Visiting New England in the fall has been on my Bucket List for as long as I can remember. So when Holiday Inn offered to sponsor me on a trip to any of their hotels in the United States, I chose Portland, Maine. Of course I wanted to see a little fall foliage, but my true motive was to experience Portland’s food scene. Portland is a relatively small city, but as a foodie destination it ranks right up there with the likes of New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Chicago.

Holiday Inn Portland by the Bay is within easy walking distance to the Portland Harbor. The desk clerk had given me several recommendations of great places to eat, so I ventured into the historic Old Port district. With a big appetite and my HTC-One M9 smartphone, I spent the next two days snapping pictures, shooting video, chowing down on some of the best “chowdah” and “lobstah” on the planet! 

Check out the video above to see why I’m so passionate about Portland! #JoyOfTravel


The combination of the the old historic port juxtaposed with a thriving food and art scene give Portland a unique vibe.

Portland Food

Portland’s fresh food scene ranks with the best in the country. The chowder, lobster, charcuterie, corned beef hash, and potato donuts are among the best I’ve experienced anywhere!


Cobblestone streets, public art, eclectic architecture, and unforgettable sunrises add to Portland’s ambience


Location, amenities, and incredible views made Holiday Inn Portland by the Bay a great base for my Portland adventure.

AD: Special thanks to Verizon Wireless for providing the HTC One M9 for the photos and video in this post. #VZWBuzz 

Which cities are you passionate about? 

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