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Has the weather got you down? Have you got cabin fever? Well, have we got the Rx for you with some of our warm weather favorites.

It’s time for an adventure and you don’t even have to leave the house to find inspiration! Every week we host a radio show, Road Trip Radio where we chat about food, travel and adventure. Of course, between midlife memory loss and ADD we often go off track and you never know where that takes the conversation. So, just click on the highlighted links below and listen to a few of our warm weather travel shows that we hope help cure your cabin fever!

friends in dubrovnik

Cruising the Mediterranean  Flying 1st class, Barcelona, Spain and Marseille, France

Rick & Sandi broadcast live from the deck of the Carnival Sunshine in Marseille, France, the first port of call on their Mediterranean cruise. They’ll discuss their adventures in Barcelona, boarding the ship, and exploring Marseille.

Cruising the Mediterranean Italy

Rick & Sandi discuss their Mediterranean cruise adventures from aboard the Carnival Sunshine. From the foods of Florence to the ruins of Rome, our co-hosts will give you just a taste of what they’ve experienced so far.

sea cliffs molokai

Molokai Day 1

Rick and Sandi give a fun recount their first day’s adventures on the beautiful island of Molokai, Hawaii.

Molokai Day 2

Rick and Sandi recount their adventures from their second day in Molokai, Hawaii which included rooster alarms. a plumeria plantation, a sugar mill. Phallic Rock, a Macadamia nut farm, Kumu Farm, a kite making company, beautiful beaches and wild turkeys.

palm trees

We were recently guests on Savvy  Central where we told our story and talked all things food, travel and adventure. Throughout the show, Sandi used her new RELAYS Headphones w/microphone by SOL REPUBLIC that Verizon sent her to try. Listen for yourselves and hear the improved sound quality in the broadcast!ear phones sol republic



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