Whale Watching


Sandi gets an up close look at some of the biggest animals on earth on a whale watching adventure from the Dana Wharf in Dana Point, California. Meanwhile, Rick loses his sandal. Bucket List CHECKED!


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  1. Dwi says:

    Mum had always been such a happy, rsnilieet person before dementia. So she certainly didn’t fit the scientific regime there. Then came a great deal of family stress/misery and later I did wonder if that was the source of her dementia, but I can’t say for sure. It was only later in her life that she became difficult and unhappy (she was on an antidepressant then) it was, of course, dementia.in its early stages. But depression became a big challenge when I was caring for her when she became ill with dementia. I was always looking for cheering-up material, her jobs in the house etc. I’d dig out her favourite DVDs. If I could I’d take her out that worked the miracle. That’s all I can say really. The problem in the family did cause us all unconscionable suffering, but Mum was a very tough person. Her motto: press on! I still think depression is part of the illness and has to be dealt with as creatively as possible.

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