No matter where we go we always find something that each of us loves. Rick tends to be the more adventurous of the two, jumping out of planes, zip lining or even participating in Zestfest’s “Loli-Lick-a-thon, the hottest lick on a stick. Sandi on the other hand gravitates towards the serene: like a day at the spa, a leisurely stroll down Main Street or spending the afternoon in the kitchen with a favorite local chef!  Hocking Hills, Ohio has a little something for everyone!  They had plenty to entertain the adventurer in Rick and feed the soul of Sandi! Here are six reasons you’ll love Hocking Hills, Ohio.

1) It’s natural beauty. Amazing parks and hiking trails

2) Accommodations

The accommodations at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls were wonderful. The Inn at Cedar Falls offer everything from single rooms to two bedroom  log cabins. They offer free WiFi (only in the lodge area). It’s the perfect place to unplug: no TV, no radio and GASP! no internet!

3) Food!

There is no shortage of places to eat, with variety of restaurants that serve everything from a casual hamburger to a five course gourmet meal

Food from Hocking Hills ohio

4) Adventure

There’s plenty to do for  the outdoor enthusiast or those seeking adventure.  You’ll find some of the fastest and highest Zip lining  in the country , you can canoe or kayak down the river, take a small plane and get an Aerial view of the magnificent landscape or take a narrated horse drawn carriage ride “over the river and through the woods”

Ziplining, Fly above the canopy, canoe, carriage ride

5) The Hills are Haunted!

Ever wanted to go Ghost Hunting? The Hocking Hills are said to be haunted and there are a number of tours that tell the story. Like more of the hands-on approach?  Try one of the night guided ghost hunts and you might even unearth a few ghosts … but, only if you dare.

Ghost Hunting in Hocking Hills

6) It’s Quirkiness

Hocking Hills has the last working washboard factory in the country and the only Pencil Sharpener Museum in the world. The state parks host wonderfully entertaining and accurate historical reenactments. We also had our very 1st Apple Cider Slushes at the Laurelville Fruit Co.

washboard factory, pencil sharpener museum. historical reenactments at the state park, apple cider slushies

ohio hocking hills

Have you ever visited Hocking Hills, Ohio?

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