Q1. Lesson learned in kindergarten that you still use today #NUTS
@roniweiss One of my classmates taught me to tie my shoes. That’s proven valuable over the years.
@WillingFoot ¬†It’s almost always wrong to bite another person ūüôā
@KelseyIvey ¬†Don’t cut your own hair
@TheTrvlPrincess ¬†If you punch the wake-up fairy you’ll end up in the time-out corner for a looooong time
@RickGriffin  Use the restroom BEFORE nap time
@akonthego:  Standing in line without touching the person in front of you is really, really hard. LOL
@2Travelaholics ¬†I learned I can’t zip zippers well and can never perfectly fold a piece of paper in half. Neither of those has changed
@Only398 It’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission!
@amandamo32 ¬†don’t play with sharp objects or boys as they produce the same result

Q2. What did you do on “summer vacation” #NUTS
@GeneralTours  Usually, summer vacation meant a lot of time spent playing in the woods. Once in a while, it meant an actual vacation!!!
@CruizeCast  I traveled Italy, took a cruise, went to London and lived in Colorado for a month.
@adventurousness  Childhood summer vacay? It was either Mexico or a return to the U.S. I started traveling young!
@L_e_a_h  Does traveling to basketball camps and tournaments count as a vacation?
@myekulis  Elementary РSummer Camp. Middle Рswim practice and hanging w the grandparents. HS Рwork and even more swim practice!
@Danbaileyphoto  Fly my new yellow Cessna taildragger and shoot assignents in Barrow, Skagway and Seldovia
@flipflopcaravan  The fam always took long road trips all over the USA.
@AustinKVS ¬†spent two weeks in northern Indiana with my family. Corn, kids, pool, A&W drive-in, and Redamak’s cheeseburger
@CancunGringa ¬†spent summers at my grandparents’ house on Lake Anna, VA… Now it’s an earthquake epicenter

Q3. Favorite breakfast cereal #NUTS
@dancinggirlie ¬†snap crackle and pop rice krispies….gotta be!
@TravelProducer ¬†Rarely eat cereal, but I L-O-V-E Cap’n Crunch, Life & Cheerios!
@tracycopy ¬†Healthy- Life. Unhealthy- Super Sugar Crisp (Yes! It USED to be called that!) & Cap n’ Crunch w/ Crunchberries
@ilivetotravel ¬†As a kid Flintstones Chocolate, then LuckyCharms. I’ve matured into Special K yogurt & berries. But the milk ALWAYS had 2have Quik!
@twoonholiday ¬†Lucky Charms without milk — straight out of the box
@HomeStarsOttawa  Favorite breakfast cereal  Frosted Flakes! Go, Tony, Go!
@utravelwithus  frosted mini wheats!!! OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET TO THE STORE NOW!!!!
@sonomawineguy  Captain Crunch w/Crunchberries and Count Chocula. And bourbon

Q4. Best teacher you ever had. Why? #NUTS
@Roopunzel  My first Hebrew teacher only spoke to us in Hebrew Рnever knew how useful that would one day be
@1Dad1Kid  US History teacher in senior high. Brought it to life, focused on more than just dates. Phenom theacher
@CareVacations ¬†That’s easy: Mrs. (Patricia) Young; 4th grade! She was so kind & nice; she was young & beautiful! To this day, I love her! xoxo
@acarlton- best each I ever had because she was the one to inspire me to go into journalism AND prepared me the bes
@JesusWife ¬†Mother Mary. She’s always speaking words of wisdom
@2Travelaholics  10th grade English teacher. I blame him for teaching me how to write well and actually enjoy writing. Thanks, Mr. Kirkley!
@ThitiaOfficial Had too many Good teachers I just wanna thank them all
@OrchidResorts  My 3rd grade teacher Mr. Shock. Long division was not so scary when he was around.

Q5. Were you the nerd, class clown, jock, preppie, cheerleader? What was your posse like? #NUTS
@CruiseBuzz ¬†Seriously I was a bit of the Class Clown then I got a new title in HS “Best Sense of Humor.” Same dif.
@MalloryOnTravel ¬†Played rugby, footie and cricket, did athletics and was house sports captain so guess ‘jock’ is kind of appropriate
@TravelBlggr  I was kinda the nerdie cheerleader.
@p_staatz  I was in the Jr Black Panthers. No one messed with us
@CancunGringa ¬†I had friends from every clique. Goths, drama, preppy, nerds… The goths were the happiest and friendliest, ironically
@jkheaton  Def a mix Рthe ballerina, fashionista, dated THE class clown from local private school. All still good friends!
@silvermaneman ¬†I went through a nerd phase (ended last year). We called ourselves “The Highwater Gang”
@amandamo32  pure jock here but I ran with the nerds! I was a little nerdy myself but basketball hid it well for me

Q6. What characters, logos, super heroes were on your backpack, lunch box, book covers?  #NUTS
@utravelwithus  i think Aladdin and Jurassic park were on my lunch box back then. I also had a trapper keeper in the 4th grade
@claudiabia  Wonder woman
@kamariagboro  Minnie Mouse.
@AustinKVS  Star Wars! Princess Leia everything.
@Only398  Transformers rings a bell! Thunder Cats, Ninja Turtles, Monster Trucks, etc
@_NatStar  I was all about the Disney
@silvermaneman  I had no superheroes on my things-but I longed to be like Batman Р(Adam West) with better abs
@ThitiaOfficial  Little Mermaid
@GPdogma I’m such a geek but: David Cassidy & the Partridge Family

Q7. What do you wish you knew in high school that you know now #NUTS
@lafinguy Teachers need love too
@RickGriffin . That Apple stock would be worth $380 per share
@CruizeCast  Being myself is better and more interesting to others than trying to please everyone
@eatsleeplaugh ¬†it’s okay not to have everything figured out just yet- most adults are still faking their way through life!
@1Dad1Kid:  Most of those super popular dickwads turned out to be sad, pathetic people.
@princessgeeta ¬†It’s not as big a deal as it seems then.. But college? Now that holds up to the hype
@MomsofAmerica ¬†Dont sweat the small stuff…and it is all small..
@CancunGringa you won’t talk to these people 5 years from now, but you will FB stalk eachother

Q8. Extra curricular .. Did you play sports, an instrument, belong to a club? Tell us! #NUTS
@utravelwithus i played the trumpet in band when i was in middle school tried playing the other night… i suck haha
@TravelProducer ¬†Total Music Geek: Choir & Plays – known for my role as Fruma Sarah in “Fiddler on the Roof” to this day with HS pals.
@ilivetotravel  The club of wait-for-the-public-bus-anywhere-between-5 mins-to-3 hrs to get home after school in PR
@SophieR Piano, dance and politics
@TravelMaestro I played flute and piccolo in marching & jazz band.
@rtwdave Ski team & club in NJ
@flipflopcaravan Volleyball year round! Was also in the interact club & worked part time
@jettingaround  I played basketball, but quit to study & get into a good high school. Nerd! I wrote articles for youth paper and did radio

Q9. Favorite song when you were in High School #NUTS
@WillingFoot ¬†Dispatch, “The General”
@WeekendInParis  American Girl РTom Petty Рgot to watch him do sound check & he asked what my fav was & at concert the played for moi! It was #NUTS!
@justacomma “Laid” by James
@_NatStar  Stereophonics Maybe Tomorrow, or Voodoo and Serano, Overload
@clareappleyard  All right stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with his brand new invention. Something, grabs a hold of me tightly.
@AgingBackwards: More than a feeling – Boston!! What a GREAT band!!!
@michelletrent ¬†I loved The Beatles’ songs!
@boomergirl50 Brown Sugar- Rolling Stones
@loly_ru ¬†November rain, by Guns n’ Roses.

Q10. If you could go back to school to learn ANYTHING, what would it be?
@JuliaMestas  nutrition
@guidetotheworld  go back 2 high school?? Are u freaking crazy?!
@santafetraveler ¬†I said a while ago that I wish I’d studied archaeology w/ a specializing in he American southwest, Fascinating!
@OrchidResorts  Music theory and audio engineering. Oh, and maybe a pick up line or two in French.
@picture_philly ¬†Pretty sure there’s nothing more to learn in high school…college maybe
@familyfoodie hELLO! I took Latin and German and I’m fluent in Portuguese! What was I thinking?
@MalloryOnTravel I might need some lessons in public relations too Sure think I am not very good at it
@alawine  wine

@MagellanPR Thank you fellow nutters, for restoring my sense of humour after the road rage of the drive home #Nuts therapy
@eatsleeplaugh thanks for a great night- fun and #NUTS as always !!! See ya next week!
@akonthego I love #TT and #NUTS. Thanks for another super session of brain therapy, folks. I’m going to do listen to my mixx tapes now
@guidetotheworld Thanks for being #nuts with me everyone!:) see ya next wk!

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