Serendipity: a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.

On a recent trip to New York City, Rick and I were in search of breakfast on our way to find Rachael Ray when we bumped into John Stossel. As happens often when I’m with Rick and his ADD we get sidetracked, one thing leading to another and we found ourselves sitting on the set of Fox News.

Yes, there we were, sitting on the Fox & Friends set  during the morning show. My cell phone vibrates during a live shot and my parents back in Florida alert us they just saw us and we finally  realize we are now part of the shows backdrop . Hell, we were just thrilled for the bottomless cup of coffee offered us by the Huddle House waiter.  After  he signals to our waiter for a refill, I point out to Rick that our waiter is no ordinary waiter … he’s Geraldo!

Growing up in the next town over from me, I knew all about Geraldo. Back in the 1970’s when he was a young reporter for ABC News he did a series on Willowbrook a mental health hospital with deplorable conditions. So graphic, so disturbing were the sights and sounds of Geraldo’s expose, I have never forgotten it. So, it was a joy, a bucket list item to meet him 40 years later and in a very moving exchange  share  with him how his story had affected me, changed me forever , during which, LOL, Rick asked for a refill.

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