans were pretty outrageous!
@schiffam21: A9. Any Michigan loving fan. Seriously? talk about delusional…almost as bad as those Steeler’s lovers hahaha #NUTS
@WriterChick47: RT @schiffam21: A9. Any Michigan loving fan. Seriously? talk about delusional.-We’re not delusional. We’re in denial #Nuts
@Clarkie_Runs: A9: I’m from Wisconsin. Frozen tundra, winter, beer, brats, and lack of clothing ‘nough said #nuts
@McMedia: A9 .. Outrageous or Gross You decide http://yfrog.com/h8fabgbj
@GetPackedTravel: A9 >> Most outrageous GROUP of fans I ever encountered was when I sat in the Black Hole section at a Raider game, those fans are 100%
Q10. Favorite #SuperBowl commercial of all time.
@PGAVillage_Golf: A10: Bud……..Bud…. with the frogs….
@Route195: a.10 Has to be The Terry Tate Linebacker commercials.
@kymri: A10. That Miller Light commercial years back where the aliens land in the crop circle of logo (helps that I was in it too!)
@claudiabia: @RickGriffin Betty White for sure! 🙂
@teamcocktail: A10. If you can remember the commercials you clearly weren’t drinking enough! Cheers!
@CravenTravels: Q10 Favorite #SuperBowl commercial of all time #NUTS A10; Apple computer introduction of the MAC 1984
@GetPackedTravel: A10 >> Doritos ……. Ali Landry ……. ‘Nuff said
@schiffam21: Agreed! Also loved magic beer fridge! RT @PGAVillage_Golf A10: Bud……..Bud…. with the frogs….
@kymri: A10. this one (I’m dancing in it) http://bit.ly/gXofGn

After Party
@MidlifeRoadTrip: Congratulations to @TeamCocktail Winner of the Intensity Academy Saucy Pack
@teamcocktail: AWESOME!! *Jumping around* RT @MidlifeRoadTrip: Congratulations to @TeamCocktail Winner of the Intensity Academy Saucy Pack filled… #NUTS
@aadhuu: Thanks #NUTS for introducing @MidlifeRoadTrip and @McMedia
@GetPackedTravel: Thanks for the RT’s, you all are totally #NUTS@ZipSetAndrea@la_loquita @nicoleploehn @ZipSetRachel @1Dad1Kid @mmWine ….. Cheers, MJH
@nicoleploehn: RT @teamcocktail: What an awesome #nuts! Thanks everyone!

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