What We Did

Many people refer Prague in the Czech Republic as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Participating in the Mongol Rally didn’t provide nearly enough time to experience the city as I would have liked, but fortunately we hooked up with Viator Travel and booked a segway tour.

The segways turned out to be the perfect way to experience this awesome city. After a quick riding lesson, we we seged our way to King’s castle where the views of the city are absolutely incredible. From there we ventured down the mountain into the city where in just three hours, we were able to see the famous Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge, and the old town square among other attractions. [portfolio_slideshow id=5491]

What We Ate

Prague is a great food city with cafes, bistros and bakeries and dessert shops everywhere. You can find everything from pizza to perogies . I even came across a sushi restaurant playing Elvis music. As in most cities, I want to have at least one “local” meal. So on my big night out I asked the waitress for a local dish. Fortunately she understood a little southern English and brought me a very tender pork roast with potatoes and some tasty kraut. The portions were small but the food was delicious.[portfolio_slideshow id=5528]

Where We Stayed

Our friends at Prague-Stay.com were able to find us accommodations on a short notice right between the river and the old town square. We shared an immaculate 3 bedroom, two bath flat with modern kitchen, large living room with a wide screen television and a balcony.[portfolio_slideshow id=5521]

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