functional anatomieI love nice things, especially nice clothes. But, frequent travel and nice clothes don’t always go well together. Well, that was until I was introduced to Anatomie.

The Anatomie collection draws inspiration from the most highly-regarded European fashion houses. Yes indeed, it’s gorgeous. But, for the frequent traveler like me, it’s comfortable, functional fashion. It is the perfect blend of comfort and style. Wearing Anatomie, not only do I look and feel good when I leave the house but upon arrival at my final destination.

anatomie Fiona sport pantI put Anatomie to the ultimate test, wearing my Fiora Activewear Sport Pant on one of the biggest adventures I’ve ever done. We went to Molokai, Hawaii where I rode a mule 3 miles down some of the highest sea cliffs in the world to a leper colony and then back up again. I was a complete bundle of nerves since I’m terrified of heights and well, had never ridden a mule before. The last thing I wanted to worry about was being uncomfortable. So I decided to wear the stretch-woven, light-weight, loose fitted waist, mid rise, straight-leg FIORA cargo pants. They have side pockets with zippers so I could safely take my phone (for pictures) without fear of it falling 3 miles over the side of a cliff. The fabric has moisture wicking, which came in handy since along with 90 degree temps I had a case of the vapors from my nerves. Not a single thread was harmed, pulled or pilled even riding on the back of a mule! The sun was beating down throughout our journey and I felt confident that my legs, sunburned from kayaking the day before were well protected because the fabric is UV protected. I hopped off my mule at the end of our trail and both my pants and I survived this amazing adventure in tact.

Anatomie packs well. Imagine that. They make it east too. When you visit the website they have packing lists (like the one below) for different trip itineraries like a NYC Business Trip, a Safari, A Ski Trip or a Cruise.  ski anatomie

This is a product I use and believe in. My sincere thanks to Anatomie for showing me that I could look good even on the road, or on the back of a mule!!

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