1. What’s your favorite green food/drink #nuts
@missmelisss  Guacamole!
@HostelsandTours  Completo Italiano (looks green… Lots of avocado on a hot dog) very chilean!
@MVCTravel  Asparagus with olive oil, salt pepper garlic baked. then add feta cheese and black olives,(not canned).
@HennArtOnline  Avocado/Basil infused vodka
@TravelProducer T hat’s an easy one: Green Tea Ice Cream especially after a Japanese Lunch or Dinner
@spiritoftravel Love cucumber, kale, seaweed,
@McMedia  REAL pistacio Gelato (the kind that look like baby poop but tastes like heaven
@Route195  Fresh steamed broccoli.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Q2. Best idea/place for a totally ‘green” getaway #nuts
@Real_Banff  Green Bay, if you bicycle there and only eat veggie bratwursts
@GirlontheGoJan  Nudist colony: no laundry. No use of extra fuel to transport luggage
@JeffCutler  Best green getaway has got to be Ireland
@princessgeeta  Camping. In my backyard
@GeneralTours  I think for green, I’d have to go with camping in the great Northern Canadian wilderness – can’t get much greener!
@VitraSin . galapagos, costa rica, or ireland is just awesomely green naturally!
@KyraTX  Heron Island in Australia. No green in the name, but very cool place to be.
@WeekendInParis   Camping in back yard, oh yea, forgot I hate camping. Raccoon on my pillow Girl Scout camp scarred me for life!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Q3.Favorite ‘green’ hotel or restaurant #nuts
@roniweiss . Doubt it qualifies, but I thought of ICEHOTEL. Anyone ever been?
@MamaRitaMary . Mod Market is my favorite! Two locations now in Denver area!! Also Garbanzos is a favorite place
@MagellanPR  Well am biased as I work with them but @FairmontHotels have a great green program
@MalloryOnTravel   Well apart from the “Green hotel” in Boston Can’t remember the name but a vegetarian one on the medina at Marrakech …. sue me!
@TravelBlggr  I’d like to stay at the Emerald City in Oz
@packDsuitcase  The @patagonia_camp is my fave green hotel. It’s just a bunch of yurts in the wilderness!
@NoFFnyc  The glass igloo to watch the Aurora Borealis http://t.co/dm0yCrd #nuts
@!jettingaround : Fressen rest. in Toronto. How a vegetarian restaurant should be – fresh & creative. Also @lulacafe in Chicago – local ingredients.

Q4. You’re given a green crayon & a sheet of paper. What do you draw? (Be imaginative) #nuts
@MamaRitaMary  A shamrock for my Irish heritage!! Ya!
@mygo2it  A green hand turkey!
@wenphd : Oscar the Grouch 😉
@TravelBlggr . Slimer with a fist full of cash.
@AllAboutPuebla . Kermit the frog
@Leavetheiguana A no limit American Express card & a 1st class boarding pass
@WeekendInParis  I’d draw my own conclusions…deep
@gtrot: Tough. We’d draw Gumby standing next to a @Starbucks barista in the forest? That’s a lot of green!

Q5. Favorite ‘no-fuel’ alternative to driving #nuts
@TheTrvlPrincess:. Drinking. A good drink can transport you anywhere
@eatsleeplaugh  walking- I would walk everywhere if I could. That’s why we have feet!
@whereishawkins  Rickshaw with me cracking a whip
@missmelisss  Sailing… or basically anything on the water!
@gtrot: Rollerblading.
@banffrocks  Bar crawling.
@GirlontheGoJan Kayaking! Which doesn’t always word for obvious reasons. Then biking.

Q6. You’re given a green thumb & your very own garden. What do you grow? ….. #nuts
@Route195  Peppers of all kinds. I LOVE spicy food.
@Vagabond3Live  Strawberries, mint and a bartender… he can mix the drinks!
@JeanetteJoy  With my green thumb and garden, I’d grow wine
@_kimrandall  This sounds like a magical garden so I’m totally growing money trees
@ehalvey . Hops. Or whatever goes in gi
@VegasBiLL  I would grow a huge green floral http://t.co/OJbhDDk
@eatsleeplaugh . apples and pears- for (hard) cider and cobbler/pie…could happily subsist on the combination
@WillingFoot  Lots of herbs(especially Rosemary), and vegetables. One thing I hate about living in NYC.                                                                                        @JesusWife  Fig trees #nuts

Q7. My favorite green item of clothing is #nuts
@silvermaneman  My son’s grass stained pants after he plays baseball.
@AbroadView  My Kermit the Frog pajamas
@ehalvey . My “Everyone Loves an Irish Girl” t-shirt.I bought it to catch the attention of my now hubs 8 years ago
@jkheaton  My Cariloha bamboo shirt! So soft!
@ChocolateBottle  My emerald green bikini! What a great color!
@MagellanPR Ahh have a green cardigan – that has to be my fave then!
@worldschooled  green is just not my color! But I green up by second hand shopping!
@KellyKCA  My Fighting Irish Notre Dame long sleeved shirt!
Q8. You’re given the job of ‘energy sheriff’ for the entire planet. What ONE thing do you change to save energy? #nuts
@utravelwithus  TURN OFF SOME LIGHTS!!!!! anyone miss the night sky??
@neslusa  use oil/gas subsidies for #Solar
@KatrinaMauro   Put small wind turbines on EVERY ROOF everywhere…then they can support the building they are on…Practical & not soo expensive
@NoFFnyc  Every appliance not in use automatically unplugs from the wall (I’d need to invent that first)
@TheTrvlPrincess  Convert all homes and businesses to solar power
@WeekendInParis  Cut off power to the government and do a complete ‘do over’! That would be #NUTS
@route195:  Allow all employees to telecommute!! Driving in traffic to a stagnant cubicle is ridiculous and old school!
@santafetraveler  Probably build a lot of windmills and solar facilities.

Q9. Favorite movie/book with the word ‘green’ in the title ? #nuts
@_kimrandall  Hands down.. The Green Mile
@MamaRitaMary  Haven’t read it in awhile but Anne of Green Gables comes to mind!
@TravelProducer  Loved the movie GREEN CARD with Gerard Depardieu & Andie McDowel
@mygo2it   I’m sure everyone’s thinking this =P Green Lantern
@LovelyLu  Green eggs and ham ~ Dr. Seuss
@GeneralTours  Soylent Green! It’s a book, it’s a movie, it’s super-duper disturbing and creepy! Perfecto
@WriterChick47  Fried Green tomatoes
@Route195  How about worst green movie. The recent Green Hornet was terrible.

Q10. Green is the color of the US dollar. Given an unlimited amount of money, what do you do? #nuts
@MagellanPR  Share it with all my twitter friends on #NUTS of course!
@worldschooled  I have always dreamed of starting an eco-village….seriously
@KelseyIvey  Helps those in East Africa who are suffering from the draught. End hunger
@travelightly  Donate 25%, invest 25%, give 25% to friends and family, 25% for me
@McMedia  Get Twitter a Bigger server .. Dang it’s a tad sluggish today
@MisterHirsch Sleep in.
@TheTrvlPrincess  Make sure all of the children of the world are housed, fed, educated and LOVED
@amandaelsewhere  Quit job. Travel forever

After Party
@utravelwithus thanks for the awesome #NUTS session as always 🙂 you guys ROCK!!!!! –
@utravelwithus: Broke free from the asylum just to participate in today’s #NUTS! Therapy away!!!! hahha
@scullyano Came cross this interesting hashtag today… #nuts Add a little fun to your crazy day.

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