Q1. What is the #1 Resolution on your 2012 list? #NUTS
@JeanetteJoy My #1 resolution is to live Joyously! #2 Love #3Get Fit  
@CruiseBuzz. I resolve to have more fun and to invent a way to make Twitter record my thoughts in tweets. Saves time on typing
@TravelatedRease See more of my own country (USA)
@iGrandmaTV  to bust out…not let one thing hold me back
@AustinKVS To get back to the gym AND cut back on sweets (what are the odds?).
@ACarlton Listen to my heart and follow it. (personally, professionally and could be travel related as well)
@BohemianTrails My #1 resolution is to live my life for me, accept that some people may never understand me and just be happy for who I am
@SandOnTheBrain to delegate more and prioritize better (home AND work!). Still a work in progress!
Q2. Most successful resolution you made AND kept last year? #NUTS
@dkny  Easy! I didn’t make any & I kept it that way
@TravelingPerly To save more and shop less
@familyonbikes To reach Ushuaia!! 17,300 miles is a LOT of pedaling!
@MalloryOnTravel Wore clean underwear EVERYDAY …. ok except for my birthday but that can be excused
@teamcocktail  Drink more rum and learn more about it!
@tracycopy  Laugh at least once a day… I surpass my quota daily!
@MsKandiLee: I quit smoking!! Been smoke free since April 9…8 months
@TimothyCarter Finding happiness.
Q3.  Which resolution did you fail to keep last year?#NUTS
@cspencerlewis  Most of them.
@TravelingPerly  To stop fantasizing on Ryan Gosling
@BoomerangHotels  I failed to make a resolution so I guess I failed to keep it as well?!!
@HennArtOnline Living nude, sigh! 🙂
@RickGriffin. My resolution to be more betterer with my grammer and speling
@NerimaRoberts  Tweet less
@McMedia:  My resolution was to not get so crazy over the small stuff. It took almost the entire year but I did it!
@DTNEtiquette  Be more patient. 3rd year is the charm.

Q4.  Best thing you learned in 2011? #NUTS
@mrsoaroundworld who real friends are, and kind of how #twitter works!
@flyingwithfish (That my kid knows how to take apart a metal lock box with electronics)
@McMedia  That @roniweiss got a college degree at 13
@katyabroad  Best thing I learned? That I can do anything I put my mind to
@ACarlton That you know the right people to keep in your life and the ones to keep out.
@EpsteinTravels Gift giving really is better than receiving
@Butterflydiary  To really keep an open mind while traveling and enjoy the moment whole heartedly. Experience rules
@DTNEtiquette  How awesome social media and twitter in particular are, so many great new friends that need to be visited

Q5. What’s Your Biggest Challenge going to be in 2012? #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel  If every other year is anything to go by, finding my keys
@travel_version Find a way to travel more. A lot, lot more.
@Mindless00  To get a job& life abroad
@eatsleeplaugh  staying focused on what really matters and not trading in what I am aiming for long-term for what feels good in the short-term
@jenjenk  Managing my time – vacation vs work!
@cspencerlewis  Balancing new responsibilities w/ new ambitions.
@ZapDepressionOK  Keeping up with all the changes on the web and NOT having time swallowed by playing computer games
@harkx  Travel more with less. (money & vacation)
@waynemcevilly the very doing of it that’s it for sure

Q6.  Place you most want to visit in 2012 #NUTS
@Jess_Skel  Panama!
@TimothyCarter Santorini
@KelseyIvey  Peru – I want to get some serious hiking done this year!
@reneedobbs California wine country and Germany
@CelticTours  I have to say Ireland
@redhunttravel  Faroe Islands
@lapearce New Orleans, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff and Jasper National Parks
@santafetraveler Easter Island. Want to see those heads!

Q7. Worst place you visited that you resolve never go back to? #NUTS
@LauraAllenTvl  Pittsburgh
@TravelProducer  Don’t hate me but I’m NOT a fan of New Orleans. But I’ll always love Cafe Du Monde.
@travel_version  Worst seems extreme but no desire to go back to Barcelona. I wasn’t impressed.
@EpsteinTravels  Pigeon Forge
@SchlossiWines   Not really a particular destination, more like specific hotels/restaurants I’d never go back to
@thetravelfool  Was work not travel but Khandahar Afghanistan sucks
@CharlesMcCool  Elizabeth, New Jersey and Huelva, Spain
@AppetiteforLife   Southern Sumatra

Q8.  What’s the shortest time you’ve kept a resolution & What was it?
@CoupleofSports  I think I gave up chocolate once, I think that lasted until 3pm on New Year’s Day.
@SchlossiWines  “No thanks, no wine for me tonight.” And a minute later someone brings out a NICE bottle
@CocktailDeeva  Stop Drinking..Worst 3 minutes of my Life!
@LolaDiMarco  Any resolution to do w/drinking 🙁 worst
@WillingFoot  To try and stop using the word F#$K, lasted 3 days.
@santafetraveler  To lose weight, about 20 minutes.
@akonthego  Resolutions for me? Try and attend all #NUTSsessions. Hope my insurance will cover it
@HennArtOnline 1 minute, no more sex:-)

Q9. What was you Best/Worst New Years Eve?#NUTS
@TravelProducer  My “Broadway Debut” in CATS in NYC on NYE: Rum Tum Tugger pulled me from the audience to dance on stage! Meow!
@BohemianTrails  Last year – partied with locals in #Cairo – belly dancers + amazing food
@Mindless00 The best was my father’s 50th b-day party… wish I could relive again
@ZipSetAndrea  Best = Paris 1999…the Eiffel Tower looked like it would launch into the sky, kissed many random Europeans
@Baldydog  worst would be the year my amigos and I shaved our heads
@kristiemacris  Worst New Years – When I discovered my crab allergy and ended up in a hospital in Princeton NJ morning of Dec 31
Edinburgh for Hogmanay – definitely the best! Drinking on the streets,
making new friends, & leaving the bar for the airport at 4am
@jkheaton  MANY great NYE but one of best was in Boulder, Colorado. Friend married few days prior, big group.
@dave_link  Best was NYE 2009 – Current fiance decided to be this nerdy guy’s girlfriend

Q10.  If you could make a resolution for someone else, who/what would it be? #NUTS
@WillingFoot   For my mom, to work less.
@Runenfly  my sister – never to keep her sister waiting again
@harkx  Everyone, use common sense and be friendly to everyone else.
@katyabroad For anyone who wants to travel but keeps making excuses to make this the year that they do it
@tracycopy  Donald Trump. To either stop the spray tan or include his eye lids. Orange raccoon scares me
@TravelMaestro I can think of lots of things I’d like to see my kids resolve to do…like their own dishes.
@akonthego To unplug their children from their electronics and explore the world. For ever ‘n ever, Amen.
@GalileeYacht  My ego driven Coast Guard neighbor to get over himself #jerk
@MomsofAmerica For my friends: That they woud see how beautiful they R

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