Q1. What is your most memorable spring break? #NUTS

kymri: A1. The one yet to come….I’ll be in Bhutan! So excited! #NUTS

travelblggr: A1. Key West. I was 16 and my step father’s band was playing at Sloppy Joes. #NUTS

MalloryOnTravel: A1. A skiing trip in Italy on the Milky Way, 2nd ever time on the piste ….. I said piste!

MiraCristine: going to Walt Disney World

AgingBackwards: @McMedia Most memorable Spring break: when I was bitten by a shark in Panama Beach, FL. Okay, so I made up the shark, but I was in PB!

CocktailDeeva: If you can remember it, it may not have been that good..;)

ChefBillyParisi: @travelblggr A1: Every year in college while people were puking down in FL I always went to Chi-Town!!! Every trip was memorable πŸ™‚

McMedia: A1: Clearwater Beach in the late 70’s … Good times were had by all!

knowtheplace: A1. Cancun. Memorable because my friends DIDN’T want to party. THEN WHAT IS THE POINT OF CANCUN FOR SPRING BREAK?

teamcocktail: Acapulco, Mexico 2 years in a row! Great times!

Only398: A1 #Cruise to #Caribbean: Key West, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Dominican Republic

Banff_Squirrel: A1: I still regret my appearance in “Squirrels Gone Wild”. Oh, the excesses of youth… #NUTS

DrMollieMarti: @McMedia skiing with the kids in the Rockies wearing t-shirts it was so warm. Beautiful day #NUTS

gmfriedrich: @RickGriffin A1. Followed the Grateful Dead, spring tour 1995

nicoleploehn: memorable spring break? i think that’s an oxymoron

WriterChick47: RT @nicoleploehn: memorable spring break? i think thats an oxymoron<–what’d you call us?? πŸ˜‰

Vagabond3Live: Craziest spring break moment? After creepy drunk guys hit on me, they forgot their 36 pack of beers- which made for a fun night!

Q2. Favorite Spring Break destination #NUTS

kymri: A2. Anywhere but Florida, Mexico, or Hawaii – seems that’s where everyone flocks!

MalloryOnTravel: A2. We do not really have a spring break as you do over there, but fave destination for spring … English Lake District

travelblggr: @truckerdesiree I lived in Central Florida … Key West was our vacay destination. I have friends that live there now though!

annb04: A2. This year I’m going to be in #ireland, so maybe that will be it!

knowtheplace: A2. Central America. Still got the beaches, but fewer people, more culture, and it’s way cheaper

GetPackedTravel: A2 >> VEGAS !!!

AnjaniLadki: @RickGriffin A1. while in college, friends were going to cancun and I was off to paris, THAT was my favorite spring break memory!

Banff_Squirrel: We ski thru to the end of May in Banff so Spring for us comes in June with wildflowers in the meadows

Q3. It’s not Spring break without… #NUTS

kymri: A3. a surfboard πŸ™‚

travelblggr: A3. A suntan … and a pina colada. Tho, these days I prefer gin & tonic with lime.

foodieintl: A3. …a cocktail in each hand

MalloryOnTravel: RT @RickGriffin: Q3. It’s not Spring break without…vomiting ……….. allegedly πŸ˜‰

GetPackedTravel: A3 >> an encounter with a brand new bail bondsman

gobyWest: A3 Someone putting on a wet tee shirt

AnjaniLadki: A3. its not spring break without some toes in the ocean water!

travelerkate: A3: Parents back home praying

travelblggr: Drinking some mango coconut tea right now in celebration of #NUTS theme: Spring Break

Velcro108: 3. A styrofoam cooler and a case of beer

Q4. The worst thing about Spring is… #NUTS

kymri: A4. the invasion of “zonies” on San Diego roads and beaches

gmfriedrich: A4. Pollen.

ChefBillyParisi: A4: still a chance for snow

RickGriffin: RT @MiraCristine: RT @RickGriffin: Q4. The worst thing about Spring is… crowds, vomiting lol #NUTS << Especially vomiting crowds:)

foodieintl: A4. No pumpkin pie.

nicoleploehn: a4: stalkers

Banff_Squirrel: A4: Grizzly bears inviting you to “come over and see the babay

WriterChick47: RT @nicoleploehn: a4: stalkers <–Is there a story behind this?

nicoleploehn: a4: i thought that said worse thing about spring break — missed the spring part … #nuts so let’s go with uhhhh …. hell i got nothing

knowtheplace: Are stalkers more likely to stalk in spring? @nicoleploehn: a4: stalkers

nicoleploehn: @knowtheplace lol nope i read it wrong — i had some stalkers during a spring break one year #nuts (as i remember it anyways)

allaboutmexico: @travelblggr A4 when it ends and you are broke

allaboutmexico: @travelblggr I know. Should be called β€˜spring broke’ after a family of 4 travels for a week! #nuts

Q5. The thing most I look forward to in Spring is… #NUTS

kymri: A5. getting my taxes over with…no wonder I barely notice spring!

RickGriffin: A5. College Football spring practice

McMedia: A5: Flowers in Bloom

knowtheplace: Used to be softball in DC. But now I’m in Cali and we play year round

kerrinsheldon: Skin in the sun

GetPackedTravel: A5 >> an umpire saying “Play Ball !!”

LauriStruve: A5: Lilacs, fresh turned fields and fresh cut grass or hay

gmfriedrich: A5. Tulips, the Kentucky Derby, A Day game

cruisebuzz: RT @allaboutmexico: A5 The promise of nice weather

santafetraveler: A 5 Longer days and sandles.

WriterChick47: A5 Sound of the motorcycles riding by…don’t hear that until Spring in Michigan

travelbelles: A5 Besides thick green pine pollen coating the earth? Walking my dog on the beach almost every day.

Q6. The ‘don’t miss’ event in Spring is? #NUTS

Velcro108: Booooooo! “@kymri: A6. um, that would be April 15 in US, unfortunately

nicoleploehn: a6: love st. paddy’s day

allaboutmexico: A6 Jazzfest in Norlins, tulips in Holland, trip to Paris

gmfriedrich: A6. Memphis in May bbq contest

kerrinsheldon: A6: The first day over 70 degrees where everyone and their mom goes to the park and/or beach and/or rooftop and/or outdoor bar πŸ™‚

McMedia: A6: This spring “The Royal Wedding” Who’s going?

knowtheplace: #NUTS Any specific St. Paddy’s Day celebrations? I love the NY city parade. Firemen from all over the US come. It’s like their spring brea

MiraCristine: RT @allaboutmexico: A6 Mardi Gras in New Orleans & Carnival in Rio or the Carribean

AgingBackwards: @RickGriffin The “don’t-miss” event in Spring? That’s OBVIOUS:@SpaWeek of course!! :

gobyWest: A6 Great time to catch the gray whales swimming in the northern Pacific from northern CA up the coast

HALcruises: A6. Panama Canal #cruise transit; Grand Prix, Monte Carlo!; Iditarod,#Alaska; Carnaval in Rio; Tulips in Skagit Valley, Western Wa.

Q7. Best cure for Spring Fever? #NUTS

AnjaniLadki: A7. Best cure for Spring fever: GO ON TRAVEL!

Only398: A7 Superbowl and All Star Weekend works!

GetPackedTravel: A7 >> Mojito injections ….. poolside, or even better, at a swim-up bar

MamaRitaMary: A7. A new baby in the family!!!

MalloryOnTravel: A7. A wet rainy day looking out of the door of a tiny tent in the Scottish Highlands!

WriterChick47: A7. Opening day at Comerica Park #GoTigers

RickGriffin: A7. The best cure for Spring Fever is a ROAD TRIP!!

McMedia: A7: Zyrtec

Banff_Squirrel: A7: Poke yourself with a needle to simulate mosquito bites. You’ll feel better about a few more weeks of snow

Q8. What’s your favorite springtime food/drink? #NUTS

travelblggr: A8. favorite springtime food/drink? #NUTS — OMG. Don’t get me started. Fresh crisp salads. Gelato. Fro Yo. Limoncello. Grilled fish. Mango

MamaRitaMary: A8. Backyard BBQ’s starting up again!! YEAH!! #NUTS I’ll take that with a Margarita (today is Nat. Margarita Day!)

MiraCristine: RT @travelblggr: Q8. Whats your favorite springtime food/drink? easter peeps #NUTS

jbranigan: RT @WriterChick47: Q8. Whats your favorite springtime food/drink?#nuts < Key Lime Pie & anything w/an umbrella in it

annb04: A8. fresh fruit and cold beer (not necessarily together!) or a ice cold fruity cocktail πŸ™‚ #NUTS

WriterChick47: A8 . First steaks on the grill!

AnjaniLadki: A8. favorite spring time drink = fruity cocktails please!; food = mango and sticky rice! #nuts

kerrinsheldon: A8: SPRING ROLLS. Does that count?

annb04: A8. Here in Italy I love the fresh seafood and a glass of crisp white wine (at home I add fresh, ripe peach slices!) YUM!!!

1Dad1Kid: A8: Mojitos, vodka, fruit pies, BBQ

McMedia: A8: Strawberry Shortcake

Q9. Best Spring Break music #NUTS

travelblggr: A9. Best spring music? Depends … love jazz festivals … but am partial to reggae a the beach .

jbranigan: Q9 In Your Easter Bonnett… oh wait, that’s not cool is it? Hard to beat old Beach Boy tunes for springtime

AnjaniLadki: A9. best spring break music = Enrique.. he puts me in the mood. LOL

GetPackedTravel: A9 >> Rock & Roll ….. never forgets !!

MiraCristine: agree RT @WriterChick47: A9. Anything Jimmy Buffet in the spring means summers coming soon

knowtheplace: A9. Nelly’s “Hot in heeere.”

allaboutmexico: A9: Great bands & all types of songs at Jazzfest: jazz, rock, zydeco, gospel, blues all in one venue.

kiscodad: A9. Fishbone

Velcro108: 9. The Beach Blanket Boogie soundtrack

Q10. Best advice for surviving Spring Break #NUTS

RickGriffin: A10. Bring Bail Money

McMedia: A10: Try something different .. maybe a train trip or a week at dude ranch

Only398: A10 Just live life, be happy, have no fear, always smile and surround yourself with awesome people

jbranigan: Q10 #nuts Make sure you don’t get on a plane filled with high school kids.

travelblggr: A10. Don’t just survive it … thrive in it! Travel. Enjoy.

EpsteinTravels: Avoiding the beach & going to UK/Ireland

Velcro108: 10. Don’t fall off balconies

nicoleploehn: a10: drink a bottle of water and advil before bed everynight.

kerrinsheldon: A10: Chaser Pills – just saying

GetPackedTravel: A10 >> Lotion up, stay hydrated, play the music LOUD, keep the drinks COLD, the friends CLOSE, and don’t boogie til’ you puke

Banff_Squirrel: A10: Write this on the palm of your hand: “My parents are on Facebook too”

MalloryOnTravel: A10. Avoid the tattoo parlour at 3am in the morning after a very FULL on night

gobyWest: A10 Never mix, never worry.

After party

Banff_Squirrel: Big Banff hug for all the #NUTS fun!

travelblggr: It was FUN! Now 4 #TTOT RT @writerchick47: Thanks to everyone for going #Nuts with us! As always, it’s the best part of our Tuesday!

kerrinsheldon: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #NUTS, it’s over. Hey! It’s #TTOT time!

jbranigan: Thanks for the #NUTS fun! *air kiss , air kiss*

knowtheplace: Haha. you’re right. #NUTS is one giant party. @MalloryOnTravelalways hot here πŸ™‚ on #NUTs

santafetraveler: @kerrinsheldon Crazy, fast-paced afternoon for #Travel Tuesday#NUTS #TToT

allaboutmexico: @travelblggr Always FUN! #NUTS

TravelThirst: Awesome time once more! RT Good fun today on #TTOT and#NUTS! Thanks for tweeting along. =) (via @travelblggr)

@knowtheplace: Thanks for a fun #NUTS! (my first) @LauriStruve @Only398 @MalloryOnTravel @gobyWest @McMedia

Velcro108: Another good bit of #nuts and #ttot. Enjoy meeting new followers and laughing with old ones.

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