Behind the Scenes at the PGA Village #golf

We got to check something else off our Bucket List as we  trained at the official PGA Training Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida. It was so cool learning from the people who train the pros on the PGA tour. The technology they use is nothing short of AMAZING.


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  1. Brett Slater says:

    You guys are amazing… Rick don’t you DARE lose the Plus-fours… They’re very becoming! And keep your head down!

    Great video, and a great facility! As a ridiculously passionate golfer, may I say, this s**t is exciting!


  2. Rick Griffin says:

    Thanks Brett,

    There’s no way you can visit the PGA facility and not come away a better golfer. This video hardly scratched the surface on all they can do.

    I see why you love golf so much, it’s the only sport where the low score wins and where Plus-fours are fashionable:)

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