Bucket List

Here are our ever-growing Bucket Lists – Adventure, Travel, Foodie, and Other. When we check something off one of our lists, we move it from the TO DO column to the DONE column. We will link to the photos, videos, and blog posts associated with each Bucket List item as we get them uploaded. We also have links to some of the events and festivals that are on our Bucket List.

Our rule is that once we accomplish one thing on our Bucket List, we have to add something else to it… and we can’t die until we complete our list:) We get our Bucket List ideas from YOU so PLEASE add your suggestions in the comments below!



Go Glamping
Learn Ballroom Dancing
Cattle Drive
Catch a shark or sailfish
Ride in a fighter jet
Shoot a machine gun
Ride world’s largest roller coasters
Climb a mountain
Ice Fishing
Ride an elephant
Ride a camel
Stomp grapes to make wine
Ride a Bobsled
Hang Glide
Scuba Dive
Dog Sledding
Sail from Maine to Miami 











Ride in the Ocsar Mayer Wienermobile
Ride a Kayak
Go to the top of Sears Tower
Road Trip on a Can Am Spyder
Photo Safari
Rock Climbing
Snow Skiing

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Bungee Jump
World’s Longest Zip-line
Witness a shuttle launch
Ride a segway
Pilot an airplane
Ride in a helicopter
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Attend Rodeo School
Ride a Fan Boat in the swamp
Polar Plunge
Pilot a Riverboat
Pan for Gold
Walk on a glacier
Drive a NASCAR
Attend an Alabama Football Game
Tailgate at a LSU Football Game
Train at the PGA Village
Learn to Ski
Learn to Beat-Box
Learn to Dance
Learn to Snow Board
Learn to Surf
Sail on the maiden voyage of a ship
Hike to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar




Bora Bora
Machu Picchu
The Grand Canyon
The Holy Land
Panama Canal
Mount Everest
Empire State Building
Vist Alcatraz
Visit the Biltmore House
Visit Fire Island
Ice Hotel
Under Water Hotel
Nova Scotia
South America
All 50 states (8 to go)
New England in the Fall
Drive a convertible down Route 66
See the Alaska Pipeline
Explore Mayan Ruins in Mexico
Sedona, AZ
Austin Texas
Mongol Rally
Dubrovnik Croatia
Viking Cruise on the Danube
Times Square New York City
Vail, Colorado
New Orleans
Paso Robles
Riviera Maya
Playa del Carmen




Eat Swiss cheese in Switzerland
Eat sushi in Japan
Eat Skyline Chili in Cincinnati
Drink beer in Ireland
Eat flaming saganaki in Greece
Cook with some of the Food Network Stars
Eat Polish sausage in Poland
Eat something Bizarre with Andrew Zimmern   
Bake a cake with Buddy “The Cake Boss”
Eat Key Lime Pie in Key West
Eat a Belgian Waffle in Belgium
Eat Chicken Kiev in Keiv, Ukraine
Drink beer in Germany
Eat a Frankfurter in Frankfurt
Eat Ribs in Memphis, TN
Drink wine in Tuscany
Eat French Onion Soup in France
Eat a taco in Mexico
Eat a pizza in Italy
Eat Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, NY
Eat a Pretzel in Germany
Eat Hungarian Goulash in Hungary
Drink Port wine in Portugal




See an active volcano
See a tornado
Amazon Rain Forest
Check out haunted stuff
See the Aurora Borealis
Jam with a rock star
Meet a president
Interview Katie Couric
Skype with Richard Branson
Meet a famous director
Meet a comedy icon
Be a Magicians Assistant
Tug on Carol Burnett’s ear
Meet Gary Larsen (the Far Side)
Meet Travel Channel Stars
Meet Little Debbie
Meet Samantha Brown
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
New Year’s Eve in Times Square
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Oktoberfest in Germany
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Running wit Bulls in Pamplona
Tomatina (Tomato Food Fight)
Memphis in May International Festival
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – NYC
Tournament of Roses Parade
Attend the Rose Bowl
Attend the Orange Bowl
Attend the Fiesta Bowl
Attend a Super Bowl
Attend the Kentucky Derby
Play golf in Scotland
Attend the Masters Golf Tournament
Learn how to Grow a Garden
Learn to Mediate
Film a documentary
Help someone realize their dream
Help make someone famous
Go one year without wearing socks
Own a Viking Range
Tweet from the Twitter headquarters
Google myself in Google headquarters
Write a book
Write a hit song
Ride a Cable Car in San Fransisco
Raft down the Colorado river
Go clamming in New England
Niagara Falls Maid of the Mist Tour
Meet Food Network Chefs
Meet Mark Burnett (The Apprentice etc.)
Meet Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods)
Have coffee with Geraldo Rivera
Meet Jazz great, Dave Koz
Meet Kelsey Grammer
Tour a winery
Help someone fulfill their bucket list
Appear on a national TV show
Shop at a Pawn Shop
Stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel
Ring the NADSAQ Closing Bell
Be an Honorary Peabody Duckmaster
Attend a Sugar Bowl game
Attend a World Series Game
See the Worlds Largest Urban Bat Colony
Attend Fashion Night Out in New York City
Meet a corporate icon 















What’s on your Bucket List? What should we add to ours?









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  1. Take a cruise through the Mediterranean.

    Go Skydiving!

    Put my girls through college (without student loans)!

    Golf at Pebble Beach Golf Course

    Travel the World

    Cruise the World

    Own an Audi Q7

    Visit Australia.

    Own a Boat.

    Run a 5k.

    Write a Book.

    Participate in the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk.

    This will be growing!

  2. denise says:

    My bucket list:

    Visit every continent (every country is ambitious)
    See the Northern Lights
    Hike the entire Kalalau trail (in Kauai)
    Watch a boxing match ringside
    Experience Oktoberfest in Germany

  3. Danny says:

    Lots on my bucket list, but here’s the highlights:
    Visit all seven continents (3 done)
    Make a pilgramage to Mecca… er… Graceland.
    See the space shuttle launch

  4. Rita says:

    TO DO:
    Hot air ballooning
    Key West
    New York
    New England States
    Jazz Fest, New Orleans
    Mediterranean Cruise
    New England Cruise
    Victoria, B.C.
    Make a sand angel on a beach
    Have a book signing
    Publish a book
    Go to Hawaii
    Raft down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon
    Niagra Falls Maid of the Mist Tour
    See Aurora Borealis
    Look through a really big/strong telescope (again)
    Have a spa day
    A week at Canyon Ranch Spa
    Be on a rowing team
    Play a song on my Ukelele

    Sail to Catalina and spend night on Boat
    Ride in dinghy
    Ride on a segway
    Visited Plantation homes
    Explored Pacific Coast
    Played in Pacific Ocean
    Played in Atlantic Ocean
    Played in Gulf of Mexico
    Lake Louise/Banff/Roger’s Pass
    Mardi Gras
    Canyon Ranch Spa, Tucson, AZ
    Flew in twin/ single prop plane
    Drove Police Cars
    Talked on Police radios
    Police Victim Advocate
    Quilt Museum Docent
    1st place/Best of Show Quilt
    Been in a Parade (Red Hats, Parrot Heads)
    Drove/Rode in Pontoon boats
    Walked Bolder Boulder 10 K and Fairmont School’s 3K
    Helicopter ride & landed on glacier
    Circled summit of Mt McKInley
    Dog Sledded
    Whale watched
    Salmon bake
    Alaska Rail and Cruise
    14 course meal on cruise
    Champagne breakfast on ship balcony
    Sang Karaoke
    Fiesta Bowl
    Cotton Bowl
    Flew into Houston from B.R. to Astrodome for a Astro vs Atlanta Braves game
    Hank Aaron hit a home run (Tenneco paid for our skybox)
    School at Instituto IberAmericanos, Saltillo, Coah, for 6 weeks
    Saw rings of Saturn in a large telescope
    San Francisco; Ghiradelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Br.,etc
    Los Angeles; lived there 3 yr
    Met Dustin Hoffman, Buddy Hackett, Monty Hall, Stephanie Powers, “John” from TV show “Lost”
    TP’d Grant Park from Conrad Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL

    Things I’ve Won:
    SlimBodyCoach.com Cruise to Caribbean
    Margaritaville Frozen Concoction maker
    Byers Ice Cream party for 100 people
    Werther’s Chocolate, 60 pkg.
    Joe’s jeans and tote bag
    Margarita Sensations CD
    Swim Skinny CD
    Brent Burns CD
    $7500 furnace from Applewood PHE

  5. reva skie says:

    Visit Europe
    SNUBA yes, sNuba, not sCuba
    Dip my feet into black and pink sand beaches.
    Visit Tahiti
    Fly on a double decker plane.
    Metal detect on a large expanse of beach in Florida
    Attend a UFC event.
    Take a 20+ night cruise
    Ride a Segway
    Go on an archeological dig
    Pan for gold
    Go gemstone hunting
    Find a meteorite
    Find an arrowhead

  6. Pat Hancock says:

    See the Indy 500
    Attend the World Series
    Attend the Superbowl
    Go to Hawaii
    See a shooting star
    See Alaska
    See the leaning tower of Pisa
    kiss my husband in every state

  7. Cailin says:

    My bucket list

    Visit every continent
    See the Pyramids
    See Machu Picchu
    See Angkor Wat
    Create my own Travel TV show
    Buy a house/large gift for my parents
    Meet the #NUTS crew
    Visit as many countries as possible
    Open my own hostel

    I could go on! 🙂

  8. Pat Hancock says:

    I have pretty much only won little prizes. nothing substantial @pizzalogger #NUTS

    chichibeans at aol forgot my email above

  9. Gil Gonzalez says:

    Bucket List

    Positively impact a stranger’s life
    Be a guest on Oprah

  10. Phylise says:

    See a Space Shuttle launch
    Safari in Africa (need to see hippos in the wild)
    See the aurora borealis
    Get my private pilot’s license (working on it!)
    Own and fly (and land) a pink Hello Kitty seaplane
    Fish Canadian trophy waters
    Visit Block Island
    Hold my grandchildren (I’m willing to wait 10 years for this one)
    Love and be loved completely

  11. Beverly says:

    My top six are:
    1) Visit Ice Hotel in Sweden
    2) Tango in Buenos Aires
    3) Zorbing in New Zealand
    4) Heli-hiking in Banff
    5) Gorilla trekking in Rwanda
    6) Hot air baloon over Cappadocia
    I have lots more but these are the top priority for me. #NUTS

  12. Karen Putz says:

    Here’s part of mine:

    Snow ski in Austria
    Compete in a barefoot water ski tournament
    Help deaf schools in developing countries
    Barefoot water ski backwards on one foot
    Give a presentation to thousands of people
    Write books that will touch and change lives

  13. Kate says:

    Bucket list:

    Visit every continent (6 done already)
    Watch a Shuttle launch
    Get to space
    Write a book
    Learn Spanish
    Learn to sing then sing in public
    Have photographs published in National Geographic

  14. Ashley says:

    Here are a few I will get accomplished!

    Octoberfest in Germany
    Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Ski Utah!
    Get to the moon…
    Sail around the world
    (live on a boat)
    Gondola ride in Venice
    Heli Skiing
    Write about travel for the rest of my life!

  15. I love what you guys are doing!!!! My husband and I are on our own journey after deciding that we were unhappy with the mundane work schedules and day day have to’s. We love wine and decided to learn more about it so we quit our jobs, bought and RV and set off to tour the country with a goal of visiting 365 wineries in 365 days. (with our dog) We are just about 6 months in and on the other side of the country! Its been a wild ride and something we will have forever.
    So now here is my bucket list:

    Visit all the wonders of the world
    Eat every cuisine that is native to its country
    Write a book or books about our year long adventure
    Learn Spanish and French
    Stay friends with everyone I have met and will meet along this journey.
    Master food and wine pairings:)

  16. eivai says:

    It’s indeed a good post, helped me a lot.

  17. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Poodle Dog says:

    Great post, I love Gorillas such grace and beauty.

  19. Richie says:

    Stop and visit me when you are in your convertible driving down rout 66 in Missouri.

  20. ooa revo says:

    Hi Sandi and Rick,
    Thanks for sharing this list. Perhaps I can help if you’re headed over to Asia or for the remaining 8 US states (France too, but it seems you made your way to Paris?)
    If you’re interested in quality photos, videos and storytelling on top of traditional travel tips:

  21. 1: Take my sister on a vacation to where ever she wants to go
    2: Visit the 10 most haunted locations in world (with my sister)
    3: Be on the side line of an NFL game taking action shots
    4: Visit and document historical locations: buildings and even towns!

    and more..

  22. Hi Rick,

    This is such an amazing and inspiring website.

    I am writing all the way from Bali Indonesia.

    These are a few things you can maybe add to your bucket list!

    Watch the kecak dance on the stunning Uluwatu cliff
    Having a palm reading by the shaman from eat pray love
    Go experience an epic sunset at the tanah lot temple (partially submerged in the ocean) from time to time

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