Planes, Trains, and Wienermobiles: travel by land, sea, and air

While sifting through photos of our journeys since Midlife Road Trip first began, I was struck not only by the myriad of places we’ve traveled, but by the variety of ways we managed to get from Point A to Point B. Whether by land, sea, or air, it’s all a part of the adventure.


Being a show with “Road Trip” in its name, we naturally spend a lot of time in cars. But cars aren’t the only way we get around on terra firma. Just in the last year we rode to dinner in a snowcat in Vail, Colorado; dined in style aboard the Wine Train in Napa, California; took a series of road trips on a Can-Am Spyder, and toured Atlanta in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!   


We’ve ridden bicycles in the Napa Valley, skis in Utah, snowboards in Vail, a mechanical bull in San Antonio, and a horse drawn carriage through the Hocking Hills of Ohio.


We took a cross-country train trip on Amtrak, toured Rome in the top of a double-decker bus, rode horses in Alaska, rode Segways in Prague, drove real NASCAR race cars in Talladega, and we participated in USA Today and Rand McNally’s “Best of the Road” rally where we drove from Washington D.C. to Seattle, Washington in a car with eyelashes that we named Ruby.



For a while, we thought we might have to change our name to “Midlife Road Ship” as we took to the water. Cruise ships are like floating cities at sea and are a great way to experience a number of ports of call without having to pack and unpack your luggage. Our travels have taken us to Alaska aboard the Coral Princess, the Mediterranean aboard the Carnival Sunshine, the Caribbean aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam, the Carnival Freedom, and the Regal Princess. We’ve had spectacular experiences on smaller vessels as well, exploring Alaska’s Inside Passage aboard the Safari Endeavor, and the Romantic Danube River aboard the Viking Delling


We kinda rode a surf board in Hunting Beach, California (a.k.a. Surf City USA,) went sailing in Marina del Ray, California,  went Kayaking in Alaska and Hawaii, rode a fan boat through the swamp near Baton Rouge, visited shipwrecks in a submarine in Grand Cayman, and piloted a riverboat in Alaska.    



If the truth be told, most of our Midlife Road Trip adventures begin at the airport where we fly commercial jets to whichever destinations await us. Of course that’s not the only way we’ve experienced the skies. We flew above Albuquerque in a hot air balloon, piloted a Cessna over Los Angeles, and floated in a parachute in Zephyr Hills, Florida after free falling for what seemed like an eternity.


In Alaska, we flew in a Beaver Plane to the snow covered summit of Mt. McKinley, and made a helicopter landing on a glacier. We took a helicopter tour of Mandan, North Dakota, and we took in spectacular views of the Vegas Strip from the High Roller, the world’s largest observation wheel.


What’s the most unusual way you’ve gotten from Point A to Point B?

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  1. I was going along feeling very clever that I’ve done a lot of similar things. Then I saw you sky diving! That’s when I realized the real reason for the name of your Twitter chat – NUTS!

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