A trip to Molokai is an elixir for your mind, body and spirit. It is a great stress reliever, a delicious departure from day to day life, an escape to the extraordinary. It is a place to experience new things, challenge your limits, come face to face with your fears, soak in tradition and history, bask in the the sunlight, meditate in the mist, learn about local culture, breathe in the beauty of the island and its people, soul search or simply relax.

Molokai, is 25 minute puddle-jumping commute from Oahu, with breathtaking views from the air. As always, we approached this trip with two completely different views. Rick, his adrenaline pumping from the start, excited to greet every challenge. Sandi on the other hand, not so much. Afraid of flying, afraid of heights and fearful of everything else in between and allowing fear get in the way of her experiencing something new has become a way of life.

When we heard about Molokai’s Kalaupapa Guided Mule Tour, Rick was ecstatic! The great outdoors, wild animals, the highest sea cliffs in the world, and a leper colony all were the makings of a great adventure. Sandi said “I can’t do it. It’s too high up, too dangerous, there are big animals involved, I’m scared, and I’ll just wait for you back at the barn.”

With a little coaxing and the promise of a cold beer at the Hotel Molokai after the ride, Rick convinced Sandi to give it a try. Mule skinner, Hawaiian cowboy and co-owner of the Molokai Mule Ride, Buzzy Sproat matched us up with what he felt were mules that suited us perfectly. We were confident in his choices after he reassured us that he’d never seen a suicidal mule. In fact, he has expertly trained and matched mules to riders for over 30 years. From the cliff hugging 2.9 mile ride down the highest sea cliffs in the world to the extraordinary afternoon we spent learning about Kalaupapa, Father Damian and the struggles and courage of the people banished to the leper colony, we took off on what was one of our most spectacular adventures to date.

What’s your favorite adventure in Hawaii? 

Here are some of our other Molokai adventures:


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