Q1. What’s your earliest memory of TV? #NUTS
@TravelProducer I knew the “people” on TV lived inside the TV set, but couldn’t figure out how everyone else could see them.
@ilivetotravel Sitting on my Dad’s lap watching TV w/ him & getting up b4 TV broadcast began watching the “snow” until wkend AM cartoons started!
@Shrimp13 First day of Sesame Street – I know that isn’t quite right cuz I was 5 but it’s how I remember it
@sillyamerica When we first got a VCR & the remote was attached to it via a chord. I thought the remote magically made smurfs appear.
@goodtravellife Gilligan’s Island. How much fun would it be to live on an island?!
@purrfectlee Watching the Lawrence Welk show with my granpaw.
@McMedia: My dad telling me to change the channel, which meant getting up & turning the dial to 1 of 3 channels in B&W
@HennArtOnline Ed Sullivan Show, Beatles
@LovelyLu All 13 channels!

Q2. What’s your favorite TV show of all time and why? #NUTS
@ilivetotravel As a kid, it was The Flintstones for sure!
@CruiseGiant Love Boat. Always was a Jule McCoy fan
@MiraCristine Buffy the vampire slayer
@larzkicksu: Xena Warrior Princess, i was obsessed when I was younger
@michaelhanisco The Dinosaurs show – “Not the Mama!” I’m a 1989er.
@eurapart Doctor Who. You can’t beat time travel.
@NomadTours Definitely a swiss army knife, a role of duct tape and a mullet from … I don’t know where, MacGyver!! Legend like Chuck Norris!
@MauiBlen The First Charles’s Angels, that’s when I knew I really like girls!
@LandLopers H.R. Pufnstuf, freaky stuff

Q3. Have you ever scheduled your social life around a TV show? Which one? #NUTS
@akonthego Yes. Now if you’ll excuse me, my soap opera is on.
@WillingFoot Yeah Sunday nights when Sopranos was on the air.
@redhunttravel Hockey Night in Canada is pretty much a social event every week
@larzkicksu I’ve scheduled my life around #Glee
@SociallyGenius Does Football Sunday Count? That & used to for 24
@JFCPR Not since the invention of DVR. But I do remember being very annoyed that my son was born during the Sopranos Finale
@amandaelsewhere I never miss an awards show. Especially not the red carpet hour before
@expeditiontrips Yes. Impossible to not be inspired by Bourdain’s @NoReservations.

Q4. Who’s your favorite TV character of all time and why? #NUTS
@Danbaileyphoto Jack Bauer. I feel I have to say this because, as I mentioned, he can find out where I live
@CaptainandClark . Chris says “Don Carnage from Talespin”…
@CancunGringa : Phoebe from Friends bc she’s badass
@Mindless00 Kojak! The real&original Telly Savalas
@JasonPromotesU Blanche and Rose on Golden Girls
@JimJosephExp: oh honey, Karen from Will and Grace … she told it like it is
@bjohnsonCTA Peter Griffon and thee cast of family guy

Q5. What’s your favorite TV theme song of all time? “hum” a few bars… #NUTS
@anyaosk . Dexter soundtrack rocks!
@EpsteinTravels Different Strokes & MASH
@ACarlton I will just share the best theme song:http://t.co/orwMgTZa
@CruiseGiant Cue Jack Jones…. Love, exciting and new! Come aboard, we’re expecting you… the LOVE Boat, soon to be making another run.
@roniweiss Jeez, I like so many TV theme songs. Possibly the full theme to Cheers is my fav. “and your husband wants to be a girl”
@nodnsmileNYC Growing pains! Show me that smile again (show me that smile)
@xcomglobal The Munsters theme song

Q6. Who’s your favorite TV show child star (past or present) and why? #NUTS
@TravelMaestro Had a huge crush on David Cassidy…didn’t every 8-10 year old girl in America?
@TravelProducer Susan Dey (aka Laurie Partridge) ‘cos I wanted to “be her” when I grew up.
@mygo2it The ultimate child star Gary Coleman
@ZipSetRachel J.T.T. – like totally!
@myekulis I feel like I kinda grew up with the Full House kids
@buycruises The Beaver- Theodore Cleaver- It was/is a great name. Gee
@Butterflydiary Loved Michael J. Fox in Family Ties!
@expeditiontrips Punky Brewster. For pushing boundaries and being curious

Q7. What’s your favorite “animated sitcom” of all time & which character is your favorite? #NUTS
@RickGriffin Scooby Doo! ruh roh!
@Chimeratravel Family guy, hands down.
@nodnsmileNYC Alvin and the Chipmunks! I loved Theodore- he was a cutie and so roly poly
@roniweiss South Park is a great show.. Well, it is when it is. It sucks when it isn’t. But everyone’s definition for that is different.
@SimonTravels Spiderman, and Spiderman. Futurama and Simpsons are tied for 2nd
@eurapart What are we going to do today Brain? Same thing we do everyday, Pinky. Try to take over the world.
@TravelerKate The Simpsons. I remember when it started; my family and I used to watch it every week even though I was probably too young

Q8. What TV commercial jingle is stuck in your head (past or present)? #NUTS
@JasonPromotesU Party Rock Anthem from Kia
@akonthego “Underroos are fun to wear, YEAH, something outta sight in underwear
@tracycopy Always Baskin Robbins “Ice Creamy Cakes” & Sometimes I feel Like A nut
@Velcro108 What TV commercial jingle is stuck in your head (past or present)? Baby back, baby back, b-b-b-baby back…you’re welcome.
@RayLaMontagne – It’s on an insurance commercial w/ the red umbrella. #NUTS Ray happens to be my fave!
@jkheaton Few! “I am stuck on bandaid brands cuz bandaids stick on me!” “Ohhh, I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner!
@MauiBlen Mr Clean, I don’t know why maybe something to do with my hair line
@travelinjones My bologna has a 1st name its O-S-C-A-R…….and Rice A Roni, the San Francisco treat
@Florida_Design: Meow Mix, ‘Meow, Meow, Meow Meow’

Q9. If you could get a behind-the-scenes pass, what set would you want to visit? #nuts
@Shrimp13 No Reservations!
@KirkCole Probably #Dexter… I am obsessed with that show
@vsawtell Mad Men for sure!
@ViewOnTravel Gossip Girl. And then I’d swipe everything out of wardrobe. Shhhhh
@princessgeeta . Hawaii 5-0 so I could find, tackle, and have my way with the hot men on it. Yep.
@MVCTravel Eureka! I know it isn’t real, but it’s so cool
@anyaosk Law & Order: Special Victims Unit!
@santafetraveler And a time machine- Sex and the City.

Q10. If you could be a TV Character IRL, which one would it be and why? #NUTS
@ElinSilveous Superman
@Mindless00 . Monica from the Friends
@MashOnEarth Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service: I want to fly on a broom and have a black cat! Is it #NUTS?
@DeafMom Wonder Woman. I just want the perfect 10 body. That’s all.
@KarinMuller Pam de Beaufort! She’s just… Hot? Funny? Sexy? Classy! Loyal! Did I say Hot already?
@amandaelsewhere Maybe I’d be Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec – so ambitious, and funny! And passionate about her job – so clutch.
@wxaccount Jack Tripper. Who wouldn’t want to live with 2 women?
@foodieintl Sliding into #NUTS with Donna Noble from Doctor Who. She faced the wonders of space and time travel and kept a fab sense of humor!
@ELPhotographics I would be Captain Jean Luc Picard; ladies would swoon and my head would be oh-so-shiny

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