Q1. If you wanted to get a “fresh start”, what city would you move to? #NUTS
@MagellanPR  Where would I move to? Well, I did get a fresh start 2 years ago and moved here from London!
@roniweiss If I wanted a professorial life, I’d go to Strasbourg. If I wanted to live in the UK, I’d head to Bristol
@crozul  Buenos Aires – fell in love w/ the blend of Latin w/ European flavors! Nevr a dull moment in that city! & i want 2 learn Spanish!
@tracycopy  Any one of the Greek Isles. Would open a restaurant, be very mysterious & call myself “Taverna”
@Banff_Squirrel Pepperidge Farm. Oh, wait, that’s for fresh tarts.
@BamaGretch Auckland. Its very far away yet “English” speakingRT
@purrfectlee  Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica. The govt in this country is beginning to scare me. Costa Rica is looking better every day
@WellnessTravel San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

Q2. I know it’s Autumn/Fall when #NUTS
@myekulis when the apple cider and spiced rum starts going on display at the grocery and liquor stores!
@ehalvey It drops from 100 to 56 in two days like it just did here in Nashville.
@JFCPR when I get the urge to buy pots of mums and put them everywhere!
@gracenote  When Starbucks starts selling their Pumpkin Spiced Latte. That drink screams Fall
@purrfectlee  Used to be the dusty smell of peanuts being harvested and then gorging myself on the green boiled peanuts. Nom Nom
@TravelMaestro: I yell at the squirrels gathering #nuts in the road as I ride my bike
@@rickgriffin: When the neighbors tell me to rake the leaves instead of to mow my lawn
@FamilyTreks I’m having to change clothes 3x a day (layers on, layers off, layers on).

Q3. What/who inspires you to keep trying when something is tough? #NUTS
@ThitiaOfficial My Grandma, always been and will be my Greatest inspiration
@roniweiss  When I think that other people would give up, I don’t.
@HennArtOnline The wisdom in my heart put there by my mom&dad
@BeachmereInn My kids and my hope they will be the 4th generation here at the Inn!
@WillingFoot I know everyone will say this but Family has always been the best support
@CareVacations  And my innate desire to prove that I can do it… or better yet… prove someone wrong!
@Chimeratravel  Fam and closest friends are my biggest inspiration. Love them for helping me persevere.
@GirlontheGoJan  Einstein quote: you never fail until you stop trying. Plus theme from “Rocky.
@@gtrot:  Those who are less fortunate. Knowing that things could always be worse is the best motivation.

Q4. Best place to watch the “leaves turn”? #NUTS
@ACarlton MAiNE. (even though I haven’t been yet) or New England overall.
@MomsofAmerica  Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. or in NOVA and Wash. DC
@allaboutmexico East coast, Boston, I think!
@TheTrvlPrincess  I’m gonna have to go with #Vermont on this one. Absolutely STUNNING scenery-even if the leaves arent changing!
@McMedia  New England …. so many great memories AND Vermont Maple Syrup
@StaffaRoadTrip  Near a tree
@Banff_Squirrel   Reco the Skoki Lakes to watch the Larches turn:
@HollisCGuerra  Asheville, NC

Q5. You’re granted one wish to change anything about your life. What is it? #NUTS
@CancunGringa  bigger boobs.
@OnilMNavarroza  Don’t have to change anything. I’m perfectly fine.
@MagellanPR  That’t a tricky one. Perhaps to play the violin or the piano … would love to just pick up an instrument & play Mozart
@garianne1 the fact that I can’t eat chocolate all day and stay thin, I envy those who can
@familyfoodie  Learn to enjoy the ride
@kitwhelan  I want my backpack to weigh nothing no matter how much I put in it! Also to invent a teleporter.
@VickyAkins My daughter’s taste in men
@tracycopy Have my significant other see himself as others see him…Wildly talented.
@bumpedin  Is it fair to ask for superpowers? Photographic memory would be nice. Or speed/time travel.
@erikj   Ha Ha Ha. would have been more specific when I wished for more hair.

Q6. An unexpected windfall brings you $100,000! What would you do with it? #NUTS
@terrysimpson  spend it foolishly
@amberrisme  Travel the world and help people
@MalloryOnTravel  I’ll buy 100,000 lottery tickets
@ViewOnTravel  Find a boat to sail around the world!
@claudiabia  Pack and travel.
@AuthenticCoast  Lobster all round!
@RCdeWinter  Pay off bills and take off to see the world.
@purplybunny  buy a new (to us) property somewhere in Land of Eng for me & bf to live in after that, i dunno

Q7. If you had to start a totally new career tomorrow, what would it be? #NUTS
@whereishawkins Male porn star
@mittieroger  Environmental Lobbyist. Hard but so rewarding.
@clareappleyard National Geographic Photographer 🙂 Anybody know if they’re hiring?
@Butterflydiary A Sommelier.
@ilivetotravel  Archeologist/explorer! Or sommelier.
@amandamo32  well it’s too late to play pro basketball so my new career will be owning a WNBA team!
@Xplore724   Professional Traveler
@christinenspain   I would dive into the world of magazine publishing.
@@goodtravellife  wildlife photographer, but a wildlife rehab owner would be nice too

Q8. If you could be an intern for any famous person for one month, who would it be? Why?#NUTS
@TravelProducer The Queen of England because of the access to such historic buildings no one can get access too & because she’s a smart woman
@GirlontheGoJan Again, that would have to be a Pip. Or Anthony Bourdain. But nicer
@SuffolkRam  Sports coach or Dolphin trainer
@LewisPoretz  The Rolling Stones… just because
@LovelyLu  George Clooney or Derek Jeter
@WindowSeatapp  I would intern for @Cher! Perhaps some of her diva ways would help me rule the world.
@gjatlusa  Steve Jobs, even now that he is retired, so much to learn.
@ilivetotravel  Not Bill Clinton! Lol
@RickGriffin  Being a presidential intern got Monica Lewinsky in trouble
@McMedia   Sir Richard Branson because he knows how to DREAM BIG!
@JFCPR  Charlie Sheen obviously. I would be the most popular guest at dinner parties. Oh the stories I could tell!

Q9. What is your favorite movie/book/song about starting over? #NUTS
@MomRedefined Thelma & Louise
@gjatlusa  The Razor’s Edge
@clareappleyard  John Lennon “Just like starting over” – doh! What kind of question is that? I mean, really.
@purrfectlee  That’s easy. Change Your Mind by@SisterHazelBand “If you want to be somebody else, change your mind”
@ehalvey  The Bourne Trilogy. Oh wait, he kicks ass because they won’t let him start over
@ACarlton  Elizabethtown, Into the Wild, Motorcycle Diaries, Under the Tuscan Sun, Atonement…Turning Tables & Someone Like You by Adele
@CancunGringa Eat Pray Love, except take out the annoying main character and substitute Yours Truly
@rtwdave Breakfast Club!
@bjohnsonCTA Redemption Song – Bob Marley
@nodnsmileNYC LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun! Great story and beautiful setting.

Q10. If I could have my own Ground Hog’s Day and live the same day over and over, it would be… #NUTS
@MomsofAmerica  live one day over and over again like GH day? No thanks!
@silvermaneman  The day my newborn daughter came home. Runnerup: they day I tried Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
@EatPackGo The day i rode in an F-16 or drove in an Indy car!
@ilivetotravel  the moment I walked out of the offices of my emplpyer of 15yrs after turning in the laptop & leaving!
@ViewOnTravel   July 11, 2008—Ran with the bulls and spent the whole day celebrating!
@jbranigan  My last visit with my “Aunt Mom”
@santafetraveler  A moment of magical discovery I had on a birthday I spent in Ireland
@kathikruse  July 21, 2005. The day I discovered my soulmate.

After Party
@MagellanPR: Thanks for a great #NUTS chat – brilliant as always
@utravelwithus Thanks for the #NUTS therapy everyone. you guys make my week
@kitwhelan Thanks for a great #NUTS!!
@MalloryOnTravel You #nuts make the ‘autumn’ of the day great, I fall for everyone of you each week thanks for the fun no need to turn over any new leaf here
@LewisPoretz so glad i remembered to stop into #Nuts today … it was flat out #Nuts
@OnilMNavarroza Since the day I discovered #NUTS I am always looking forward to it every Tuesday! So much fun!

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