Q1. What is your favorite/least favorite things about airports?#NUTS
SweetSoaps I like a pre-pat down free meal or promise of marriage.
@FlyingPhotog Watching people & planes.
@avgjomag We know they’re necessary; but the security check point is least favorite. They’re called pedicures for a reason!
@ilivetotravel Least: rude ppl, crowds, lines Best: seeing int’l destinations on the boards & needing my passport!
@HennArtOnline Worst: No Bacon vending machines!
@theadkchick Very little vegetarian options!
@deeboochi Favorite part- airport bars, of course.
@myekulis But favorite thing about being at an airport, it means I’m going on vacation (or at least getting away for a bit)!
@TheSundayDriver If I’m in an airport, I’m traveling–love it! But hate the ‘captive audience’ prices for everything.

Q2. The worst/best passenger I ever sat next to on a plane #NUTS
@_kimrandall As I said earlier.. Worst was two drunk 20-something y/o’s that wouldnt stop talking, best would be Casper AKA no one ūüôā
@SandiMcKenna A guy who whipped out the stinkiest burrito evah, at 31,000 feet. Lawd have mercy
@MalloryOnTravel Best female photography rep for Canon, very friendly, shared some wine and free filters too
@LCHadfield I was tempted to hand over my deodorant to a guy one time. Pew!
@jkheaton i hate to say it, but a monk. the whole time from chicago to sf he was doing some sort of loud breathing exercise..
@TheTrvlPrincess  Best: Quiet people who dont smell or talk my ear off. Worst: The drunk guy who sat next to me an then was taken off & arrested
@GPdogma ¬†Best: Sat next to an Air Marshall, he tried to act like a reg guy but I know that wasn’t a tumor strapped to his ankle!
@travlin_girl Funny, my worst was a nun from Paris – LGA. Terribly rude: kept hitting me to get the flight attendant’s attention.
@LoisMarketing Davy Jones of the Monkees. Seat mate several years ago and just as fun and adorable as you would imagine. So glad to have met him.
@ShelleyCHolmes Teens in their pjs at the airport. Including slippers.

Q3. Oddest thing/person you’ve ever seen at a terminal #NUTS
@TravelProducer ¬†Does James Spader at LAX Starbucks count as “oddest” person I’ve ever seen? Actually, I love James Spader!
@1Dad1Kid The woman who was having a very LOUD Skype conversation with her BF and their infant child. You cld hear her 4 gates down.
@CoupleofSports Once flew on Halloween. People were not shy about wearing their costumes in the airport which made for a great scene
@foodieintl Woman losing her mind in front of gate agent, cops had to drag her away.
@KelseyIvey  Two male flight attendants dress in 1970s airline drag costumes
@avgjomag OJ Simpson running through the terminal
@JeanetteJoy Woman with see through pants. No one looked or did anything about it.
@travlin_girl AC/DC walking through DCA terminal. My sister ran up to them and got their autographs!
@happy_rambler Guy boarding plane with a boomerang. I prayed so hard he wouldn’t throw it during flight cos we’d end up back where we started

Q4.  Thing that annoys you most during a flight #NUTS
@allaboutmexico Rude passengers who don’t say please & even ruder Flight attendants. Thing that annoys you most during a flight
@TravelMaestro The absolute worst situation on a plane is being stuck next to a smelly person who laps over the armrest. Loud talkers are 2nd
@scoutfinch1 Switch off your cellphone or we will crash announcement…Idiots!
@1Dad1Kid Rude attendants, rude passengers, people kicking my seat, having to pay for EVERY LITTLE THING
@amandaelsewhere Sorry. Children.
@halfofjess: A queue for the lavatory. My bladder can’t handle it!
@AustinKVS  And people who jerk their seat back suddenly to recline. Oops Рthere goes my laptop!
@MoyraDavid not being able to sleep because of a passenger sitting beside or behind me!
@akaSwedishChef when they stop a film 10 mins b4 landing! I mean come on 10 mins ain’t gonna kill us!
@RickGriffin lack of consideration for people wanting to join the Mile High Club

Q5.  The best way to entertain yourself during a long flight #NUTS
@SMNoob  By watching the entire Star Wars Trilogy, of course
@1Dad1Kid  Sleep, movies, and my Kindle.
@CoupleofSports  Catching up on reading and using the time to write is always a bonus of flying
@karenmcallister  Good book/quiet seatmates
@tracyleacarnes Ambien!
@vagablonde515 ¬†We watch a movie on the laptop and now looking forward to having an ipad haven’t used it on a flight yet
@GeneralTours ¬†Laptop is handy… can watch movies, play games, read on it, etc… pretty much one-stop entertainment shopping!
@BroomsRUs  Above or below your tray
@ilivetotravel #nuts movies, books and some vino!

Q6. Best movie about airports/airplanes #NUTS
@BespokeTravels   Airplane!
@TravelMaestro  AIRPLANE ! Hands down! But Planes, Trains & Automobiles is a classic too.
@ehalvey ¬†¬†LOVE “Up in the Air”. I’m totally the speedy security line person.
@BamaGretch TV show… Wings
@LoisMarketing John Wayne in “The High and the Mighty” from the 50s, original “Airport”-type movie. Great look back at glamorous air travel
@amandaelsewhere ¬†¬†Bridesmaids. THERE’S A COLONIAL PERSON ON THE WING!
@KouponKat  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with John Candy and Steve Martin.
@GeneralTours ¬†Enjoyed “The Aviator” quite a bit, despite myself
@VickyAkins: ¬†I’m a fan of “ConAir: “Put the bunny down..”

Q7. Worst TSA experience #NUTS
@amandaelsewhere I’m always picked out of the line for a random bag check. Because I’m suspicious?
@nycmartini  Unbelievable but have had no problems with the TSA
@HennArtOnline They said I was on the Do Not Fly List!
@avgjomag Forgetting the hairpins still in the hair & everyone trying to figure out that it wasn’t my underwire bra setting off alarms
@vagablonde515 always been treated well by TSA I have2 give credit where credit is due. PS don’t carry on a Metal 2 gallon of Vermont Maple Syrup
@LCHadfield Flew with my 5-yr-old. Got tagged for a search. Separated us & he started crying. Wouldn’t let me near him:
@Roopunzel would just be nice if we could get those hunk of men to do it
@TheSundayDriver Leaving NOLA, TSA opened our carefully wrapped plaster plaque (plaster? really?) and then sorta re-wrapped. Of course it broke.
@GINbee TSA confiscated from me: 1 oz snow globe, water I had purchased IN the airport

Q8. Scariest inflight experience #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel  Probably sitting next to @whereishawkinsin First Class
@SandiMcKenna My 1st flight ever, we took off in a thunder storm. Sat next to a nun & we said novenas the entire time!
@JeanetteJoy Long ago, my husband was flying and a part fell off the plane. We landed fine. Scary with 5 babies on board.
@VickyAkins: Sitting next to a large man eating a bean burrito
@santafetraveler A plane that clearly had serious mechanical. Even my cool-headed son was convinced (wrongly- TG) that we were going down
@CumbrianRambler A “not quite landing” at Heathrow followed by a *very* steep climb into clouds
@MoyraDavid seeing a lightning strike out the window!
@Soben flight about to land (~200 feet up?), hit torrential rain, and suddenly took off like a rocket back into the sky.
@tomcaestecker T-storm on approach to Louisville: person’s coffee splashed in midair & changed direction

Q9. Best/worst airport & why? #NUTS
@scoutfinch1 Best- Amsterdam! So small…you can be out in 10 mins!
@sharayray My favorite airport is my local Sonoma County airport. You can check an case of wine, for free & workers are nice.
@dogjaunt Best/worst airport? Dulles=best (v. nice, AIR-side pet relief areas); DEN=worst (remote, hideous pet relief area)
@jbranigan I like small airports where I’m not a number. My luggage has gotten lost on every trip thru Dallas Ft Worth — go figure
@santafetraveler We used to fly out of Stewart in NY a lot when we lived there. Everybody knew you- it was fun & easy. Boarded on tarmac.
@myekulis DTW used to be awful. They’ve made some really nice upgrades recently though. Same with LGA
@Mindless00 I love the airport on Malta & Sicily
@iriniramzy BEST: Zurich. It’s like a luxury mall, the place is so spectacularly clean, and Swiss chocolate everywhere.
@AuthenticCoast Nova Scotia’s @HfxStanfield: fresh lobster.

Q10. Best advice for infrequent fliers #NUTS
@MalloryOnTravel Drink heavily
@BamaGretch Best advice for infrequent fliers#NUTS‚ÄĚ Keep calm, take a Valium and carry on
@BespokeTravels Get to the airport early & be patient
@SandiMcKenna Learn the TSA Drill
@jbranigan pack light, bring something to read, bring your sense of humor
@AuthenticCoast Smile. Just like life, it’s all about the trip.
@nycmartini Patience. It’s become so hard to fly comfortably & easy so patience is key
@TheTrvlPrincess:. Arrive late, be prepared for a strip search and be sure to buy everyone on your flight alcohol
@RickGriffin A If they ask you to be a part of a Flash Mob, say “no”

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